Eliza: On Gratitude

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On Gratitude

Gratitude: I can certainly appreciate aspects of benevolence in Mother Nature, for example, for which I’m grateful, and I’m grateful to those folks, like yourself, who put themselves out there via websites etc., but again I’ve never seen a discussion with respect to what gratitude may mean to Starseeds who remember more loving existences, or for that matter the billions of people who suffer extensively because of the malevolent control.

Here is yet another topic for discussion: ‘Gratitude’.  First remember, you don’t have to agree with me.  Whatever I share may not resonate at all, so I would encourage you to do your own explorations, inner and outer, as guided.

So, what is gratitude?  As a noun, it is the state or quality of being thankful or grateful.

Actually, this is a topic that elicits a giggle from me.  Do I sense a few frowns of judgment out there in virtual reality land?  Well, let me explain.

By now, if you have been reading my essays, you will know that I view myself as an adult walk-in, someone who did not incarnate here on the planet, but who is now walking around wearing one of your earthly ‘meat’ suits or physical body.  I can tell you… with that giggle… that my first days after fulling taking command of the body were quite the shock.  Before that, I wasn’t totally seated in the driver’s seat so not really in resonance with the feelings of the body.  And I wasn’t grateful at all for being here.  I was angry, upset, exhausted dragging around an older vehicle which I was not yet accustomed to dealing with… and I desperately wanted to go Home.  Home is, of course, 6D/7D, which feels extraordinarily different than the low frequency resonance of the Earth plane.  So, no, I really wasn’t feeling grateful.

With a few years of being here and experiencing at least a limited round of exposure to the world, I have learned to feel grateful for the opportunity to truly take part in a rare occurrence, a planetary ascension of both the planet and its children, Humanity.  Yes, it is hard being here.  And yes, I still have moments when I feel lonely and yearn to be held by my mate or sitting in our walled garden drinking a cold fruit soup for supper.  Simple things.  Greeting my new friends in the little town where we live… you know, doing those things that people do with their friends, neighbors, townspeople, and family.  We are not all that different from you, my beloveds.  We’re human; you’re human.  It is just that we are awake and many of you still sleep amidst a delusional dream brought on by beings who do not have your welfare in mind.

So, what can a starseed be grateful for in being here now during these tough transitional times?  Well, the times offer an exceptional opportunity for extremely accelerated soul growth and evolution.  For each lifetime spent here, performing your service to others, you are chalking up positive life experience, learning lessons.  Even when you occasionally decide to take on a role that appears negative, there is something to learn from the experience.  As fractals of Source energy, all experience is considered valuable.

Being a starseed here on the Earth plane is challenging.  You can be grateful for the fact that you were allowed to be here now, for one thing.  Many apply for positions; not all are accepted.  As I have written before, growth only takes place when you are challenged.  How else are you going to be called upon to utilize the gifts that you brought with you?  If everything was going your way and there were no challenges to overcome, would you come up with new solutions for seemingly insolvable problems or design new alternative methods that are more sustainable for both humans and the environment (without infringing on personal rights)?

Yes, people have suffered here.  This has been a fact of life on this planet for millennia, due to the presence of unwanted alien influences that have (and still are, to a degree) feeding upon the unique soul essence of humanity.  Just this morning, I listened to an interesting discussion (in part) about the rarity of the human genome.  Your genome, the DNA that resides within your body has the potential to save whole races, not just your own.  As a starseed residing in an Earth human body containing that unique and divinely touched genome, you have the potential to be the father or mother of an entirely new natural human.  Now that is something to be grateful for, don’t you think?

As a starseed bringing forth your own unique gifts, you are adding to the gene pool or if you are not a parent, you are adding your higher frequency to the collective, which will, in turn allow others to wake up and also rise up in frequency.  I maintain that starseeds are like leavening for a loaf of bread.  Without yeast or a sourdough starter, you have flatbread… yummy, but not what we’re going for right now.

As a starseed, you have the opportunity and gift of grace to aid humanity simply by being here and now, on the Earth plane.  There really isn’t any other mission beyond your presence being here.  I know that seems too simple, but it is fact.

The starseeds are giving others the opportunity to also ascend.  Eventually, the indigenous peoples of Earth will have their own masters and ladies of Light, but it may take several generations, even thousands of years to arrive there, mainly due to the extreme pain and trauma that has been experienced by the residents.  The presence of starseeds with their healing gifts can aid in that healing process, a very necessary process for anyone who has been continually lied to, abused, degraded, and treated as worthless chattel. 

Despite the difficulties and challenges of being here, I am still grateful that my Father allowed me to come and be a part of this massive undertaking.  It is one thing to observe from afar in a comfortable and advanced starship.  It is another thing entirely to be here on the ground, feeling the energies, learning how to successfully navigate them, dealing with the body and its minor temper tantrums, just everything.  There is a lot to manage just being here and staying alive and sane with the constant pressures of belief systems, the current state of public psychosis related to the covid situation, unjust mandates and ‘laws’ put in place by aggressive narcissistic tyrants.  It’s a wonder that more of you folks just don’t stand up for your God-given rights as individuals.  It is a learning process, taking back your power, learning to listen within, experiencing and experimenting with things that you would not be able to do at Home.  Yes, there are many things to be grateful for here, despite appearances. 

Perhaps some day I will describe some of the very conservative cultures that exist on other planets.  Then, you, too, might be grateful for the opportunities to live and serve on this plane while assisting others simply by being here and putting up with or challenging the established ways of being.  Life on Earth is very different, very exotic to the ways we do things at Home… but you will remember that as your own inner awareness comes back online as you rise in frequency.

Another thing to remember, souls often choose specific pathways of experience, whether to balance energies (karma), to present challenges so they can grow, to experience what it feels like to live in poverty… a multitude of pathways that only the Higher Self has a real perspective from a neutral place.  Yes, people suffer here and that will change as the frequency continues to rise.  A portion of the population will ascend – not all, but enough to guarantee the continuance of the human race… and the starseeds who are here to live into the future will be a part of that great adventure.  Then, too, you will be able to share your gifts and inner wisdom and teach humanity to remember its own unique roots and gifts.  And when you are done with your part of the lengthy mission, you will go Home and discover that the many lifetimes spent here were counted as one Life, for beyond Earth ‘time’ is quantum.  We can go both forward and backward and plug into a timeline that will best enable us to fulfill the mission planned by Higher Self.  There is much to learn, to re-learn, to bring online, to share, to wonder over… especially as the planet Herself returns to Her full potential as a Living Library for the Galaxy and the Universe.

I send you my blessings and love.


P.S. During the writing of this essay, I felt a particularly optimistic sense of well-being, rather like I had just sipped some really fine champagne or received some kudos from my Guides. I don’t know… the feeling is just there. Everything that appears so dire now will be fine. Just keep on waking up, growing, being challenged and rising up to meet those challenges like the champions and warriors you all are!

© All Rights Reserved, no videos or recordings of this written material is permitted.  Eliza Ayres author, editor and chief bottle-washer, www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

❤  ❤  ❤

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