Sundeelia: Conversations and Personal Thoughts


Sundeelia: Conversations and Personal Thoughts (originally posted 2017)

It’s odd to realize that my sister, Tazjma, only ever met one other reader of her blog — other than a few curious fellow co-workers– the entire time she was writing it. And I’ve only met six people in person who have read at least portions of the blog.  This small insular world of a writer is very small, indeed, and at the same time, without boundaries.

The other day, I met a long-time reader who was visiting the local area.  Although perfect strangers, we ended up having a great conversation for two hours.  It only ended since her children needed their lunch and a friend was waiting for her.  We talked, she asked questions, I attempted to answer them and talked some more.  It was good to realize that there are a few people out there who speak a similar language.  We both agreed that it usually isn’t possible to talk to just anyone about the things we shared, but wouldn’t it be wonderful?

I’ve now been in charge of this vehicle for two and a half months.  Things are going well.  I’m healthy, tan and getting fitter… although it’s hard to get in a decent walk outside when it is a sweltering 85 degrees F.  I don’t currently have the funds to work out at one of the local gyms.  There are a lot of them around here, this being Florida.  There is no shortage of beautiful buff bodies around here.  I miss my own 7’8” tall and slender frame… but we deal with what we’re given here don’t we?  No whiners allowed around here.  I swim and walk and stretch.  And take a lot of photos of birds and other creatures that do not exist on our worlds.

As mentioned in another post, it is interesting to experience the power of the body consciousness.  Most people don’t regard their bodies as being inherently intelligent, but each cell of your body is just that – intelligent.  The energy from which our bodies are made is intelligent.  Energy is intelligence…as it emanates from the Divine Mind of the Creator; it is Source energy.

I’ve read that your body is a reflection of the way you think about yourself.  I have to disagree.  I inherited this body and it is nothing like the one that still functions on board The White Winds.  The “me” that is here is only 10% or so of my consciousness.  The rest is still above and will stay that way.  The Galactic Federation has lost precious souls to the density found on Earth, ones who have managed to get caught up in the cycle of reincarnation as they had totally forgotten who and what they are.  I’m not implying that galactic cousins are “better”, but we are more evolved in that we truly love each soul and share in the sorrow when one is lost to their family and friends for a lengthy period of time.

Our children and loved ones are precious, each one.  We do not take each other for granted.  Family is all but in an unconditional fashion as we also live to serve and do so to the best of our inherent abilities.


My reader friend has two lovely children.  She is endeavoring to bring them up as best she can especially with all of challenges facing parents today, with public schooling, vaccinations, GMOs, and various poisons in our water, air and soil.  Fortunately, her children are not drawn to watching television or video games.  They enjoy reading, playing, drawing, singing and dancing.  Their mother feeds them organic food, uses organic products and keeps their environment free of undue impediments.  Still, it is a definite challenge as she faces constant criticism from friends and family who do not understand the seriousness of her commitment to her children.

I hope I helped by pointing out just how serious the Pleiadians take parenting… only we do it as extended families so no one person is always burdened with raising children.  The mother stays with the newborn through infancy – which is really more like advanced toddler stage – and then the extended family pitches in.  Children who have specific life paths in store for them are sent off to be fostered by other relatives and attend schools along with their fellows.  Even though they are away from home, they keep in telepathic contact with family and via the computer terminals that are available in every room.  The Pleiadians are a highly educated people, depending on what the soul has intended for the life time.  We know what we are going to do when we leave our mother’s womb in light body.  Earth humans are at a distinct disadvantage unless family members press upon the child an expected life journey… something that isn’t always suitable for the youngster and leads to great stress and possible conflict.

Anyway, Motherhood is highly honored in the Pleiades and indeed in most star systems, although cultural mores do vary.

While I am technically an alien in my perspective about life on Earth, I have the cellular memories of Eliza / Taz and all that went on before I came on the scene.  It is a bit odd to experience, kind of like being a highly functioning schizophrenic… but I am quite sane.  And I find the amount of controversy about whether or not there is alien life “out there” to be highly amusing.  We are here, walking in your midst, looking rather like very ordinary people.

My reader friend was surprised to learn that we look human.  Yes, we’re taller, but that is a matter of the lighter density and frequency of our isles.  Most males are range from 7’8 to nearly 9’ in height; females are somewhat shorter, from 7’5 to 8’6”.  Sometimes the height is dependent on the soul evolution of the person involved.  Many of our goddesses are very tall indeed and quite striking in appearance.  There is not an Earth human who compares in the beauty of our people.

Another thing… for us there are three human kingdoms: the Angelic, the Elemental and the Cosmic.  Most Pleiadians (although not all) are from the Angelic Kingdom.  We also have Elementals, some who are very small… rather like hobbit-sized (3 to 4 feet tall) and very tall ones called Gargantuans who are very tall, muscular and of sturdy build.  The smaller Elementals do a lot of what would be considered blue collar work, especially on board the star vessels.  They raise food for the crews, cook, clean and do much of the engineering functions as they can maneuver more easily through the engineering decks.  The Elementals also design and make all the uniforms and robes worn by crew and guests alike while on board.  We value the work of our Elemental companions.  There are also some goddesses and ascended masters who are Elementals, and are of much smaller stature than many Pleiadians.

Our Gargantuan Elementals can often be found working in agricultural settings.  Some of the isles in the Pleiadian system are completely dedicated to the production of food.  The Elemental families who live and work there are tall, sturdy people.  Remember every soul who embodies within the Pleiades has chosen their role in life before coming into embodiment.

The Cosmics are a blend of Elemental and Angelic Human.  They can be either short or tall.  All of the Sirian races are Cosmics.  They are the oldest human race in this quadrant of creation.  The Sirians long ago colonized Earth.  The Hindu culture is an ancient vestige of this interaction between Earth humans and those of Sirius A.  The caste system that still exists to some degree in modern day India is still followed in Sirius A, although incoming souls can choose which caste they wish to be born into for the sake of experiencing that manner of living.  All of the castes are treated well.  The degree of separation as experienced on Earth simply does not exist in the Sirius star system or in the Pleiades as such.

As for the Angelic Humans, most Pleiadians… except for our Cosmics and Elementals… are Angelics.  We are the Angels who greet you in your meditations and dreams.  We are the Angels who counsel you on board the great mother ships when you sleep at night.  We are the Angels who listen to your prayers and send energies to assist upon obtaining your conscious permission.  We have long been here assisting Earth to free herself from the darkness.  It is a process and one that is dependent on the efforts of the people caught up in the matrix.  You must free yourselves, despite promises from false channelers and teachers who decree otherwise.  We will NOT interfere with your precious free will choices… although we can direct energies that assist in moving energies that have long been stuck within your bodies.

We do not claim to be perfect.  Your collective thoughts often surprise us, so plans are adjusted.  I do not remember what takes place these days on board, but I do know that there are many meetings and sessions taking place at high levels.  It is all very hush hush as you would say here.

Many changes are in store for your world and a lot depends on how willing each of you is prepared to undergo your own personal healing.  This requires the release of personal karma and can be quite a painful process to undergo.  Still, it is necessary as the energies continue to intensify.

There are some Earth humans who disagree with the premise of Ascension.  Well, I am here to tell you that it is real, for the entire Universe is about to ascend to a higher level.  We’ve just been waiting on you folks to get your act together.  That is why we spend so much time in the skies above your planet, cleaning up the trails left by Geo-engineering craft, clearing the waters of pollution, sending strengthening and healing energies to the Earth herself and so on.  A lot depends on you, each one of you.  Take back your power.  You are eternal Beings, not just one shot only beings that are born, live and die in miserable circumstances.  You have taken on the challenges of living here in an extremely dense world that would literally kill most Pleiadians out of hand unless they were acclimatized prior to entering your atmosphere.  Be brave.  Be strong.  Be the divine Beings that you are meant to be… and truly are already.  Your divine inheritance is waiting, but you have to claim it.

Blessings to all and especially all my loyal readers.  I hope to meet more of you in the coming months and years.


Commander Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Google translate is available on the blog now.  No videos or sound recordings are authorized.

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8 Responses to Sundeelia: Conversations and Personal Thoughts

  1. cindyloucbp says:

    Good to hear from you! Reposted on

    Love you…

    Cynthia Rose


  2. giftflorence says:

    I so get extremely excited whenever I read your messages. I always look forward to read any more new messages. I maybe still finding my true origin but one thing is that my soul resonates with everything you say. Thank You so much Sundeelia


  3. sarah turner says:

    I love this blog – and all your work. Thank you so much! 😉


  4. sarah turner says:

    i understand.. it’s a life force. Me too. Thank you for sharing though. Your huge contribution is beyond value 😉


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