Sundeelia: Psychic Attacks

Energy is Energy

Sundeelia:  Psychic Attacks

Note to Reader: This is a NEW essay.

Below is a potent and succinct summation from the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine via Magenta Pixie, of what one can do, what the collective can do, when a more publicly exposed Lightworker becomes the subject or target of a directed psychic attack:

“When one individual holds negative thoughts towards another such as anger, jealousy, bitterness, hatred, disdain or for that individual’s personal creative presentations which are a part of them, then that individual, often unbeknownst to them, creates a distortion in the telepathic field between himself and the recipient of those thoughts. This is that which you call ‘psychic attack.’ However, a psychic attack is a ‘two way’ energetic and if the recipient chooses not to engage in that two-way energy then it is not realized. This choice to not engage is advanced spiritual work that few can achieve on your planet at this time when you are all the recipients of such attacks constantly and relentlessly. Those who stand in light and speak loudly their voices, bringing forward the knowing and activations they hold to those who are receptive to that light radiation are ‘higher targets’ if you will for such attacks that we speak of.

Each one of you that stand in unity with these light warriors that ‘put themselves out there’ as it were, you create a shield or canopy or hermetic seal around the individual who is the recipient of such attack. Each thought that holds honor, integrity and truth gives strength to the one ‘under attack’ allowing them to deflect the energies so that they do not harm, affect, distract, pull down or deflate. This is the call for every being of light to make at this time for as we have said, ‘United you stand’. Together, your strength knows no bounds, as one you move mountains and create worlds and you rise as one. This starts at ground level as you each make a stand for those you love and assist with the building of the shield. At Galactic level this is “Alchemical Unification” and this, in your current now time of March 2021 as you approach your Equinox point, this is your ‘call to arms’ as it were in a planetary sense.

For the macrocosm and the microcosm are one and thoughts you hold, action you take, words you speak, reflect the larger galactic energetic template of reality. Unity is the way.

We are the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

Personally, I and my sister, Tazjma, have also been subjected to psychic attacks, but usually of a more covert nature, coming from people who are jealous, do not understand the nature of the material we have brought forth, or are simply people who tend to project their unresolved trauma and continue to blame others for their own self-created circumstances. 

During the last months following the fraudulent election in the United States, that was allowed to go through, I have suspended comments on most of the intel reports coming from providers such as Simon Parkes of Connecting Consciousness, Juan O’Savin, Scott McKay, Michael Jaco, Charlie Ward, etc.  Those individuals have certainly been the targets of many trolls and people who are impatient for ‘the Plan’ to unfold before their eyes.  Early on, I was accused of putting out ‘false information’ just like mainstream media.  I chose to remove the ability for such trolls to attack, by closing their ability to attack through comments, a simple and clean solution. 

On a more personal level, I have been accused by a person or persons with whom I was once associated with but have decided to move on due to a lack of resonance between us.  I have only heard second/third hand what I am accused of doing and refuse to engage with that kind of cowardly behavior.  Late last summer, I was the target of nearly daily psychic attacks of an energetic nature and chose not to engage and retaliate.  I simply closed the door, cut the cords, and cleared my side of the karmic balance, if any, due. 

When someone acts stupid in my world, I give them time to recoup, gather up their toys and allow me the courtesy of withdrawing from the relationship, given it has usually been a one-way street of take, take, take, control, control, control.  I do not respond well to attempts at emotional blackmail or having someone attempting to tell me what to do, when to do it, how to do it, or whatever.  I act from a very deep intuitive level of being.  My actions and decisions will not typically make any sense to people set in attempting to control me at any level.

I did not come into this world to be popular, trendy, or an authority.  I can only present my authentic self, as I feel into the confusing and sometimes contradictory energies of a transitioning society and culture.  If what I write upsets anyone, I encourage them to go elsewhere to seek what resonates with their current level of understanding and resonance.  I will not descend in frequency to coddle those who are not willing to expand their minds, connect with their own inner divinity, and really work on clearing their own personal and genetic karmic patterns.

Since I arrived here, I have managed to offend several people with whom my Higher Self has ties in the higher frequencies of what I call Home, Venus and the Pleiades.  Still, the earth-bound, incarnated fragments of my friends and relatives have suffered profound trauma while being here on Earth.  Some have been implanted by artificial intelligence tags and implants during the course of thousands of years; still others have actually carried these implants which were placed into their physical bodies for hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of years ago.  What people do not realize that these implants can be activated by the higher frequencies carried within an individual such as Magenta Pixie or Lorie Ladd, two women I regard with great affection, respect, and honor as being pioneers in their fields.  Since, although not as popular or well-known as these healers and ascension teachers, on a more individual level, I, too, can act as a catalyst for those unwilling to work on themselves.  I have managed to activate a few of those really old implants in individuals even at Home on Venus.  It can happen.

As a placeholder for an ascendee, I have managed to tweak the noses of those who have chosen to be offended by anyone who holds a different perspective on things here, whether it be diet, exercise, meditation, what mantra to do every morning, what clothes to wear… basically things that should only be decided by anyone on an individual basis, not decreed or mandated by outside entities, be they relatives, friends, associates, or complete strangers.

Since I am not here to ascend in the human vehicle I am currently using, I do not feel it is necessary to follow anyone else’s notions of what will ‘raise’ my frequency.  I simply do what is necessary to keep this vehicle healthy and in relatively decent shape considering the wear and tear on it through the course of seven decades of living in a highly toxic environment.  I refuse to live in fear that I might eat something that will drop my frequency… Or if I don’t wear the color of the day, it might offend some off-world alleged goddess.  Even at Home, I am well-known to be an independent and forward thinker, unconcerned by what people think of me, although nowadays, since my own people have advanced considerably in their own spiritual evolution, I no longer stick out as much as I did when I first came among the Pleiadians. 

Pleiadians are very polite people, but we also speak our minds when warranted.  Actually, we speak with our minds, telepathically, so lies are impossible, intent cannot be hidden, obfuscations are impossible to accomplish.  We live and work as a collective unit and as powerful independent entities because we chose to evolve, to move beyond old thought-forms and beliefs that no longer served us.  We do not have to attack each other, but have learned to work together, to see that projects are carried out by those whose skill-sets are the most compatible with the intended end result.  We do not feel the need to attack others who display special gifts beyond that of their fellows.  Instead, we cherish them and allow them to follow their dreams.  I am not claiming there are no disagreements, that still happens even at 5D and above, for we live within very conservative cultures where change is not always welcomed or, frankly, needed.  We use technology, but we are not ruled by it, choosing instead to work on an individual and collective basis towards greater harmony, peace, abundance, and productivity for all of our people. 

So, to come here and to be attacked by soul fragments of Family for wanting to go in my own direction is quite an eye-opener.  All I can say, is that much healing, self-healing is required before such individuals will be able to ascend Home, again.  I hope to be shown otherwise by these people, but I certainly choose to no longer be associated to what I have perceived as being lower frequency energies emanating from them, due to misunderstandings and unwillingness to step free of group think and the desire to ‘fit’ in, something I have never managed to do very successfully throughout my embodiments within this particular quadrant.  I say this with a great deal of compassion for the struggle, for the replay of victim consciousness… fortunately, another low-frequency bandwidth I have refused to play in despite periodic issues with my health.  I KNOW intuitively that I am responsible for my decisions, my actions, and the outcomes of those choices; I just hope my relatives and now former friends can eventually accept that responsibility themselves and leave off the immature need to project their stuff onto me or any other individual who deigns to be of an independent nature.

Trauma is real.  Trauma needs to be cleared, whether it has arisen within this life or others.  It serves no purpose to blindly accept old ideas or attempt to corral others into being ‘yes men/women’ in support for your own personal weaknesses.  It certainly is a useless waste of energy to project your issues and attempt to blame/shame others into supporting your ideas or notions of what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.  Using bribery of any sort is also not a good idea… promising monetary gain to someone if they agree with your concepts and plans.  It will all boomerang back to the manipulator and liar with severe consequences until they are willing to learn to accept themselves as they are now and to observe their own thoughts and actions with compassion, acceptance, and then be willing to change from within. 

Lorie Ladd has a short, but excellent video (link below) in which she explained the difference between wrestling with emotions that come up when one is triggered – usually an indication that this is something you or I need to work on – or letting the emotions flow through you, allowing you to feel them without the need to cling to them, think about it or to suppress them after judging them to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’, e.g., ‘I’m a failure if I am feeling depressed, sad, unhappy, etc.”  

If we could all learn and use simple spiritual practices like what Lorie and other true and humble ascension teachers present, then people might be able to integrate and learn to appreciate feeling their emotions and subtle intuitive hunches which the body communicates to us on a constant basis.  I have benefited from listening to Lorie’s work, as well as other ascension teachers and guides whom I have presented periodically on Blue Dragon Journal.

So… where am I going with this?  Well, simply, if you have a beef (disagreement) with anyone, be upfront about it, but realize the other person has a right to take choices other than what you might wish.  And if they do walk away from you or another person whom you have high regard, refrain from judging either person or persons involved.  It is what it is.  Change is a constant in this world; it is how we grow, being challenged.  Expect to be even more challenged in the coming days, weeks, and months, so it is best to learn to be flexible and adaptive, and still manage to work from a stronger inner sense of ethics and acceptance of self. 

A relationship where one person attempts to dominate or control another person’s decisions is a relationship based on fear and will not endure as our world is disrupted by constant challenges.  Attacking others and not taking responsibility for one’s own spiritual development… that kind of behavior will have severe consequences as the planet continues to ascend in frequency.

Unity consciousness can only be enjoyed by those who have unified and cleared their own personal energies within.  Work on the inner self and you will see your outer world reflect the inner changes of how you perceive others, their actions, and the consequences thereof.  Attacking others and telling lies about them is not the basis for unity, only acts to sow more seeds of division, within the attacker’s own consciousness and will continually drive down their own personal frequency to the point where they will no longer be able to possibly ascend Home during this cycle.

Observe your thoughts and emotions; learn not to judge them.  Observe other people and learn not to judge them.  If you do not agree with them, allow them the freedom to be and express their uniqueness.  In doing so, you will begin to accept your own uniqueness as an individualized fractal of Divine Source energy.  We cannot be exactly alike for each of us is like a snowflake, beautiful, unique, ephemeral, at least in terms of our current incarnation.  The spirit that enlivens the body is eternal and all experience is acceptable in the eyes of our Father/Mother God.  It is our reactions and judgments of these experiences that can create trouble for ourselves and those who wish to place limits upon our choices.

Be gentle and kind to yourself and others.  These days of intense transition can be challenging yet it is by being willing to move through challenges that we grow in beauty and brightness, gaining wisdom, clarity and attain real inner knowing.

I AM Sundeelia VaCoupe Mathdis, of the Pleiadian Inner Fleet

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, and

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4 Responses to Sundeelia: Psychic Attacks

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:

    Dear Readers: I added a NEW essay today on my new blog, “Sunny’s Journal”…


  2. Sharmaine says:

    I personally love the fact that you have removed comments
    I find most comments are not helpful and they detract from the message.
    Comments are personal ; the message is not.
    So I view comments as totally unnecessary. We have been blessed with discernment capabilities and a conscience.
    As Charlie always quips, “ If you lack a moral compass, then go and ask your Gran to help you set one.”.
    And , do no harm


  3. dwintnf says:

    Thank you for this…
    I have been doing the same thing lately…
    🌲🔆 David


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