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Sundeelia:  Sunny Goes on a Rant Okay, I had a good sleep last night so that’s not why I am grumpy this morning.  I received an email requesting information from someone I don’t know, who has never commented on anything … Continue reading

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Sundeelia: Is It Spring Yet?

Sundeelia:  Is It Spring Yet? Note to Reader: This piece was written in March 2018, three year Delta! The Spring Equinox for the northern climes is just around the corner.  With the coming of this spring, will we witness the … Continue reading

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Sundeelia: On a New Earth

Sundeelia:  On a New Earth Note to Reader: This article was written in March 2018. It is interesting to read considering the sideways election we just suffered through and now are in the process of watching an accelerated course of … Continue reading

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Sundeelia: Winter Musings

Sundeelia:  Winter Musings During the short time I’ve been “in charge” of this vehicle, I’ve noticed interesting perceptions represented by individuals who feel that they have evolved above the rest of humanity.  People stating with a straight face that they … Continue reading

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