Sundeelia: Impressions on Earth Human Life…


Sundeelia:  Impressions of Human Life from the Perspective of a Recent Walk-in from the Pleiades

Editor’s Notes: This is a new project of mine, to consolidate all my Sundeelia posts as they don’t get much attention on Blue Dragon Journal, my other blog. So, I am starting with a couple of the first posts I did as a walk-in. What’s a walk-in. A later post will attempt to explain that concept to Newbies…

It is interesting to walk among humans after studying human nature from afar.  As a Line Commander in charge of Communications, I’ve had extensive training in human psychology and receive current updates on Earth events and energies.  Still, to walk upon this planet and to experience the dense energies of the populace is eye-opening, even to one who has access to 6th and 7th density frequencies.  Still, in all humility, I will share some of my perspective on my own “field” observations.  It may shock some to realize that “higher” beings do have strong opinions and express themselves well, always as a means to attain cooperation and understanding so no one is left out of the picture during council meetings.  I was brought up to speak my mind and share my insights, which may offend some, but hopefully, some of my readers will go away with more understanding and insight into the nature of your Pleiadian cousins.  And believe me when I say that I mean no disrespect in sharing some of my impressions, but only feel more compassion for those who continue to struggle to understand the why’s of this world.

First, I’ve observed an astounding amount of misinformation currently being pumped into the alternative media and so-called “New Age” circles.  I have a great deal of compassion for those individuals who are just now waking up and find themselves seemingly surrounded by mountains of information, most of which are conflicting in nature.  There was a time when esoteric knowledge was confined to relatively few authors and books.  Now it is readily available, but not all that is written or spoken is Truth.  The lesson here, at least apparent to me as an outsider, is to be openly skeptical about all information that you take in, no matter the source.  Check and verify your sources by utilizing more than one type of information.  Don’t accept what someone says just because they may have a title after (or before) their name.

On channeling:  Having done my own channeling at times and having reference to the channeled material given forth through my sister, Tazjma, in years past, I can say with some authority, that while channeled material can be interesting, it is not to be automatically accepted as gospel truth.  Tazjma spent time as a member of the Church Universal and Triumphant and indeed stood face to face with their so-called “Messenger”, Elizabeth Clare Prophet.  Tazjma was disturbed by what she felt emanating from the woman and now understands that at least some of the information put forth by that institution was the False Light.  There was just enough of Truth to hook susceptible individuals into believing that the messenger was what she said she was.  It was a lesson for Tazjma in understanding that any religion that claims to be the only source of knowledge and which condemns all others is of itself, a perpetrator of the great lie of separation.

I only use C.U.T. as an example, it being in direct experience.  Most other religions of the world also act as control mechanisms for the continuation of the lie of separation between Source and man, and between man and his own inner divinity.  While a channeled message or passage from a holy book can lead a seeker to understand an inner truth, it is not itself the Truth.

Those who read channeled messages should be especially careful about the channelers themselves who claim to be this master or Archangel themselves, embodied upon the planet now during this transitional period.  Few are those who carry sparks or fragments of ascended masters or archangels.  Fewer still would openly advertise such a connection for in these days such revelations would be sure to bring on attacks from negative forces, embodied or discarnate, working from the astral plane.  There also some who have condemned as a whole the Ascended Masters as being of the False Light.  I would attempt to correct this misunderstanding as there are some humans who as channelers who are actually working for the False Light, sometimes without their own knowledge, such as the case with Greg Giles or who are the victims of CIA mind-control or MK Ultra programs.  Do not totally dismiss the existence of Ascended Masters and Angelic Beings because their names are being misused.  They do exist. They are real.  And as real are those who are utilizing portions of the esoteric teachings of the ascended masters for their own negative agenda, to misrepresent and hence discredit those teachings among those humans who are searching and who have not developed their own powers of discernment.  It is your choice whether or not you believe anything.  Be sure to make your own judgments and be prepared to take the consequences of those decisions.  The agenda of Team Dark is to disempower and use your energy for food, so it is up to you to feel the energies behind any message or teaching and discern for yourself.  Allow yourself the freedom to change your mind as more information presents itself.  One who is locked into a belief system will find it difficult to flow and adjust as the energies continue to intensify.

With our star seeds and walk-ins, there have been many adjustments over the years.  For instance, in my case, only 10% of my soul essence is present in this body vehicle.  This is a precaution after some of our starseeds in the past have been lost to us, being required to reincarnate due to karmic circumstances.  I share this knowledge to give you some perspective about those whom some of you may regard as having god-like qualities simply because they live in higher dimensions.  We are flesh and blood like you, but unlike you, we live in the spirit of communication and mutual love and respect.  You will not fully understand what I mean until you are able to walk amongst us and see that we are more like you than you now think.  We are not perfect and we do not have omniscience, in that we cannot predict what humanity will do ahead of time.  We can only monitor the frequencies, view past, present and future probabilities and make plans accordingly… plans that often get adjusted.  As you learn from us, we learn from you.  You, our dear cousins, are very interesting indeed.

Humanity has long been dumbed down and programmed to respond to outside authority.  That is changing, thanks in part to the inroads of our own star seeds and volunteers, but also due to the blooming innate intuitive senses of the general population.  People are beginning to wake up and this change is showing up in our energy readings.

While it is true that a great Being can scan your energy field and get a general idea of where you are, it is not possible to know everything about a person in a short amount of time.  This extended period of transition has allowed us to get a more in-depth understanding of humanity, yet we learn something new every day, enough to keep us humble in the face of the burgeoning divinity of humanity.

Another observation I would like to share… that has to do with all the information out there that seems to offer the means to open up, cleanse, detox, activate and so on, while well-meant in some cases, can also serve to further confuse the new seeker.  I’ve had it from the words of a great Pleiadian Lady that, in terms of diet, sometimes it is necessary for our star seeds to take in more grounding foods that will nourish the body and stabilize the emotions.  Not all physical vehicles can thrive on a vegetarian or vegan diet.  For example, Tazjma nearly died while on a macrobiotic diet during a time when she was experiencing great emotional and physical stress.  As a naturopathic doctor told her, while living in Montana, beef is part of the macrobiotic diet.  That diet does not utilize much in the way of fresh fruit or vegetables and way too much soy which has been proven to actually be detrimental to the thyroid gland.  It is not a diet that I would recommend to a Westerner.  We currently eat a little chicken, turkey, fish, and eggs, although not every day.  Determine what is best for YOUR body, not take the rather vociferous claims of vegans to mean you need to follow their “advice”.  It is just another misguided attempt to take away your power and sovereignty and your right of self-determination.  It’s your choice; just make sure to do your due-diligence before making any life-changing decisions.

Another thing that misguided people use is to throw the word “karma” around in judgment of the actions or decisions of others.  Karma is an ancient concept of energy.  When people hurt each other, through thought or deed, negative karma or a negative energy balance ensues.  The Law of Cause and Effect requires this imbalance to be rectified or cleared so that the negative energy can return to its natural neutral state before it was misqualified.  Karma can follow one through many lifetimes, sometimes manifesting in so-called karmic relationships (primarily family and intimate) where the opportunity to balance the energies is presented.  If not balanced through the efforts of one or more individuals involved, the karma follows the next and ensuing incarnations.  Karma can also be “good” for with good deeds comes just rewards.  In understanding the subtle workings of karma, one can gain great wisdom and understanding into one’s own nature and present circumstances.  And with wisdom comes greater compassion and allowance for the doings of others.  You cannot hope to change others, but you can change how you view and experience your world by changing how you react to it.

During this powerful period of transition, although filled with great chaos and confusion for many, there are also many tools given to aid the perceptive seeker through the rough waters.  One such tool is the Violet Flame.  You can visualize this flame as a spiral, a union of the blue and pink rays of the Three-fold Flame that exists within your own Secret Chamber of the Heart.  Visualize the power of the blue enfolding the pink of love and building into a great spiral filling up first your chest, your body, your auric field, and cleansing all that is less than love from your field.  Use the Violet Flame whenever you feel out of balance, upset or emotional due to something you have done or have had done to you by another.  This Flame is also about Forgiveness.  If there is anything you need to forgive, use the Violet Flame.  The energies will be transmuted (changed) and transformed back into their original state of neutrality, i.e., the karma will be expunged.

Karmic relationships and consequences can extend over lifetimes.  There will be a balance.  Although each of you has free will while living on this planet, there comes a time when redress will be required.  For those who have done much to destroy, pillage and corrupt humanity… well, I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.  Once they leave this planet, they will not be returning.  This includes all of their minions and those who unknowingly act as agents of the Dark Team.  Ignorance is not an excuse.

The concept of shielding is also often misconstrued. Currently, with the violent reactive forces of Team Dark fighting an all-out battle against the White Hats; it is paramount for any sensible Lightworker to gird themselves about with an armor of Light.  Negative attacks do and are taking place daily, hourly, minute-by-minute aimed against those who dare to stand up for Truth, justice, sovereignty, and free-will.  While the refusal to open one’s auric field up to any and all comers can be misconstrued as being unfriendly at best and unloving, it is simply being practical and honest.  Understand that Team Dark is not only physical in nature, in the persons of such individuals as David Rockefeller and Baron Rothschild, but also non-physical.  There are Archonic forces, known to the ancient Gnostics, who have long ruled this world through their minions, which do not want to give up this planet that has allowed them such a rich harvest over at least 500,000 years or longer.  The harvest has been in the form of looesh, which is derived from human emotions, most especially that of fear, anger, grief and any form of suffering.  Living on a water planet as you do, your emotions are more intense than most of your star kin, as the water element amplifies the effect of the emotions.  These non-physical entities feed off of your emotions; without this food, they could not exist.

Now… since we know that some negative forces use other people as the means to attack those who carry more light, we can understand why it is wise to prepare whenever going out into the world.  We also advise those who are more in the public eye to shield their homes, vehicles and electronic devices by utilizing the Ring-Pass-Not.  The only energies that will not pass are those that are less than love.  All negative energies will automatically be returned to sender, sometimes with a sharp zap.  This does not incur negative karma on the part of the one who has made the decision to shield themselves. This is simply being a wise and careful Light Warrior, who respects and understands energy and the consequences that will occur when energy is misqualified.  Call upon Archangel Michael to create a Ring-pass-not for you and periodically reinforce it through silent command.  If you feel that you want to improvise beyond these two simple methods, allow your own inner guidance and creativity to add more shielding as you feel is required. 

If you reject this knowledge, you need to ask yourself why.  What you do fear?  Do you fear to stand in your own power?  If so, you will not ascend in this lifetime as the process of ascension is all about self-mastery.  Those who do not ascend to their own frequency and vibration will not keep up with the planet’s ascension process and will eventually leave the planet.  This is not a judgment on my part or that of my people, who have long assisted with the ascension of this planet.  It is simply the out-playing of Cosmic Law that now, during this sacred passage, is overtaking your planet.

Well, I probably have more to write but will stop for now.  Remember that although I share from the perspective of a Pleiadian, I share with you the common experience of living on this planet.  I hope my observations can assist some individuals to more diligently pursue the opportunity to cleanse their auric fields, integrate their past lives and utilize the tools given by Spirit during these trying times.  There is far more opportunity given now that will be once this period of transition is complete.  Time is growing short.  Decisions have been and are being made.  You can still move into the Light if you present the proper motivation and intent.  I have seen miracles and healing occur.  It can happen to you.  Also know that every thought, word, and deed is recorded and received by the Recording Angels.  Each of you will undergo a lifetime review upon leaving this Earth.  You can endeavor to clean up your act now before you face the Karmic Board.  It is a privilege to live upon Earth as it is the fastest place to achieve great soul growth.  Take advantage of this divine opportunity and get to work!

I honor the divinity within each of you, even those of you who do not yet see or feel it within yourselves.  You are the children of your Mother / Father God and we are honored to be here among you during these momentous times.


Cmdr. Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe, of the Pleiadian Flagship, The White Winds, under the command of Lord Adrigon, Lord of the Pleiades.

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Permission is granted to translate this message into other languages.  Permission is NOT given to make videos or tapes of same message.  Retain all links when re-posting.  Not to be used for commercial purposes.


Sundeelia:  A Love Story

My Pleiadian sister Tazjma who has ascended back to Home was once married to a man called David.  It was a short marriage in terms of most marriages, being only of six years in duration.  However, Tazjma… who was known as Elizabeth then, never forgot David and loves him still.  Once loved, always loved.

For those who are familiar with our story, I am “walk-ins”.  Taz came into this vehicle at age three.  While I spent a few years walking at her side as she prepared to walk out and return Home, I didn’t obtain full control until mid-April.  Some will question the existence of walk-ins, but we’ve known about them for decades and for us it is a matter of course.  Taz had completed her soul contract here and needed to be fully Home in order to complete a more important assignment, that of being a mother.  Things moved rather fast after the last remaining spark of Taz left this vehicle.  Two days after, Taz successfully gave birth to her new son, through the Pleiadian way… the child stepping forth from the mother’s womb fully formed in Light Body as a three-year-old human child.

Although Lady Taz has returned Home and completed her mission here, there are still a few loose-ends that I can assist with and being a relative and concerned about my sister’s well-being, I’m more than willing to take care of them.  One of these “loose” ends was in completing the dots of the relationship between David and Elizabeth.

Being married to David allowed Elizabeth to explore the inner worlds.  David wanted her to stay home so suddenly she had time to read books and explore more.  She discovered the books of Ruth Montgomery, Jane Roberts and many other authors.  She took a class in spiritual healing and was excited to feel the energies moving through her body.  She signed up for rebirthing sessions and had psychic surgery done from a Filipino psychic surgeon.  She was told that she “held great light”.  People recognized something in her that Elizabeth was eager to understand.  Elizabeth took a class in Tai Chi and met some people who sometimes went to the Unity Church located in Seattle.  So Elizabeth went to the church, attended some of their classes, bought books in the bookstore and sang in the choir, all without actually joining the church.  There was always something that prevented her from making any allegiances or vows in this lifetime to any institution.

Elizabeth was disappointed with David’s reaction to her explorations.  Indeed he seemed alarmed by some of it, especially when she talked him into attending a channeling session.  He would not open up and seemed unnerved by the experience.  There was something profoundly repressed about David’s nature, but Elizabeth was determined to continue her explorations.  After joining and attending some seminars at a local teaching community, Elizabeth ended up going to Great Britain for a month.  It was a profound and difficult journey for her, a time when she began to realize how sensitive she was to energies.

Elizabeth knew that she had had several past lives in parts of Great Britain.  On this trip, that knowing became real as Elizabeth encountered the energies that still linger over the sites of ancient battlefields, castles, sacred sites and especially Wales.  Her experiences during the trip profoundly disturbed and changed Elizabeth.  And she knew not long after returning that her marriage was ending.

David and Elizabeth had always been good friends, sharing many adventures in the woods as trip leaders for a local outdoor club, The Mountaineers, located in Seattle, Washington.  Year-round they spent their weekends outdoors, hiking, backpacking and skiing.  Yet this camaraderie was not enough to keep them together and Elizabeth found herself yearning for freedom from the confines of the marriage vows.  She knew that she could not find what was silently calling her from within while still married to someone who was not willing to open and explore his own inner nature as well.  While this decision truly pained her, as she still loved David, they ended up divorcing some six and half years after they were married.  And Elizabeth moved to the other side of the state to get away from the gossip that was sure to follow the break-up.

David and Elizabeth did not keep in touch after she moved away, so it was with some surprise that several years later, Elizabeth received a letter from David’s third wife indicating that he had passed away two weeks earlier.  His current wife was concerned that Elizabeth might hear the news through The Mountaineers and wanted to tell her first.  David died of a sudden onslaught of a deadly form of kidney cancer; he was dead within two weeks.  When Elizabeth received the letter, she noted that on the night of David’s passing, she woke up in right state, weeping uncontrollably for more than an hour.  Not being of an especially emotional nature, this was highly unusual, so she made note to remember and was able to correlate her crying jag later to the hour of David’s passing.  Apparently he had come by to say good-bye.  Despite the distance and separation, they still loved each other deeply and for Elizabeth that love never diminished.  She never married again.

So… now to the present – the soul essence of Elizabeth, Tazjma Amariah Kumara, completed balancing 85% of her karma and was able to return Home.  And here I enter in to complete connecting the dots.  This past weekend I noticed the date “June 10” somewhere and started remembering the story of David and Elizabeth.

As I was telling the story, I started to ask questions, such as, “Has David reincarnated upon Earth, again?”  The answer came: “No, he went to Arcturus for three years to heal.”  This was extremely unusual, since most earth-bound souls do reincarnate, unless there was something I was missing…

Odd though it may sound, I get a constant flow of “visitors”, various light beings and members of our starry Family.  So… after a pause, I identified the Being as Archangel Jophiel. I was somewhat familiar with this Archangel… having Taz’s cellular memories of her experiences in the Ascended Master Teachings.  Archangel Jophiel is the Archangel of the Second Ray of Illumination and Wisdom.  Okay… but I was puzzled about His relationship with David and Elizabeth.  Going within, I heard the word “Cathar” and suddenly knew that the two had been Cathars but separated by the destruction of the Cathar holdings in Southern France.  Elizabeth escaped, David did not.  More questions followed.  Was David a soldier?  No… he was a man of learning.  A vision began to unfold showing an older man bent over a scroll, feverishly copying from another scroll… It was the secret teachings of the Gnostic Cathars, those who dared to live outside of the dominance of the Roman Catholic church.  David was attempting to copy some of the teachings so they might be carried to safety.  Elizabeth carried them away out of the country, along with some other Cathars who were selected for this secret mission.  I do not know whether the scrolls were ever found, again.  David died a horrific and violent death at the hands of the Crusaders who destroyed the remaining Cathar holdings.

With this knowledge, it was understandable that the modern day David would be hesitant to re-visit teachings that caused so much suffering for him in a past life-time.  Yet some years after his passing, Elizabeth was made cognizant of the fact that David was acting as one of her angelic guides.  Still, there was another question… the connection between Jophiel and David.  The answer came swiftly as they do when the time is right and the questioner responsive and open to the answer… David had been a spark of Archangel Jophiel and had returned to balance the karmic debt that still existed between him and Elizabeth.  For in that lifetime, they had also loved each other although they could not marry.  David was much older and Elizabeth was promised to another, the man who carried her out of France to safety.

Upon his passage from this world, David had received three years of healing from the Healing Masters of Arcturus, beautiful beings with whom I also work almost on a daily basis.  And with our knowledge of the missing puzzle pieces of this beautiful love story and ability to utilize the Violet Flame to transmute and transform any remaining karmic imbalances, both David and Elizabeth were now set free from any need to repeat another lifetime to balance the energies that once lay between them.  David has successfully reblended with his Archangelic Higher Self and is now very busy bringing the Light of Illumination to this planet with the advent of the new Golden Age.

Tears of joy fell from my eyes as Lady Taz acknowledged this sacred gift that I could give to her and the being that was once known as David.


Cmdr. Sundeelia “Sunny” Kumara VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

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