Sundeelia: WITNESS

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Sundeelia – “Witness”

It is an interesting experience being here on Earth but not being of Earth.  Yes, I wear an Earth human vehicle, but it is not “me”.  The real “me” is a dedicated line commander aboard the Pleiadian mothership, The White Winds.  I know that many would attempt to refute my claims on being an extraterrestrial, but frankly, I’m not the only one present on this isle.

As a placeholder for my sister, Tazjma Amariah Kumara VaCoupe Dino (and that’s only a few of her names) I shall be here on the planet for about 20 years or until my people pull this consciousness from this vehicle.  There is only about 10% of “me” here, enough to keep the body functioning; the rest of “me” is working above.  And I might add, we are presently extremely busy given the developments on your blue-green planet.  Much is coming to light as long ago prophesied, much that will cause people’s belief systems to crumble before the onslaught of disclosure.

For my newer readers, I am a Pleiadian Angel, a descendant of an Archangel and a great Lady.  I am sure that some here will take issue with such a claim, but that is an opinion, isn’t it? I don’t have my Pleiadian birth certificate on me to display.  Actually, we don’t have birth certificates, for we do not sell our children to the government or banks.  Our birthright is written across our foreheads with letters of fire.  For one who can “see” and understand light language, it is easy to identify to whom you are speaking or interacting within the moment.  The higher dimensional beings sense energy signatures and can read your intentions and thoughts at any time.  My family resonates at 6D and upward, although we have physical bodies like yours.  Therefore, please understand that I am NOT here to ascend or act as a way-shower or an ascension teacher.  I am acting as a witness, primarily as an observer to this amazing time in the evolutionary process of your isle (planet). And what I observe and hear is recorded above on our ships.

Everything that I experience here is recorded for review by my mentors and guardians.  I am under constant protection by two of Archangel Michael’s Eagles, a special branch of Angelic Beings who serve as protectors for those who are ascending or who are on special missions.  Nothing that I do, think or feel goes unnoticed.  Most Earth humans would be appalled by the lack of privacy that I experience as a volunteer on a mission, but as telepathic beings, we are used to knowing what others think and feel.  We just do not intrude unless it is necessary and only when given permission.  The monitoring which I am under is for my protection.  Earth… is a dangerous place, something which many of you really have quite avoided coming into full understanding due to particular beliefs, denial or sheer laziness.  I am protected, but I still shield every day went going out in public.  It’s like putting on a coat against the weather and chill and only sensible seeing the chaos and turmoil that is beginning to seep up into waking consciousness as the deep, dark buried secrets of your world come up into the Light.

As an officer, I have little tolerance for lies and prevarications that seem so popular and accepted among Earth humans.  I will tell you that this is not normal or wholesome human behavior, but due to examples from highly placed individuals, the media, and so-called celebrities, immoral behavior has become more socially acceptable, at least in some corners.  And yet, now, there is a blow-back from those who are righteously outraged by the laxity of morals, the political correctness of the liberal media, educators, elected officials, and bureaucrats, the corruption of many corporations.  Americans are beginning to wake up to the fact that their nation has been under attack for over 50 years, by an enemy from within, driven by a globalist agenda that desires for the decimation of 90% of humanity through whatever means possible.

What is happening today in your world (I’m not claiming it although I happen to live here temporarily) is an outplaying or replay of what went down in the final years and decades of Atlantis.  Yes, the storied continent did exist, although, in the final years, it was actually three large islands.  This information has been brought forth by many sources through the years, but most Earth humans do not have the time or curiosity to seek out answers to the questions they feel within.  And most humans are afraid of what they might find.  For to be a pioneer today, one who moves against the tide of what is socially acceptable in this world is to be a rebel and in some cases, an outcast. Yet, the tide is turning.  Those who are beginning to question everything about this world are now finding themselves in the forefront of a new realization of the spirit and power and potential that exists within every human being, no matter from which world they have come.

It is important to question everything and to learn to discernment for yourself what is truth to you… which can change as you learn more information.  Truth is the truth, but with your media sources so filled with lies and half-truths, it is difficult to discern what is true and what is false, so you need to approach everything that you encounter with an open mind.  This allows you to adapt when new information is presented that gives more credence or less to a line that you are pursuing. My foremost recommendation to any Earth human is to turn off the idiot box, the television set, and put down the cellphone, which tracks your every movement. Then, go outside, breathe some fresh air and take a walk in Nature to clear your thoughts. Ground, ground, ground into the earth like a great tree and radiate your Light.

I have been watching news reports with great interest, as well as reading various blog entries about the developments going on recently on the world screen.  Much is in the process of being disclosed.  The information that will come out will stun many people.  Events will continue to unfold that create both clarity and chaos.  Why is this all happening now, you say?  I tell you that a Great Year is ending.  It is time for a reckoning and separation of the way between those humans who are on the ascension path and those who will be following a descension path.  Many are those who are leaving this planet since their soul contracts are now up.  Do not feel sorrow for those who pass over unexpectedly; it is simply their time to leave.  Depending on their evolutionary progress, they will simply rest between incarnations until a suitable world and cycle come available so that they might continue to work on soul lessons in a third-dimensional world.

For those who have mastered their soul lessons and have undergone many lifetimes on the Path of Initiation, these great beings will return Home and continue to serve in whatever capacity they so choose. Some of these newly ascended masters will choose to continue working with the humanity of Earth, even as the planet continues its ascent into the fifth dimension and higher.  Much assistance will be given to those who are not yet aware of the ascension process but whose hearts are pure, who have lived lifetimes of service to others and whose intent is wholesome.

For those who have committed atrocities against humanity, they will be removed from Earth and given a choice: reform or undergo soul purification in the fires of the Great Central Sun.  The soul may be eternal, but it can be re-made if the being has denied its divinity to the point of nearly burning out.

My sister, Tazjma, was a way-shower and advocate for freedom during the long years she spent here.  She was here for one entire Great Year, the one that is just now completing,  approximately 26,000 Earth years (yes, there is time, but it is relative to both the planet and solar system in which you reside). She has returned Home, to Family, mate, and children. I might add that she is greatly relieved to be Home in an environment that is both loving and nurturing.

Our race left aggression behind over 500,000 years ago.  We advocate the Law of One, compassion and tolerance, unity in diversity.  We fought in the Great Star Wars and are determined to drive out the negative beings that have infiltrated and adulterated the sacred DNA of Earth humans.  Few Earth humans realize that your sun is the eighth star of the Pleiadian star system.  It rotates once around Alcyone every 25,900 years.  At the end of this great year (and any Great Year) all souls present are given a choice or would be had not your original blueprint been interfered with during a great invasion.  Currently, the strange and inexplicable things that are being exposed on your planet are due to the presence of an alien race that is not of your blood or heritage.  They are being removed even now so that the humanity of Earth can be given the opportunity to continue on with their spiritual evolution uninterrupted.

Even though we are your cousins, literally, we cannot by Cosmic Law interfere with developments on the ground, but we do what we can.  The onslaught of Cosmic rays and high-frequency energies that are reaching your planet do so as directed by Divine Will.  We add our own Light and Love frequencies to that of Heaven’s for we much desire that our cousins be freed from all non-native tyranny.

Although I work abroad The White Winds, I am not at liberty to reveal our plans.  Let me just say that our scout ships travel the skies of your world every day and night.  Research and reports are passed onto our councils and our leaders are extremely engaged in what we call Mission Earth.  I hope someday, Earth humans come to understand and appreciate the sacrifices made by many for the sake of love for those souls, many of which who originally came from the Pleiades or from the star systems of our allies.

One further note, some misinformed humans believe that they have seen a mothership within the atmosphere of Earth.  Our flagship, The White Winds, is 3,000 miles across (the width of the United States). She will not enter the polluted airspace of Earth, an atmosphere that is currently highly toxic to our people.  There are three primary Pleiadian motherships existent and present within your solar system today, along with many thousands of supporting vessels.  And even though secretive and negatively polarized groups of your own military have a secret space program, the technology of our Ashtarian built ships far surpasses what the black programs have been able to get their hands on for reverse engineering.

Your toxic environment is of great concern to us.  Even now, when any of our scout crews return from a mission, they each undergo a sonic shower to cleanse off the residue from your air before being allowed on board.  It is a wonder that any of you survive these days.  In time, we will assist your people to cleanse your air, water, and earth, but until the time humans lose their fear of “aliens” we will not interfere directly with your planetary issues.  The rising frequencies of the planet itself are doing the work for us as we see more and more of your population finally waking up to the grim realities that seem to exist now.  Rest assured that all will be transformed in the twinkling of an eye.  Those of humanity who remain on Earth will be astounded and delighted as they take in the changes that are possible through the grace of Heaven.

If your mind can’t accept this information, I suggest you read it as if it is a story, science fiction, if you will.  Cognitive dissonance will be and is an issue for Earth humans as you have been so heavily indoctrinated to believe “aliens” are all evil and intent on invading the planet.  If we were, your military wouldn’t stand a chance, but we transcended aggressive tendencies long ago and now act only in a defensive mode.  We do not invade people who would be frightened to see eight-foot humans emerging from a silvery starship.  We follow the Prime Directive as given forth via the Star Trek series.  Reality is sometimes more startling and wonderful than fiction.

Blessings to all,

I AM Sundeelia “Sunny” Kumara VaCoupe Mathdis

Update: Since this missive was written in 2017, many changes, both on Earth, and in my own life at Home have taken place. Although I am still ‘officially’ a commander, I am not currently on active duty. I was recently married (mated, in our parlance) and live in a small town on my home world of Medina, located near its sun Electra, one of the seven sisters of the Pleiades.

Furthermore, disclosures and revelations are emerging daily on Earth in regards to the nefarious deeds undertaken against humanity by the minions of the former controllers of this planet, the Dracos and Belials of the Orion Empire. There is much more to come so brace yourself and ground yourself in the healing energies of your own beautiful world. You are here upon this Earth for a reason. It is not necessary to strive to remember now whether or not you are a starseed. If you resonate to this material, most likely you are one. Instead, connect within to your own Divinity and connection to Source and shine your Light and live with Joy and Compassion. It is a Blessing to be here and NOW to experience and be a part of the first stirrings of a New World, a renewed world for Humanity and all life contained upon this blessed world.

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres.  Permission is NOT granted to make videos or recordings of this written material.  When sharing, please retain the original links to and

❤ ❤ ❤

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