Council of Nine: “Waking Up”

This piece, originally channeled by Tazjma, is extremely relevant today in the midst of the chaos unfolding daily in our world…

Blue Dragon Journal


August 7, 2012

Channeler: Eliza Ayres

We greet you on this summer day in your northern hemisphere.  You are one of us.  Last night you spoke for the first time with a member of your Pleiadian family.  You are waking up to the reality of your Star Family.  It is one thing to read about this process; it is another thing altogether to experience it in your heart.  We are currently unable to land on the surface of your planet, but our contacts are growing as more people like yourself open up to the possibilities of a whole new world view, one without boundaries.


We encourage each of you to spend time each day in a quiet space, whether in nature, in meditation or doing something creative.  Visualize, if you will, connecting strongly with the Earth Heart Chakra and to Source.  Open your heart chakra and call out…

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