Sundeelia: Thoughts on Ascension, Intervention, and Earth Changes

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Sundeelia: Thoughts on Ascension, Intervention, and Earth Changes

  Sundeelia: Thoughts on Ascension, Intervention, and Evolution

Note to Readers:  The article below has taken on a life of its own.  Since walking in nearly two years ago, I have personally witnessed people making choices whether to align with the Light or to descend further in evolution (devolution) by aligning with the dark energies.  People who allow themselves to be taken over by artificial intelligence have allowed their souls to become food for the dark negatively polarized Belial and Reptilians from the lower-frequency Orion star system (namely Rigel and the Mid-way Belt planets and isles).  Their choices affect their twin flames and stunt their own evolutionary process. This article was originally written in 2019. Opinions expressed by the author are subject to change upon receipt of further information…

UPDATE: As of 2020, Sundeelia is no longer serving on the Pleiadian Flagship, The White Winds. Instead, she and her husband, Lord Aiden Mathdis, are working on a project for the Starship Command from their home on the Isle of Medina…

The other day, I received some questions regarding whether Galactics will be landing on the Earth, basically “to save us” because of rumored coming Earth changes and/or major catastrophes.

I happen to be a Pleiadian walk-in and my higher essence still resonates here at 6D and higher.  So, in listening and reading all the current nonsensical hype about the approaching “Event”, the presence of Galactic ships in the solar system coming to ‘save’ us, I gave my personal rendition of what is going on which I am sharing here.  I understand it’s not going to be popular with the highly indoctrinated ‘Light and Love’ crowd, but it is the reality according to my present understanding of the current situation on the planet, which is subject to change.  I have the ability to read frequencies; it’s a talent or gift I came in with during this incarnation and more than a few others. Also, since I am a walk-in as opposed to an incarnated starseed, my perspective and opinions will vary sometimes quite a bit from those who offer themselves up as ascension teachers and spiritual counselors. I am not here to ascend — a statement that seems to deeply trigger many who read that simple sentence. Sorry. I am a placeholder for someone who has already ascended and here for only a short time…

Will the Galactics be landing on Earth?

The problem I see with the above question is, which Galactic race are you talking about?  There have been extraterrestrial beings on this planet for thousands of years.  They are either already controlling your people (negatively polarized races such as the Draco and Annunaki, who can resonate up to upper 5D) or highly evolved races from the interior of the Earth who have, up until now, had no desire or need to interact with your people. Other more highly evolved positively polarized star races have been working with the evolutions of humanity for thousands of years, well before the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Frankly, no sane Pleiadian will be landing on Earth any time soon, despite all the current disinformation being put out.  One more thing, even some highly evolved Earth humans believe there are negatively polarized Pleiadians.  This is a lie put forth by your controllers.   At best, Pleiadians or other high-frequency positively-polarized beings may appear in their etheric form to those whose third eyes are open.  For regular Earth humans to even see the Pleiadians and any other highly evolved star races, the Pleiadians would have to descend in frequency, which hurts the light body and takes a lot of energy to sustain. Or the Earth human would have to ascend and hold a higher frequency which would enable their own natural inner vision (clairvoyance) to function.  Also, if a global catastrophe did occur, the Galactic races would be saving the lightbodies of humans, not their physical bodies. 

People need to release their savior complex and recognize they need to be their own salvation, which means committing to the long and difficult Path of Ascension.  Until you stop giving your power away to others, you will not evolve spiritually.

The present environment of Earth is highly toxic to our higher frequency Pleiadian bodies (lower 6D+). Anyone even entering the earth biosphere needs to undergo sonic cleansing before stepping onto the ships. I am speaking as a walk-in here; my Pleiadian self works on board as a crew member on one of three Pleiadian motherships which are present here within the solar system.  The motherships are far more vast than most Earth humans can even imagine (3,000 miles in diameter, 43 decks deep). I differentiate between Earth humans and Pleiadians because although we are, in part, your ancestors and distant cousins, through thousands of years we have long since evolved into a finer body vehicle. And our thousands of isles contain more than one type of human racial group and sometimes species. Our ships are run on solar energy based on crystalline plasma technology.

There is talk of an imminent transitional shift to upper 4d for the planet along with all who are able. This would be mite compatible right?

The EARTH is already in upper 4D/lower 5D and there 200 million or so 5D individuals (starseeds) present on the Earth.  The Earth is moving up slowly so she can take her children, i.e., Humanity, with her.  The planet is being assisted in this process by the many extraterrestrial ships present and the highly advanced frequency technology put in place to stabilize the planetary body. #   The timelines have shifted.  The old timelines which included major earth changes and catastrophes are no longer in effect.  The galactics are assisting the planet by keeping her stable and gradually rising in frequency.  You might listen to the work of Brad Johnson, New Earth Teachings, who has a YouTube channel with channeled pieces from Adronis of Sirius and his own Higher Self. Even members of the High Councils cannot accurately determine the outcome or timing of when ‘ascension’ will occur as the timelines are continually being altered by each individual and the collective consciousness. Where you ‘go’ will depend on what frequency you manage to hold within your physical body and reflect within your daily life as those persons and events or circumstances that you manage to draw to yourself due to your interpretation and reaction to events/persons or if you can hold a certain level of detachment and be unaffected… the inner peace spoken of by great sages.

Typically, there are 12 levels per dimension. Each individual will resonate at a different level according to their spiritual lineage and evolution BEFORE incarnating or walking into the Earth plane. No…no one will jump automatically without effort to high 4D unless they are already a fragment of an individual of much higher resonance. I’m not sure why people think evolution and ascension come without any personal effort. There isn’t a magic pill for it; you need to put some effort into the process which means working on your own stuff, releasing and transmuting your fears, as well as any remaining trauma and karmic remnants (personal darkness) and coming into alignment with your Higher Self’s divine blueprint. The planet may ascend to 5D, but it will also be a gradual transformation as your very physical bodies require ‘time’ to adapt to the current barrage from waves of powerful cosmic rays. Many who currently reside on this planet will not ‘make it’ and will incarnate on another planet that is suitable for their level of soul evolution. Those who do remain will ascend…evolve at a pace which is appropriate for them. (as of 2021, we see a ‘vaccination’ being offered and taken by those who still hold a considerable amount of fear within their physical and higher bodies, thus are often choosing to take the vaccination, while not being awake enough to realize that the ‘vaccinations’ are designed to cut-off the soul’s ability to commune with the Divine. Most of these people will be leaving the planet due to complications stemming from the application of the COVID-19 vaccination, as well as the periodic vaccinations offered for Influenza A/B. Anyone considering any vaccination should do their own research, make the decision whether or not to take it, and then take responsibility for their own decision. This is NOT medical advice).

While I have heard or read many so-called lightworkers expressing their desire to leave their physical bodies and return Home after they ascend, that will occur only for those starseeds who agreed before coming to Terra as part of their soul contract, primarily the first wave of starseeds who have already been here on Terra since before the last days of Lemuria and Atlantis. Those who have arrived later, will remain, for the most part, longer, depending on their chosen mission, which can be as simple as just being here and present, lending their specific light quotient to the planet and human collective, like yeast to bread. The different waves of starseeds have been described elsewhere by other authors.

The process of ascension while you are here and present involves embodiment, getting into the body so you might feel your emotions and thoughts and allow them to move through you without judgment or a need to judge or examine the e-motions. Learning to respond to the wordless intuitive nudges of the body, again without judgment, will guide the initiate like an inner GPS or compass. You will find yourself facing a great alteration in your outer circumstances due to the new choices you begin to make as you embody…. bring into your physical body more of your Light Body, which for starseeds usually resonates at a frequency level considerably higher than where you physical body currently does. Being able to feel whatever is coming up for you in terms of emotions and thoughts is vital for allowing the process of clearing the emotional body of any and all trauma stemming from this or past lives extending back to your original engendering from Source along the continuum of ‘time’, past, present, and future.

As for our physical bodies becoming ‘crystalline’, you to need to remove all impurities to allow the living crystalline waters within your body (all vehicles, mental, emotional, etheric, and physical bodies) to align as you consciously undergo a purification process.  Your physical body is already 80% water.   Water is crystalline and takes on many forms and frequencies.  As you clear your emotional, mental, and physical bodies of all impurities (old belief systems, mind-programming, fear/anger, old traumatic records from this or prior incarnations) your being will naturally and gradually evolve and rise in frequency.  The higher frequencies from cosmic rays and dispensations can then be accepted into your own cells, which will, in the end, manifest with the appearance of a finer physical body, something that took our people, the Pleiadians many generations to accomplish.  The purification process must be conscious; it is NOT automatic nor does it come from an outside ‘savior’ figure, whether guru, ascension teacher or galactic being.  By the way, brackish water does NOT exist on our higher frequency isles (planets).  Our water is pure and clear. In other words, there is NO salt water in existence on the Pleiadian Isles, despite the fact that we have several desert isles.

As I have recently learned (or remembered) scars from old trauma are retained within one’s light body until cleared consciously.  It doesn’t matter if you currently resonate at 6D, if you do not allow and activate a personal process of counseling and clearing your four lower bodies, you will not evolve any further along your own spiritual evolutionary path.  In my case, I suffered damage to my light body by various severe traumas suffered by previous incarnations who lived and died during the Orion Wars when they were occurring in both the Sirian Star system and the Pleiadian Star Federation (which is made up of thousands of star systems).  These ‘records’ can manifest as issues with my physical body which acts as a portal to allow me to consciously clear old records.  My purpose in being here is to work on clearing these old records of trauma through the process of writing about them in great detail, not a task everyone is capable of doing as much of what is seen during the process of walking the Akashic records can be exceedingly painful to view.  Being on a planet that has descended so far in frequency allows me to remember and scan the frequencies within so I can clear these records through the writing process and use of the Violet Flame of transmutation and transformation.

Those individuals whose soul contract calls for them to be a teacher of others in the ascension process HAVE ALREADY ASCENDED FROM OTHER PLANETS AND STAR SYSTEMS. In other words, they are NOT beginners. Beings such as YESHUA BEN JOSHUA incarnated over a series of lifetimes here on Earth in order to reiterate (repeat), walk through the steps of ascension to anchor the energy and process here on the Earth plane as an example.  Before he incarnated on this planet, he was already a soul of extremely high light lineage.  His Higher Self was/is the Son of Sanat Kumara, the former Lord of the World, and current co-regent of the Isle of Venus, the ‘Father’ of whom he spoke while embodied in his last Earth incarnation.  Yeshua’s Earth mother, MARY wife of JOSHUA (Joseph) first incarnated on Earth as a pure soul during the time of Lemuria and was a PRIESTESS even then. Her husband JOSEPH and the physical father of Yeshua was an incarnation of SAINT GERMAIN who was also of higher spiritual lineage before arriving on Earth (Pleiadian).

Make no mistake… those who are actively and successfully working on their ascension now have done this before and that number is not high. They are the yeast to start (or re-start) the process for the rest of Humanity. Whatever else people are putting forth is basically hogwash to lure people into giving their power away to fanciful illusions, like the Galactics are going to save us. Not happening. It took the Pleiadians over three generations to consciously improve our bodies and we live a lot longer, a minimum of 300 years on the Isle of Pea On and on up to the extremely long-lived Pleiadian Angelics (250,000 + yrs). You will not see real results of this evolutionary process for at least 50 to 100 years IF humanity stops expecting someone else to do their work for them. An ascension teacher, Brad Johnson has estimated the planet will be fully in 5D by 2032; it does not mean that every human being living on Terra will necessarily resonate at that frequency. Also, remember that each ‘dimension’ has 12 stages within it and all dimensions occur simultaneously. In other words, you do not have to be moved to another planet in order to function in 5D. Earth humans have the ability to stay on this planet and eventually ascend even to 12D, but that will not be an instantaneous process. Soul evolution is of necessity slow and steady so the human vehicle, the body, can adapt. With each successive generation, the bodies will become more refined, depending on the state of consciousness held both on an individual and collective basis.

The one possible exception to this is when an evolutionary process has been artificially suppressed by electronic, physical control, and environmental poisons (geoengineering, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, HAARP, social engineering, artificial religions, etc.).  This is what has happened on Earth when the divine blueprint of your evolution was hijacked by beings with superior technology, who managed to trick lower-frequency individuals into believing they were ‘gods’.  Eventually, when the artificial control matrix has been removed, those INDIVIDUALS who can release their fears can level up to whatever is their natural frequency. Those who still retain their fears and refuse to do any clearing work on themselves will not. The evolution of humanity is merely returning to its natural cycle and timing but will continue to be based on the individual’s progress rather than the Collective at this point. When there are enough individuals to allow the frequency of the planet to rise, only those incoming souls whose frequency resonates with the planet will be able to incarnate and continue on their individual life journeys.

Currently, the collective of humanity is not anywhere approaching Unity consciousness.  However, when finally freed of unnatural suppression by the global elite, the naturally good-hearted individuals who live all over the earth will naturally resume their own upward evolutionary process and trajectory.  The common people of Earth or Terra have many things in common:  they want to be able to live in peace, raise their children, be able to work and support their families, and generally enjoy life and their relationships with family and friends.

The galactics, especially the combined forces of the Sirians, Pleiadians, and Ashtarians, have been present within the Solar System for thousands of years.  They use the sun as a portal to come and go from the solar system.  This is nothing new.  It is only that your scientists have the technology to be able to see the ships that have always been present since the Fall of Atlantis.  The presence of the positively-polarized galactics will continue as long as necessary to bring the planet and her children back up to where they should be in their planetary evolutionary cycle.  And then, they will depart or move onto other systems which need to break free of darkness, such as the worlds of the lower Orion star system.

Read the stories of the Ascended Masters who are very real (you can use any search engine to do so) and who have worked with the evolutions of this planet for thousands upon thousands of years. Humanity has much to overcome. You will receive assistance but it will be from those who physically walk and live among you. It’s time to grow up.

Brad Johnson: The Stream Towards the Event

Be well,

Lady Sundeelia Mathdis

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, and

Quan Yin on Dragon
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  1. Lorrie says:

    Wonderful and helpful explanation. I find it frustrating to constantly work through all the karmic energy clearing, while knowing that there is a greater aspect of myself that I feel is blocked off. My Higher Self is a 9D Pleiadian Starseed and I feel I could do so much more if I could break through those blocks. I know – Patience!! Thank you for being here at this time. 💙💙💙


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