Sundeelia: Insights From a Pleiadian POV

Green Heron, photo by Eliza Ayres

Sundeelia:  Insights from a Pleiadian Perspective

As a Pleiadian walk-in whose consciousness at Home resonates to 8D, it is with some skepticism that I observe the claims made by various ascension ‘teachers’ here on Terra.  I do not resonate at 8D here… only 6D.  Frankly any higher I would go out of body thus negating the purpose for which I came here. 

The human body is designed, intentionally and eventually, to be physically present up to 12D; however, the current human avatar I am wearing is an older model, as are most of those beings who current reside on this planet. Few humans are capable of currently holding the higher frequencies for any length of time. That will come when your human collective has advanced considerably beyond its current state.  Outrageous claims of soul evolution do not serve the individual making them.  For me, it is an indication that the person is suffering from an over-active programmed ego and will probably experience some difficulty in breaking out of the self-created delusion.

There do exist living Masters upon this planet but they keep their peace and do not strut upon the world’s stage or make demands on their followers for money or any other energy exchange.  They are… masters and hold the energies within their great Heart Centers, radiating out their Light and Love to all without reservation.

Here, I am not a Master.  I make no claims to be one.  I am merely a humble observer of the current state of humanity from my own perspective. 

Currently, every institution that has ever existed on your world, engendered within the old energies of control and fear, are being taken down by those who ARE awake.  Your people are currently engaged in a silent war of information, a cyber war, where propaganda on both sides is used as a weapon.  It is difficult to tell who is telling the truth if you are still looking outside of yourself for the answers.

It is for this reason that I continue to stress the need to go within to listen to how you feel when confronted by any information or whether you are required to make a decision.

We are all forms of consciousness.  Our thoughts and emotions are consciousness.  How do you feel when emotions enter your awareness?  Uncomfortable?  Happy?  Peaceful?  Learn to listen to the quiet interior ‘voice’ of the intuition, moving through your body that will give you an indication whether or not anything is ‘yours’ to claim.

I realize this is a concept that is the exact opposite of how most people have been programmed on this planet.  This was done on purpose to discourage people from waking up and taking back their innate power of discernment.  Even common sense is discouraged.  Why is that?  Maybe because people will finally begin to recognize that something doesn’t resonate with how they feel inside.

The mind-programming here has gone deep into the psyche of the majority of people, although now there is evidence that the common people of many nations are finally waking up to the realization that the agendas pushed by their ‘governments’ are not designed for their benefit, but to control, dominate, and keep people in fear.  Why?  The tiny minority who control the rest of the planet are AFRAID of you, the people.  They know the power contained within your human vehicles, a power that when balanced by an inner connection with Divine Mind and Divine Love, is unstoppable.

I encourage those who are willing to take the step towards freedom to weigh everything you encounter by using your inner abilities, your own discernment, listening to how you feel.  Then, after feeling the emotions or thoughts flowing through you – the human body is like a portable radio, picking up energies from the collective consciousness – you will become more attuned to what is ‘yours’ and what is ‘other’.

I understand the fear that you may feel when you begin to break free and find yourself having to leave others to their own devices.  Yet, it is through continuing to hold onto fear is how you are now being controlled.  It is a paper tiger.  Punch through it by using the strength of your Heart Flame. 

Stepping free of the programming will create changes in your life; that is an inevitable conclusion.  Learn to be adaptable and flow… whatever that means to you.

Listen quietly.  Turn off the distractions and see if you can find your way forward through these intense energies… energies that will begin to let up as the next astrological year starts on April 10th.  The new world is just on the horizon, so have faith, hope and courage to step through whatever holds you back now.

I AM Sundeelia,

My love to all.


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9 Responses to Sundeelia: Insights From a Pleiadian POV

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:



  2. Kate says:

    I’m loving Sunnys Journal 🙂


  3. Thank you for writing these articles Sunny, they are fascinating and full of wisdom. I look forward to every single one. 💖


  4. Willow Sophia Murphy says:

    Thank you, thank you beyond measure, Sunny, for your revision of focus on the BlueDragon Journal. I only “found” your site a few months ago. I resonate so much with your authentic voice, and was increasingly uncomfortable with and skipping the intel based messages that felt aggressive to me. I resonate deeply with the voice of the divine feminine, from many sources, and this is what i often channel myself. I also write poetry resonating from Gaia and Divine Mother. I, too, feel sadly disconnected with family and friends that are in total buy-in to the system in control of their minds-and hearts to a varying degrees.
    I’ve always known my mission was to serve love, but I think my loneliness forever, (in this lifetime) and as a newly realized star being, spurred me to look for some one somewhere, who is a star sister or brother, whom I could actually talk to/share with. I was deeply touched by your book, the parts of which I could read online.
    Though I have channelled star beings, I recently had my first conscious experience of communion on a star ship, love so beautiful and light so powerful, beyond my ability to describe.
    If it was ever possible to talk with you, how beautiful that would be, as I still struggle to find my way, find my authentic voice. However that may be, I continue to honor your voice, however that evolves through spirit. So grateful you are here to assist us.
    With great respect and love,
    Sophia Murphy
    (PS: this message is intended only for you, not for the general audience)
    I do not have a website, but post messages on a FaceBook page, “Sophia: Messages of Light”

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