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Sundeelia: Twin Flames and the Sacred Marriage

Sundeelia:  Twin Flames and the Sacred Marriage Oye.  This is a topic that is much misunderstood in the ‘New Age’ community.  There has been put forward that you will never be able to experience the fullness of your Being unless … Continue reading

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Sundeelia: Soul Integration – The Emotional Body

Sundeelia:  Soul Integration For starters, this is a HUGE topic, one that could fill up an entire book, so today I will briefly address primarily the clearing of the emotional body. Soul Integration Jesus once spoke about virgins filling their … Continue reading

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Tazjma: My Take on Twin Flames Note to Readers: This piece was written in 2014. Still, it has relevance today for seekers of the Truth. I will be writing my ‘own take’ on Twin Flames, as well, but do not … Continue reading

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