Sundeelia: Planting Seeds


Sundeelia:  Planting Seeds

It has been said by some that this is the time of the Harvest.  This era was foretold in ancient teachings to be the great Apocalypse or the unveiling of all that has been hidden from the populace of this planet.  It is also a time of choice for this small blue-green isle (planet) is the lynch-pin in the ascension process for the entire Universe.  It’s not just about you or me, but far greater than most of you can imagine at this juncture.

Understand that while I wear a physical vehicle much like your own, I am not an Earth human, but a Pleiadian walk-in.  I stepped forth and volunteered to act as a place-holder for my sister, Tazjma, when it was clear that she would be ascending back Home.  Know that it was Tazjma’s original intent to simply drop this vehicle when her mission was completed here.  Yet, since the body temple was still in relatively good shape, an opportunity arose to allow a member of the Galactic Federation to experience what life is like on this planet especially during this extraordinary time of transition.  So here I am, observing and experiencing, dealing with actively releasing what remains of Tazjma’s karma and needed cellular release.

This morning, I sat on the beach in the hot Florida sunshine absorbing the rays of the sun and feeling the energies of my Father as he playfully wrote cloud letters for us in the sky.  It was a moment of quiet joy for me to be able to tune into the higher energies of Home.  I can honestly say that life here in this much heavier frequency level can be emotionally and physically exhausting for ones like ourselves who have voluntarily come from a much-refined environment.  Sometimes just dealing with ignorant, often arrogant Earth humans can be…a challenge.

Recently we were given the information that the sun is now acting as a portal for energies straight from the Central Sun, cosmic Christ energies that have the ability to upgrade your DNA and heal your body if permission is given to receive its benefits.  This knowledge explains quite a bit why so-called health authorities caution people from sun-exposure.  The “health” industry on this planet, especially Western medicine, is really about death and the continuation of disease in order to make more money off the suffering of the population.  Getting a daily dose of sunshine is good for you.

This contradiction that has been put forth by the establishment is just one of many designed to disempower people, basically to bully them into believing whatever is good for you is bad.  If you adhere the advice of medical authorities and refuse to listen to the needs of your own body temple, you will experience the consequences as part of a lesson.  Sometimes medical intervention is required, but utilize these services with the understanding that not much of western medicine is designed for the benefit of the patient.

Back Home and in the GFL (Galactic Federation of Light) we call this isle “the planet of lies”.  Everything you have been taught from childhood is a lie or intentional perversion (reversing) of the truth.  This great lie runs like a virus throughout all institutions including those of religion and science.

3D Earth is a challenging place where soul evolution can occur at a quicker pace than on most planes including the one in which most Pleiadians now dwell, that of 6D and higher.  However, it doesn’t mean that when you leave this plane of experience through the process of ascension that all challenges go away.  We have our own issues at Home, only to a lesser degree than what most people face here on a daily basis.  There, people still have family squabbles on occasion and certainly give forth their strong opinions when required.

As we have stated above,  we are seeing the incidence of more and more disinformation being disseminated through social media and blogs.  Some of the material being currently channeled by various authors is filled with much error.  Perhaps the channel has not done enough clearing on his/her issues, namely karmic energies that need to be cleared, past lives that still require integration.  One who has not cleared these issues will not ascend, period.  This statement is not based on my personal judgment of these individuals, simply my knowledge of Universal Law.  There is also some information that is being put forth as a form of psyops with the intent to waylay spiritual seekers and loop them into a belief system that disempowers them.

We can assure you that there exist many extraterrestrial lifeforms, of which ours is but one.  Of the many worlds that some of you are aware, perhaps the Sirians look the most like Earth humans.  The Sirians came to this planet long ago and terraformed her, bringing both plants and animals and human colonists.  At one time, most Earth humans looked like Sirians, with either the white blond hair, white skin and green eyes of Sirius A or the dark-skinned, dark-eyed people of Sirius B.  Today, the people of Earth are primarily of Pleiadian origin.  The Pleiadians have thousands of isles (planets) and many different kinds of humans upon them, but many look like Earth humans with the exception our bodies are taller and more refined. We also have dolphin beings on a few of our isles.  Most human Pleiadians cannot consume heavy foods as our bodies do not have an elimination system; all food must be absorbed into the body.  Hence we use mostly fruits and vegetables in our diet, either whole, steamed or blended into soups, stews, smoothies, and purees.  We also enjoy the occasional very light crackers with our meals.  Sirians consume fish, shrimp, rice, fruits, and vegetables in their diet. 

While the physical bodies of Sirian and Pleiadian humans have skin tones that would be considered “normal” by Earth humans, there is much variation in the Universe to which you will soon be introduced.  Be aware that the term “humanoid” covers many types of species all that are bipedal (two-legged) with two arms and a head.  The head may be insectoid (insect-like), reptilian, or some other variation.  Our playful friends from Lyra often have brightly colored body hair and strange variations in appearance as each soul have the ability to alter their own appearance.  Those of you who are able to ascend with your planet and become full-fledged members of the galaxy will be amazed at just how much life abounds beyond the rim of your own small solar system.

It is with some amusement when we see very odd paintings of so-called Pleiadians or Sirians cropping up accompanying some channeled piece or another.  While there are variations in skin tones – some Pleiadians have very dark bronzed complexions similar to those peoples of the Middle East; others have the deep red-brown tones of the Native American peoples.  To our knowledge, there are no green-skinned Pleiadians. Neither does “Father God” or “Mother God” abide upon or within your modest planet.  Their representatives are alive and living elsewhere.

Souls wish to come to your planet in order to undergo a range of experiences that they cannot enjoy at Home.  This includes the right to decide whether to experience a descension cycle or an ascension cycle.  Not all Earth humans will remain upon this planet at the end of the Harvest.  Those who have chosen a descension cycle will remain upon that journey for at least 26,000 linear years in Earth time.  It may actually last much longer depending on the solar system in which the soul finds itself residing next.  Know that these souls will not be returning to the ascended Earth as she fully enters a period of massive expansion.

My own sister reincarnated several times upon this planet during the last 26,000-year cycle due to karma incurred during the final days of Lemuria before that great continent sank under the waves of the Pacific Ocean.  The planet was very different in those long ago days; it will change again.  The changes are already underway, but not to the degree that was once prophesied by your many prophets, seers, and mentors.

Once in the distant past of this planet, humanity had sunk to a very low vibration, much lower than today.  The light of the planet solely resided within the heart of one human being.  The heart flames of humanity were only a tiny fraction of what had been a huge three-fold flame, at that time barely enough to sustain life in the vehicle.  With compassion for his Earth cousins, the Lord of Venus, Sanat Kumara, went to His Father, Lord Krishna, to ask for permission to come to Earth, to hold her up with His Light until such time as the indigenous people could re-open their hearts and hold the balance within for themselves.  Permission was granted.  Sanat Kumara, as Lord of his own planet, asked his Divine Complement (Twin Flame), Lady Venus, if she could hold the balance of their world while he was upon Earth.  The Lady graciously agreed to take on this task.  In preparation for this great mission, other Venusians volunteered to precede the coming of their Lord and built him a great city in what is now the region of the Gobi Desert in the northwestern reaches of present-day China.  The challenge for Sanat Kumara and his people was to rekindle the Christ Light within the hearts of men so they would remember that they were not alone.

Sanat Kumara dropped his frequency level to reside in the great City of Shamballa, which then was on the physical plane but withdrew to the etheric as the planet descended even further during the long decline and fall of the great Atlantean civilization.  Realizing that a proxy would be needed in order to more fully anchor (or re-anchor) the Christ Light upon the planet, Lord Sananda Kumara stepped forth as a volunteer to take embodiment among the people of the planet.  Many of his cousins and friends also stepped forth to volunteer to assist Sananda in anchoring the Christ Light once again so that the planet could begin an ascension cycle as decreed by the Creator.

Sananda Kumara was and is the son of Sanat Kumara, who is, in turn, the son of Lord Krishna, the religious leader of Sirius A.  Sanat Kumara is also an Ancient of Days, an eternal Being, whose essence has emanated directly from the Central Sun.  Thus “God” or the Lord sent His Son to Earth to undergo the long journey as a spiritual initiate through a long series of lifetimes, with the final culmination of His mission playing out in the Roman province of Palestine during the reign of Tiberius Caesar.  Yeshua ben Joseph, as he was known to his followers and disciples, was indeed a carpenter and fisher of men.  His final three years upon this planet was a reiteration of Path of Initiation undertaken at a soul level during the course of many lifetimes.  Yeshua was married and his wife, Mary Magdalene, was with child at the time of his demise upon the cross on the hill of Golgotha.  Upon his death and resurrection into His Light Body, Yeshua became a Christed One, a being who has successfully reactivated his light body

Upon his death and resurrection into His Light Body, Yeshua became a Christed One, a being who has successfully reactivated his light body  MerKaBa.  Yeshua ascended Home and was reintegrated into his Higher Self who is Lord Sananda Kumara.  In later years, Yeshua’s name was altered by Christians to be Jesus the Christ.  Jesus was not his real name as the letter “j” was not used during his lifetime.  The term “Christ” or Krystos is a Greek name for “the anointed one”.  Every soul who attains Christhood or Christ Consciousness (connection with Divine Mind) is anointed with the essence of the Holy Spirit, or the Divine Feminine essence of Mother/Father God.

With his resurrection and attainment of Christhood, Yeshua successfully completed his mission to re-anchor the Light of Christ upon this planet.  His mission was supported by many on the planet and from above.  Lord Maitreya was one of his ascension mentors.  Lord Sananda has returned Home and now works with the Galactic Federation of Light to support the ascension of Earth into the Light.  However, Sananda Kumara does NOT act as a Commander of any GFL starship.  There are many other volunteers from numerous star systems who have stepped forward as volunteers to take on the mission that was begun by Sanat Kumara and his people so many ages ago.

The people of the Isle of Ashtar, under the guidance of Lord Ben Diaz, the Lord of Ashtar and Commander of the Ashtar Command, built a great fleet to assist with the work of the Venusians, Sirians and the Pleiadians who had joined with their cousins in the great work to free Earth from the darkness.  The Lord of the Pleiades, Lord VaCoupe, also built a great fleet, which was further augmented by his son, the current Lord of the Pleiades, Lord Adrigon VaCoupe.  So, it has come to past that many of my people and members of my family work diligently for the freedom of the Earth.

Another thought that crossed my mind of late is how deluded and manipulated Earth humans are when it comes to so-called “spiritual” matters.  Know that ALL of the religions and spiritual practices upon Earth have been infiltrated by dark energies, with much of the original teachings perverted or twisted to fulfill a dark agenda.  This includes all the main religions and the newer “New Age” beliefs.  There is much disinformation being presented as “light” when it is most assuredly not.  Those teachers who present ascension as being easy and that you should only focus on what is “light” and “love” are missing the point, or they are openly pushing an agenda that will serve to disempower any of their followers or students.  We know this type of “teacher” or “guru” as someone who is a “service to self” individual.  Typically, these so-called gurus utilize the money (energy) of their followers for their own benefit.

Those who are wise among you will not seek to attach themselves to any “guru” no matter how elevated they appear or whatever titles they create for themselves.  Seek within your own High Heart and ask to be given the needed clarity and discernment to determine your own pathway to Heaven… the higher realms of Being.

This time is one of choosing the direction in which your soul will take for the next great cycle.  It is not a decision to take lightly.  Ascension is an individual journey, one undertaken over a period of many lifetimes, not just this one.  My older sister managed to attain the third initiation through her own inner work and striving before she was actively contacted by members of her star family, namely the Great Divine Director (known as Lord Ganesha in the Hindu tradition) and Lord Adrigon, Lord of the Pleiades.  Lord Adrigon was my older sister’s ascension mentor.  She and many other initiates attended (and still do) nightly classes upon The White Winds at the Galactic University sponsored by the Head Commander, Lord Adrigon.

What I say next may distress or anger those who still abide within the limiting confines of any religion, yet I feel it must be said.  I am not here to garner popularity or make money off of other spiritual seekers.  I am merely here as a representative of my people, my Family and a place-holder for my sister, Tazjma, who has ascended Home and who is now busy attending to her own growing family.

All religions upon your planet are cults.  They have all been infiltrated by dark energies and agendas. This is especially true of the entity called the Roman or Catholic Church.  This “church” is, in fact, a death cult, with all its followers knowingly (at higher levels) or unknowingly practicing symbolic Satanic blood rites through the act of communion.  All the sacraments are designed to keep the chakras of its followers closed, cut off from divine energies that stream down from the Heavens daily.  The Last Rites are especially pernicious, sealing off the ability for the soul to leave the cycle of reincarnation, finding itself compelled to undergo yet another cycle of reincarnation upon this particular planet as food for the dark team who have succeeded in usurping and perverting the original soul blueprint for the planet and its people.

The accepted Christian belief that Jesus died for your sins is also a bald-faced lie.  His death at the hands of the Romans, aided and abetted by the elders of his own native faith, was a blood sacrifice to the God Baal or the one now known as Satan.  Even the act of wearing a crucifix or Christian cross is an indication that the one wearing this jewelry has chosen (unknowingly) to follow the teachings of the dark team.  In short, this conscious choice means that the soul will be required to undergo a cycle of descension unless there are mitigating circumstances, including long centuries spent in 3D in which further lessons will be undertaken until the Higher Self is satisfied that the soul has progressed sufficiently enough in spiritual understanding to move to a higher frequency of soul expression.

Ascension is not about following another person’s agenda, teachings or guidance and not doing the work of clearing your own karmic detritus.  Ascension is about self-mastery, the reintegration of dark and light, masculine and feminine energies within, reintegration of past life experiences and all fears and misunderstandings arising from traumatic experience.  It is not an easy journey, but one with great benefits.  It is also a journey that is never-ending, at least until one rejoins in soul essence with that of the Creator.  Even then, the Creator may send forth its beloved Servants upon more missions.

Your little planet has a great destiny of which few people upon this planet are now aware.  We will say no more.

The time of decision is upon you.  There is still “time” to decide to go either way, whether to descend in frequency and undergo further lessons upon another 3D planet or to ascend with your current planetary Home, the lovely Earth.  Those who are unable to integrate the higher frequencies that are ever increasing now will leave.  There is no judgment on our part as we understand that all living on this planet is given free will to make that singular choice.

There is much darkness to still be revealed, although we can assure you that the Harvest is reaching what can be described as the “wrap-up” period.  How long this portion of the Harvest might be in linear time depends on how each one of you is able to integrate the cosmic energies and raise up in your own frequency levels.  Each individual who attains Christ Consciousness on their own merit greatly aids the rest of humanity, as well as the planet.  And there is so much more beyond this planetary ascension in the cycles beyond, spotted with portals and opportunities for growth and expansion.

One more thought… time and space do exist beyond the 3D plane.  Each solar system contains its own version of time and space.  However, travel from galaxy to galaxy can be undertaken by folding space and the use of portals.  The creative vision of science fiction writers has seen the truth of that reality.  Our starships can travel from the Pleiades to your Solar System in a matter of hours.  And yes, we do have physical ships, designed for the comfort of our crews… at least the Pleiadian vessels.  The planet Venus does not retain a fleet of starships, merely shuttle vessels designed to carry crew and visitors to Venus and her adjoining moon, Pla, for rest and relaxation or business.

So perhaps you have questions.  We encourage you to ask your questions of yourself during moments of quiet contemplation or meditation.  If you are ready to receive the answer, it will be given.  Each of you has the potential to reconnect with Higher Self and other positive Beings if you open your hearts and minds to receive.  Just be cognizant that negative beings do exist and they do not have your highest good in mind.

I am not here as a teacher or mentor, yet I am able to with the assistance of input from my own family to address some of the more glaring misinformation that I have observed of late.  I will also note that it has been advised to withdraw from social media as the frenetic and chaotic energies are currently increasing as people are being forced by the energies and circumstances to deal with their darker issues.  Some, instead of dealing with their own issues, they choose to spew forth vile comments, projecting their self-hatred upon others.  It is quite distressing to those who are highly sensitive to simply read some of the rather nasty comments put forth by people who seem to have, at least, temporarily lost all sense of proportion and basic human courtesy.

Comments are turned off for this post, accordingly.  You may send me an email at if you have particularly pressing questions.  I will endeavor to answer what I can.  I find these days that information comes to me when I need it, as well.  Sometimes, it is simply not the time for that knowledge to be shared as some effort needs to come forth from the questioner to retain an energetic balance within the exchange.  If you wish to argue or dispute what has been shared here, save your breath.  I will not reply.  I am not responsible for how you react to such information as has been given here.  That is solely your responsibility, so deal with it.  I’m a busy person and do not lightly suffer fools.


I AM Sundeelia (“Sunny”) Kumara VaCoupe, Line Commander, The White Winds

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