Sundeelia: Observations Made on a Spring Morning

Peony, photo by Eliza Ayres

Sundeelia:  Observations Made on a Spring Morning

In a few weeks, it will be the fourth ‘anniversary’ of my ‘official’ completion of the walk-in process… a process that took three years to complete.  Transferring one’s consciousness, even a small portion of it, to another avatar/body is quite a feat, especially when done outside the normal channel, the birth canal.  Exiting a high frequency world and dropping into a much lower one is, well, an experience, that I will make certain I do not repeat soon. 

I am sure most other walk-ins or incarnated starseeds feel much the same, rather overcome, perplexed, angered or confused by the sheer insanity of your so-called ‘leaders’ here on this planet.  This past year, from 2020 onward until the advent of Spring here in the northern hemisphere… I have observed the increasingly LOUD machinations, obvious attempts to control, dominate, bully, and intimidate the people… all made by a desperate minority of control freaks.  Still, politics really doesn’t have much to do about life, real life. 

It is curious why anyone would want to, in the first place, control, dominate and bully another human being.  It is an indication of one’s own profound immaturity, lack of self-knowledge, and fear of power, real power… the power that comes through a person who is totally in alignment with the Will of God, who is an embodiment of the Light, divine intelligence sourced from the Central Sun.  Jealousy, greed, a desire to control, destroy, and devour drive these most curious and sorry creatures to hate humanity, to hate light, out of a deep self-hatred of the manifestation of true goodness, humility, piety, and morality that exists in real humans.

Through my own soul journey, I have encountered these individuals who, due to choices made long ago, have chosen to turn away from their connection to divinity, to eternal Light and Love, from the loving embrace of the higher and finer vibrations of life and the living.  Instead, they seek to use those who still hold light within their bodies, within their blood and organs, the sacred essence of life without which makes you a vampire feeding off of others. 

Why is there so much emphasis on death here?  Why not embrace life? 

When I see a program on television as I drop into the kitchen to wash up my dishes, it is pattering on about all of the lives lost in the past week from ‘Covid’… No, I don’t watch television… the frequencies coming from the set grate on my sensitive nerves; still, when you share a house with others, there will be some minor if unintentional exposure… like going to an airport lobby or waiting room at an auto dealership and having to listen to whatever pap is broadcasting.  Death, fear of death, fear of not fitting in, fear of going outside the box and being censored, beaten down/up by judgmental strangers… it’s all there… and I see right through it.  I don’t have to be red-pilled.  Being from a higher dimensional reality is the red-pill.

During the past year, due to Covid restrictions, I have largely self-isolated, not going out in public much beyond my neighborhood walks or to stores except for bi-monthly forays to the grocery stores, occasional trips to the office store or hardware store for necessities, and a bit of online shopping for clothes.  Like almost everyone else, I wear a mask at the grocery store.  I’m not here to be a martyr; I think it is ridiculous, but have no desire to draw unwanted attention while out in public in a store.  Other than that, I do not wear a mask.

About a month ago, I did have the opportunity to venture out and to witness the reality of where some people still are in terms of dealing with the official narrative pushing the masks, social distancing, and what-not.  It was eye-opening and rather sad.  Perfectly sensible people have become paranoid hypochondriacs, in fear of a ‘virus’ that has not even been isolated by the CDC… and what happened to Influenza A/B and other causes of death like diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, etc., etc.?  Instead, there were hesitant glances filled with fear directed at me and my companion (we were maskless) with people moving away to maintain their ‘social’ distancing regime, as if it would somehow save them from being a victim of the unseen killer.  There is more than one way to kill the soul and people are committing suicide by continuing to believe the globalist narrative pushed by the mainstream controlled and highly corrupted media.  And then, on a busy street in a beachside town, there were all kinds of bold maskless individuals walking down the street, mixing willy-nilly with people with masks and protective devices.  My question to those wearing the PCP devices is, what are you protecting yourself from?  What benefit is there to your ego to be doing such virtue-signaling?  What are you fearful of… death? 

Being an adult walk-in has its benefits in that I did not have to endure the programming that many young people face today.  Even Tazjma avoided some of the more belligerent tactics that are being perpetrated upon the young today.  And she was more awake than most people long before the phrases ‘new age’ or ‘lightworker’ or ‘ascension’ came oft-used in some corners.  Driven from within by a deep sense of wanting to understand, she followed her own intuitive path through many places usually avoided, ignored or unseen by others.  I don’t have to travel in quite the same manner.  Yes, I could read books, journals, articles, watch videos and the like, but most of the general sense of what is now being disclosed to the world, drip by painful drop, I simply know.  And I knew, coming here, that I was entering the frequency of the Planet of Lies…

Yes, it is necessary for those who were born here, who have grown up here, who have been indoctrinated by the ‘system’ to question everything they have learned previously in life here.  Basically, any system, that was initiated upon this planet, is based on falsehoods, inversions of what is sacred, with an agenda that is anti-life, filled with greed, utilizes fear as a weapon and contains the desire to control and manipulate others, i.e., a service-to-self orientation.  Every system, every institution, every layer of government has been infiltrated, twisted, and manipulated by those who wish to steal the Light of the innocents of humanity.  It truly is a battle between Light and Dark, Love and Fear, a battle for your soul, for your future and the future of this planet.

And yet, there is Hope.  There is always Hope, that stream of Light that comes from a divine unnamed source that lights the sacred fire on the altar of your beingness.  With the relighting of Hope, comes courage, the courage to move through the fear, to break free of the cages, self-created or created by others, and to live free even while your body is caged, locked away.  Long ago on another planet, I lived this reality for a decade of my young life, locked away, used and abused, until I was rescued by others and then faced with decades of self-healing work to overcome what had happened to me as a child.  I have been re-living this old story from the Orion Wars through my writing assignment, to finally and utterly release the ancient wounds and traumas experienced by my soul, for trauma unaddressed and released is stored within the Light Body for each succeeding incarnation until you are ready to deal with it.  And that is what I am doing here, clearing really old wounds, pain, and trauma… something that the majority of humanity here is not yet prepared to tackle.

I am not judging anyone here.  Humanity has endured being repeatedly abused through many, many centuries, which speaks volumes of the adaptability, toughness of the Divine Seed within each and everyone of you.  Instead, a great deal of compassion and understanding has overtaken my original disbelief that I experienced when I ‘landed’ here nearly four years ago.  When one lives in a higher world, it is difficult, even challenging to truly comprehend the courage it takes for one to live within such bleak darkness.  It takes even more courage to step into the Light and hence few do.  The dark has provided a secure if controlled environment for those who have chosen willingly to give their power away to others, even unknowingly at least on a conscious level; there has always been a contract at a soul level involved in these choices.  Time to man up, as the expression goes, and become an adult, take responsibility for your decisions and let those who have chosen to not go that route, understand it is their choice.

With the whole current scenario of the vax vs no way vax… it is just another attempt to hijack and delay the ascension process which will take place for some, not all of humanity.  I have known this in my heart for years; my sister knew it, too.  Therefore, we view humanity with a great deal of compassion, knowing those who have chosen to go along with the ‘official’ narrative have, indeed, made their choice, NOT to ascend during this window of opportunity.  It can be perceived as a tragedy by some, but I am letting go of the need to judge and allowing those who have made this choice to go in peace, meeting their fear with Love, moving beyond the fear to fix or argue or teach. 

It is better for those of us, whether starseed or indigenous human (long-incarnated here…) those who have chosen to ascend with this beautiful world… it is better for us to focus on bringing the New World into manifestation, first within our dreams and within our meditations, prayers, even whilst preparing ourselves first to enter into that world which already exists all around us.  The different dimensions are like Russian dolls, each one existing simultaneously in the NOW.  Although we cannot see our way clear quite yet through the chaos that surrounds us now, seeking the quiet guidance from within the Heart, that emanates from within the avatar itself through the avenue of the intuition. We can follow that indistinct path through the remaining darkness and discover clarity and know that we are Whole, that we are Safe, that we are Sovereign, that we are Love, that we are Light, that we are Free, even when it appears that we are not.  Life as it has been interpreted by the media on Earth is an illusory state, one that will slowly but inevitably dissolve under the Light as Heaven descends to Earth and we rise to Heaven, meeting in the Middle Place… first within and then mirroring into our outer experience.

Discover the Light within, the Love that exists all around you, enfolding your tender sensibilities in a comforting blanket, not one of a false sense of security by having someone else dictate what you should do, when you should do it, and how you should do it… No, you must go your own way and serve as a Wayshower for the ones who will, inevitably be following behind like a straggle of baby chicks.  Follow the silent voice, the quiet urging of the Heart of God that is secure within YOU, my beloved ones, my brave ones, those who chose to come here to challenge yourself within this very tough school of the third dimensional plane of planet Earth, Terra, the Garden of Eden.  You are all the Chosen People, for you chose yourself to be here NOW.

Go with my love and blessings…

I AM Sundeelia VaCoupe Mathdis

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    Thanks for sharing your experience and perspective. I am focusing on the beautiful world we are creating and blessing everyone’s choices.


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