Divine Mother – A Message

Message from the Divine Mother

via Tazjma VaCoupe Dino

Greetings, I AM the Divine Mother.

Beloved ones, my children all, you have grown into magnificent beings. We see your light glowing like islands across the face of the planet; we feel your heart flames burning brightly. You have made a difference; you have brought change to this benighted planet. She breathes more freely now and is well on her way to ascending and retaking her rightful place in the higher worlds. You shall accompany her; some of you may go higher yet as you return home, again, to your own worlds as needed.

We cannot say when the changes will become apparent to the entire world’s population, but a large percentage of people, even those that some impatient lightworkers call the sleeping masses, are awakening and noticing that their daily lives are not the same as they have always been. Their memory is short, deadened by the assault of the noisy world that you live in. They may not be able to remember a time when things were different, but they can feel the change and it makes them uncomfortable.

If you remember your own beginnings in retracing the path of ascension, you will remember the sense of dis-ease within that drove many of you to leave the nest, to leave family, relationships, jobs, locations, religions and so on, while you searched for meaning, for the answers that seemed just beyond your awareness. So, now, do these sleepy ones awake, stretching, wondering what has disturbed their sleep. A half-remembered dream lingers on the edge of awareness enticing their awareness to stretch forth into new territory. They will follow you for their souls remember even if their individual personalities do not, yet.

It is said by some that the Divine Feminine returns. We say that she, the Mother, never left her children. She has always been here, guiding, protecting and nurturing in dreams, in meditations and just beyond the edge of sight. She whispers to children, whose untrammeled souls can remember more of where they just came from and she whispers to those who live on the edge of reality. Healers feel her energy move through their hands and minds as she guides them in their work. Artists and musicians know her as the Muse. Writers know her as the one who shows them entrance into the records of all worlds, so that they might bring their visions to the world through words. Poets know her through the language of trees, wind, stars and fire. She is the gentle breath that sings you to sleep at night and wakes you at dawn. Her angels guide and protect, coming close when requested. She is there to hear your prayers and bring them into being, perhaps not as first meant by the one praying, but for the most benefit in the end.

She is here now, within you, within your heart, your mind and your body. She has woven the dream of mankind into flesh and it has become you, a living being, and a vehicle for a soul of fire, given form in a world of illusion so you might live and learn. She is part of you; she is all of you and more. She is Mother.

I AM come now on the wings of my angels with healing for all of my children, grown now into beings on the cusp of adulthood. Some of you are ready to return to the stars; some of you are eager to heal the planet that you live upon. All of you will create wonders to behold, for you are a wonder and joy to me, your Mother.

Blessings and joy to all, I AM here with you always.

Thank you, Divine Mother.

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