Sundeelia: Soul Integration – The Emotional Body

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Sundeelia:  Soul Integration

For starters, this is a HUGE topic, one that could fill up an entire book, so today I will briefly address primarily the clearing of the emotional body.

Soul Integration

Jesus once spoke about virgins filling their lamps and trimming the wicks in preparation for the coming of the bridegroom, the Christ.  Of course, in Christianity, the ‘bridegroom’ has been interpreted as the return of Christ, of the man called Jesus.  Personally, not being a follower of Christianity, I choose to interpret this differently.

Jesus and his associates (I will not call them ‘followers’ as many worked alongside him) were here to anchor the Flame of Divine Intelligence upon this planet, to reignite the heart flames of the Sons and Daughters of God, the Children of God… the Divine Seed.  Christ Consciousness or Divine Intelligence is represented through the Second Solar Ray of Yellow Gold, that can be found burning upon the altar of the Secret Chamber of the Heart within every person who has a three-fold flame.

How is the flame of Christ Consciousness ignited within your own Heart Center?  Does it happen if you eat goji berries, perform yoga, or wear crystals?  No.  It happens when you allow yourself to embody, drop into the body and feel the emotions that pass through.  Have you ever wondered why people have been programmed not to feel or have been taught to not trust their feelings?  Why do people numb themselves by taking drugs, smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, watching porn, watching violent movies, watching television in general… ignoring and suppressing their own emotions and becoming desensitized to the emotions and feelings of others?  People have been long programmed to avoid looking within, to question authority, to listen to the still small voice within their own heart.

I will simply say… in order to survive the intense passage through the birth canal as the human collective moves from one world to another, you will, eventually, be required to own and release your long suppressed emotions, all the trauma, fear, and pain that has been pushed down and not dealt with before. 

Emotion, is energy in motion.  Emotions are meant to flow through your body.  You, your consciousness, is meant to feel the emotions, not to judge them.  Energy is neutral.  If you allow the emotions to flow through you without assigning them a property or judgment, then they will naturally dissipate. 

If you are engaged in doing a meditation practice or like me, you enjoy journaling, you will find yourself reliving or moving through memories, either from this life or another… as all of our lives are interconnected and simultaneous on the eternal continuum of cyclical ‘time’.  If you feel a certain emotion come up, it may be expressed through different ways across a spectrum, from anger, to disbelief, to tears of release.

During the course of writing my book series, I have experienced an assortment of emotions running the gamut from rage (yes, rage), anger, wonder, disbelief, disappointment, interest, tears and so on.  Yes, tears have been a major means of clearing my Light Body of emotions that were stored within my emotional body from hundreds of thousands of years ago.  I was writing about a few of my past lives, a lengthy story that was written out over the past two and a half years or more.  I found that if I hit a pocket of resistance (in that ‘I don’t want to go there for fear of what I will find’ attitude) I went there to dig out the pocket, lance it, and release the pain bubble that had long been sealed within.  Yes, it was a painful process, one requiring great courage, stamina, and dedicated persistence.  I think even my Star Family was amazed at what I discovered, even some ‘family secrets’ that were probably intentionally forgotten or suppressed over the cycles, but are even now coming up for clearing NOW.  In the process, I have shed perhaps gallons of salty tears, and feel lighter after these efforts.  Am I done yet?  No.  The process of ascension, rising up in frequency continues even in the higher Lighted worlds.  To remain in one place is to become stultified, complacent, to actually begin to fall back and devolve or drop in frequency, thus, there a positive reason to continue to challenge yourself to attain more transparency and to serve others by clearing your own energy bodies.

Mind you… and this always seems to irritate people who have a particular notion or belief about ascension… I am not here to ascend.  What I am accomplishing by doing my writing assignment is to clear my energy body of detritus that has lodged within it for vast cycles of ‘time’.  Coming here to a lower frequency world allowed a portion of my consciousness to focus on the task of clearing out the attic, so, in turn, my Light Body above, at Home, can continue to expand in its Service and attainment.  So, my focus is slightly different than for those starseeds who have answered the call of Gaia/Terra and have come here to act as yeast to assist in raising the frequency of the human collective.  My task is on a more personal focus, although, it too affects the collective.  All actions taken on this plane or any other is recorded in the Akash and can be accessed by those who enter the inner planes of consciousness.  See the Akash as a vast Library where all things thought, acted upon, or said are recorded. 

For several lifetimes (I have no idea how many) I was taught by Masters how to walk the Akash, the energetic Library that holds the past, present, and the future.  Those sensitive beings who feel alterations in timelines are accessing at some level the Akash, which while it records the flow of energy, it remains fluid, as well… one of those paradoxes you encounter when you dip deeply into a spiritual path.  Knowing what might happen is not always a happy awareness for one to hold, as any person with the Sight can tell you; it can be painful, at least if you buy into what is being presented with any degree of fear.

Since I have focused on the emotional body, I will remark that if you have spent a great deal of effort clearing the emotional body, only choosing to get sucked back into a belief system that drops you back into a permanent state of fear, then you have probably also dropped back in frequency as a consequence of that choice.  To put it brutally, you just fooked up.  Buying into the present globalist agenda of vaccination, for an example, is such a case in point, but only one example.

Each individual has four lower spiritual bodies that make up the Light Body, the others being the mental body, the etheric body, and yes, the physical body.  I will address these three in other articles.

The point of clearing the emotional body is to balance and clear the feminine essence of your being.  On this planet particularly, the female of the species has been suppressed for millennia and frankly dishonored.  In modern socialist societies women are encouraged to kill their babies through abortion.  The whole agenda behind abortion is a rabbit hole too deep for this author, but it is part of the plan to decimate the human collective through poisoning mind, body, and consciousness through various means, another huge topic.

So why is the female attacked, demeaned, and maligned?  Who brings the creative force of Spirit into manifestation?  The woman, through the birth process.  Who nurtures the Spirit in young bodies?  The mother as she cares for her young.  And who is responsible for caring for, providing for, and protecting the female while she keeps the home fires burning and the family healthy?  The male.  What better target to strike at then the family unit if your intention is to destroy the human collective?

Why is the feminine not found in many of the major religions of this planet?  Certainly, we have Mother Mary found in Catholic practices, but she is presented as a virgin who somehow gives birth to a holy child.  How is that possible?  On this particular plane, it isn’t, so the story itself has be either a metaphor or a lie.  In my opinion (I am not a scholar) it is both.  Mary is a virgin Soul, pure in heart, high in frequency, a priestess, one whose frequency resonated and aligned with the coming of the Christ consciousness carried by her son to be… In some stories that I have read, Mary was already a priestess during the times of Lemuria, long, long ago. 

The metaphor of the coming of the Christ can be applied to any real human (one with a heart flame) who has prepared their consciousness and raised their frequency by clearing their emotional body of detritus and debris.  Yet, before the holy union can take place, the mental body, too, must come into alignment and that is a subject for another article.  For those who are paying attention, the mental body aligns with the masculine essence of the soul, which is also unbalanced in most persons today who are heavily programmed by assorted beliefs.  We’ll touch on that elsewhere.

I do appreciate the wonderful input I have received from readers through your comments.  I hope that my humble words and sharings can lend some light to your own inner thoughts and endeavors to understand yourself and our world.  And, please, if this does not resonate with you, then let it go.  All of us are currently experiencing downloads and upgrades to our consciousness these days.  While some are in resistance and digging in their heels, I embrace the transitional energies that are sweeping this world and imagining a world where all of humanity can live in bountiful abundance, peace, and health.

May the Light shine upon you and Love warm your heart,

I AM Sundeelia.

P.S. The emotional body is represented by the Pink Ray of Love and in the Holy Trinity is the Mother or Holy Spirit.

© All Rights Reserved.  No recordings or videos are permitted.  Eliza Ayres, author, and

Three-fold Flame
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