Sundeelia: Sunny Goes On a Rant

I Am the White Lion

Sundeelia:  Sunny Goes on a Rant

Okay, I had a good sleep last night so that’s not why I am grumpy this morning.  I received an email requesting information from someone I don’t know, who has never commented on anything posted on either of my blogs, yet assumes I will send it gravitas?  Don’t you people understand energy exchange?  Apparently not.  I currently support two blogs off of my measly retirement income.  I do not have ads on the blogs and only a couple of people have ever forwarded a donation.  I don’t ask for money typically… but this assumption that some stranger can just ask for information for their own purposes, well it is a bit infuriating to be perfectly honest.

I took down The Starseed Highway as I have been for the last three plus years supporting the blog, administering it, and adding new content without any cooperation from the original author of some of the material (prayers, mantras, bits and bobs).  Since this person and I have experienced a personal falling out, as of last summer, I no longer feel compelled to continue presenting the material of this other author.  I gave the person notice last September of my intention to take down the blog.  All they could manage to reply was the material contained within ‘belongs to Lady Claudine’.  Fine, then Lady C can pay for it, was my reply. 

For those who do not know who or what Lady C is… allegedly she is a Pleiadian goddess and Elohim.  For those who understand Elohim are gods… well, that is a level of spiritual attainment.

Elohim is in Hebrew translates to mean ‘gods’, more than one god.  Still, I feel that the word has been misapplied here on this backward planet to mean ‘beings with advanced technology who claim to be gods’, i.e., the Anunnaki who assumed possession over Terra many millennium ago.  The negatively polarized of the bunch had nothing to do with any gods of my knowing, no compliance or obedience to Cosmic Law, to the Creator, to Light and Love.  Instead, they were/are a laggard race, incapable of ascending beyond high 4D and who feed energetically off those races they encounter throughout the galaxy and beyond to substitute for their own lack of Light… which comes from a denial and turning away from Cosmic Law.

In the Pleiades, we use the word ‘Elohim’ to describe Elemental human beings who have attained a level of “Christ Consciousness” and beyond so they have full command of their divinely granted gifts.  Some of these great Beings contain within themselves the ability to terraform planets, solar systems, galaxies, and universes. They are Servants of the Most High Mother/Father God and exist primarily in Light form. Typically, those who we call Elohim are of Christed Elohimic frequency… that is they resonate to the frequency of whatever Ray they are focusing on. There are Elohim assigned to each Ray of Light currently available within this frequency plane, this Universe. See the page on the Twelve Solar Rays to get more understanding of this concept: This is a high level teaching and not usually available on Earth. (I’m digging a ditch here… so I will continue on with an explanation elsewhere…)

The high frequency Lords and Ladies of Light from Sirius and Venus are Cosmic Beings, Cosmics being a blend between Elemental and Angelic resonance.  Some, like Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna, Lord Chananda, Lord Sanat Kumara, and Lord Sananda have expanded their auric fields to the degree that they encompass planets, solar systems, and in some cases, whole quadrants of Creation. With my inheritance of both Sirian/Venusian and Pleiadian lineages, I am a Cosmic human, although not yet expressing above the frequency of a Lady of Light (7D+ at Home). I resonate on the White and Gold Rays. Most Pleiadians are Angelics, although there are exceptions to any rule… In this, I am expressing my current understanding from the perspective of one who is not, now, in full cognizance of all that I was taught or learned at Home. Basically, you do not have to believe anything I write here, especially…. especially if it does not resonate within YOU.

Now, why would I take down the material of The Starseed Highway?  In part, I simply do not resonate to it.  It is, in my humble opinion, old energy.  To cling to such things is to linger in the past, in the days when an initiate required hourly guidance from some outside guru or teacher.  Some people do, still, require some training and encouragement, but it shouldn’t become a crutch.  The energies are now more supportive of those individuals who settle down, and apply themselves to clearing their own inner ‘stuff’.

While learning about gods, goddesses, ladies and lords of Light can be entertaining, it isn’t really helpful to focus outside upon those beings who have accomplished great things and then think you have to pray to them for guidance.  Make your own inner connections.

The New Earth is a frequency, not a place.  It already exists all around you, within you, and in those people with whom you do commerce every day.  It may not feel that way to you now, but it is true.  As Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you!”  The phrase you will hear repeatedly from me and any other responsible teacher is, “Look within, go within, your connection to Divinity is within you.”  This is, a reiteration of what Jesus, a man, said.

For those sweet souls who are looking for a Savior to ‘save’ you, look within. You are the One you are looking for.  Ascension is about self-mastery, not hanging on the words and phrases of another human being, incarnate or discarnate.  Seek and you will find the peace, understanding, clarity, and purpose by which you will fulfill your ‘mission’ here.

And what is your mission?  Why should I tell you that?  Why should I tell you where you came from if you are a star seed?  That is your journey, your path, to discover.  The map and guidance can be found within your own heart. Your intuition is your organic GPS if you will…

My sister, Tazjma, the Blue Dragon, managed to ascend from this low density, low frequency planet.  She suffered, worked hard, learned to listen to her inner guidance system, the inner compass that took her in a zigzag path to her ascension, mission accomplished, job well done.  And then she went Home to her mate and children.  She wasn’t disappointed by the fact that few knew her name or ever acknowledged her existence.  She accomplished what she had set out to do when walking into a human vehicle that was aged 3 and then walking out of said vehicle at age 66.  Interesting.  And on Easter Good Friday…

As I have said before, I am a Pleiadian walk-in.  I don’t require mantras and prayers to connect with Higher Self; I am in connection 24/7, even when sleeping.  I wake up having conversations with my mentors and guides.  I talk to them during the day, telepathically and sometimes… quite often, aloud.  Although some of my guides and Star Family are Elohim and Archangels, I do not worship them or put them on a pedestal.  I am not their minion, slave, or chela.  Some of them hold greater light and love than I can manage here, but serve as an inspiration, not someone to worship.

I am not alone.  You are not alone.  If you want to talk to your guides, grant them permission.  Then listen for the wordless communications and intuitive nudges.  As the relationship and trust grows, the guidance will become more obvious, but you need to take responsibility for your part of the relationship, as in any other.  High frequency positively-polarized beings are extremely polite and obey Cosmic Law without the need for anyone to tell them what to do.  The LAW is written in their DNA.  It’s written in yours, too, that is if you are really a human being with a heart flame. 

So, I’m feeling better.  I always feel better when I write.

Being a Pleiadian and a very odd one, even for a Pleiadian, I am extremely independent. I embody Freedom’s Flame.  If someone is acting in victim consciousness and not taking responsibility for their own inner development, sorry, I am not going to carry them on my back.  I am not here as anyone’s savioress.  I have never been a priestess and do not intend to ever be one.  Carry your own load, transmute it, transform it, and raise yourself into the Light.  You have the divine codes locked within your own crystalline seed hidden in the Heart Center.

So, if Lady C wants a website, she is welcome to start her own.  At Home, I am polite to Ladies and Lords and give them a curtsy as that is what we are expected to do, but I do not consider myself their servant.  I will not act as a servant here, either, except to serve as a wayshower for those who might manage to gain further understanding by reading my humble words.  In truth, those with the HIGHEST attainment act as Servants for their own people, as examples, as positive role models.  They do not expect the lowest ranked folks to kiss their boots.  They are humble, grounded, and kind.  They serve the people to guide them towards their own individual and collective spiritual evolution.  They cannot win with everyone, but they work without expectation, without anger and malice, without the need to control others.  They accept that people, each individual proceeds forth on their inner journey at their own pace.  Acceptance, grace, and empathy come with attainment… Our true ascended Lords and Ladies of Light do not require to be worshiped as they live continuously in a vibrational state of ecstasy and joy, aligned to the fullness of their inner and eternal connection to Source Energy.  Thus, they do not need to feed off the energies of other living creatures… They sup on the Grace, Love, and Light that is their Mother/Father God… supernal, beyond form, all-encompassing and all Loving.

The New Earth already exists within you.  Paradise exists within you.  Get out your hammer and pick and dig for the gold.  Meditate.  Write, journal, do creative things, move the energies, move the e-motions through you without judgment, without accusations.  Get angry, allow the suppressed hurts to be released and cleared.  Integrate the darkness, the judgment, the hurt, the pain, the resentment, the jealousy, the hatred… where did those things come from?  Thousands of years of abuse and self-abuse.  You are responsible for your own journey despite whatever anyone did to you before you began to wake up and take back your own power and inner authority.

And for those who are unaware of the ascension but are those who have pure and loving hearts, they will ascend without instruction, without the need of a guru, for the meek will discover the kingdom of heaven like innocent children, with joy and wonder.  I met people like that in Costa Rica, people who lived off the land, poor in material goods, but a happy, grounded, generous people, with big hearts and living in relative harmony with their natural environment.  Tin roofs, dirt floors, and animals walking in and out of the building… no fear from a virus there… at least then, over six years ago. 

I have remembrance of what it took to survive the wars waged against our people in both the Sirian Star System and the Pleiadian Federation.  As a Pleiadian, I remember how long it took our Pleiadian people to recover from the trauma of over 500 years of covert and overt war against our worlds.  This planet has suffered much longer than we did, so I have some compassion and understanding of what will be required for healing to occur.  We all have it, compassion for Earth humans, those of us who have knowingly chosen to be here or in our ships above your skies.  We would like our cousins, the people of Terra, to enjoy the freedoms that we have earned by refusing to surrender to the enemies who would feed off of your Light, your life essence, and seek to destroy your ability to connect to the Divine.

It takes guts, courage, inner fire to break through the programming and the guilt and shame trips other folks are throwing at you, those who have given over their power and their bodies to be used as guinea pigs on an experimental vaccination that isn’t a vaccination but a device to invade your body, alter your DNA, and create a human cyborg out of those who manage to survive the abusive onslaught of alien technology.  It’s ultimately your choice.  Go within, balance your inner being, rise in frequency through whatever methods resonate with you, allow others to do the same, learn to be a self-governing ethical individual who expands beyond mind-programming and sick societal expectations of satanic Marxists who are out for your blood and organs, money, and seek to control the planet.  The only way to save yourself is to rise in frequency and that is YOUR job, not mine.

I think I better stop now… so much for my rant.  Have a great day.

God blesses you each and everyday and has no expectation of receiving anything in return, but even our Creator appreciates a little kiss sent His/Her way now and then. Gratitude, people, gratitude and humility.


Sunny (aka Eliza Ayres)

P.S.  The fellow who emailed me earlier today now understands why I took down The Starseed Highway.  Hopefully, you do, too. ❤

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6 Responses to Sundeelia: Sunny Goes On a Rant

  1. Lorrie says:

    Excellent rant!! I really enjoy your posts.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Thanks, Lorrie. Rants move the energy out. Why suppress the frustrations of life; you’ll just have to handle them later, then. Creative rants, not yelling at other folks… ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Singing Tree says:

    Your compassion shows through. I admire also how many posts you reblog every day


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Thank you, friend.

      I’m retired. Blogging and writing seems to have become my job. It’s one way to contribute to the cause for freedom of all people, world-wide.

      Thanks for your comment!



  3. Mazie Miles says:

    Brilliant, venting and teaching all at once. Love it, love you.


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