Sundeelia: Taking A Break

Nature Preserve near Flagler Beach, photo by Eliza Ayres

Sundeelia:  Taking a Break

A few of you may have noticed that I have cut back on what I post and indeed, what I have been writing, especially during the past week.  I have been dealing with some health-related issues – no, I am not going to share what is a private matter on this platform.  Still, I guess I have been feeling rather sad, disappointed, and tired.  Every time I manage to begin listening to a bit of intel, I see that the so-called take-down is taking longer than originally anticipated.  I suppose that is to be expected considering the alien control structure has been in place on this planet for thousands of years – the time varies from one account to another.  And then, when I see a photo of some video talking about the misuse or abuse of sacred human life, it makes me sick.  I find I just long to go Home to my own husband and babies, to be held and hold my loved ones close, as I shake my head at what has been allowed to hold sway on this beautiful planet.  It is beyond comprehension for one such as myself.  I attempt to hold the immaculate concept of the New Earth, to send love and the Violet Flame to all that is being revealed understanding that the dark subconsciousness of humanity needs to be exposed to the Light so humanity can see it for themselves, but it still hurts. 

You may not believe it, but our cultures upon many of our Pleiadian Isles, large and small, are very conservative.  At Home, my people wear gowns and robes, similar to the native garments once worn by peoples in the Middle East.  We do not have crystal cities.  My town is built of adobe and sandstone, with white-washed walls, walled gardens, a town square, 18 beautiful family temples with colorful towers.  The town has hardly more than one main street and most people walk to where they need to go.  If traveling to another town or city, they take a public shuttle or perhaps a private viscar (a small conveyance like a small private plane).  A person from the Middle East would be very comfortable living in such a place, only we have few animals like dogs, horses, or camels.  Our Felines walk on two legs and are members of my personal guard, my Eagles, that I am required to keep even here at Home.

When people greet each other in the street, they nod and wave or if they stop to speak to each other, the males bow and the females curtsy, depending on rank.  Everyone is polite, kind, and generous.  Everyone works for a living.  No one starves or goes without.  All of our people are housed, educated, informed, and works according to their given talents, depending on their family’s background.  Children are loved.  They are polite, quiet, and cooperative.  No one plays loud music on radios and televisions; we do not have such technology.  All families have a comm or video screen at home where children take their lessons and news is shared.  There is no email or social media, yet news travels quickly.  Our people are all telepathic.  There are no liars.  All are respectful of each other’s privacy when privacy is required.

When we have gatherings, whether just family members or a whole village or town, everyone sings, plays an instrument or dances.  We are a creative people and prefer to make our own music, not listen to canned music.  We make our own garments if we have the time and talent as we do not like to follow fads.  There are no fads or passing fancies in our worlds.  What works is kept.  One family are stone masons and have been stone masons for centuries.  Another person builds cabinets and learned his trade from his grandfather and uncle.  Another person is a master gardener.  Every house, big and small, has a garden where we raise vegetables, herbs, and fruit, according to what will grow in our climate.  And we purchase more fruits and vegetables at the twice weekly markets that are held in the town square. 

Our traders are Morovians, a tribal people from another Isle, Morova.  They have always been traders and used to be nomadic, traveling from one oasis to another on their own desert planet before taking to the stars and traveling across our federation in small but sturdy trading vessels.  Morovians have always been the traders in goods – every kind of goods imaginable.  Why should anyone else take their jobs away.  The Morovians are good at what they do, so they continue to do it.

Change comes seldom, but when it does, our people adjust.  Change comes sometimes in the form of a person as many of our people have devoted long years of their own lives to living and serving on board our Command vessels.  The Command is our military and is primarily based on board motherships, although ones that are far vaster in size than the nonsensical reports occasionally found in lurid ‘intel’ reports on Earth.  Even the motherships of our inner fleet – those that guard the Isles of the Pleiadian Star Federation – measure some 125 miles or more across in diameter with several decks deep.  The ones we have currently stationed in your solar system are huge, measuring 3,000 miles across in diameter (from sea to shining sea in North America) and are 43 decks deep. 

Until recently, I served aboard one of the Command vessels stationed near Venus, your sister planet in Sol’s solar system.  Nearly a year ago, I came home, newly mated (married) and have now given birth to two sons… yet, I am still officially a member of the Command, an officer, something that is different and new, as I am a female.  Typically, females who go into the Command do not mate and certainly do not have children.  My husband is a commander, also.  And we will continue to serve our people here at Home, working together with a branch of the service that works with ship development.  It is a project that I once started in another life but was forced to shut down due to the war and circumstances.  I have returned to complete the project, that I didn’t even remember until a small portion of my consciousness came to your world and began writing out a series of remembrances of once intensely lived lives. 

I didn’t expect to mate before returning fully Home, but I did.  Change came into my life and now it will enter into the lives of our people as they adjust to seeing the Lady of Jolf wearing one of the Command uniforms consisting of silver white jumpsuits and calf-high boots striding down the street with her mate at her side so they may fly their little golden ship to their jobs on the adjoining continent.  Of course, I will not be doing this… going anywhere until my new sons are fully weaned and have begun their education at age two.  At age three, they will be sent off to school for their first formal education.  They will already be aware of what their primary interest and direction of their lives will take.  They were just born, but I know each of my boys wants to be an engineer so they can work on the ships of our project as well.  In a past life, one was a commander and the other man was an engineer, both good friends of me… who was then also a male.  We remember.

Of course, I will wear a cloak over my form-fitting uniform.  Women on our Isle are proud of their beautiful bodies but do not flaunt them by wearing scanty or close-fitting garments.  We are a respectful and conservative people.  Women are honored for being mothers, priestesses, healers, shamans, artisans, cooks, and hearth-keepers… and now, commanders and support staff for the largest employer of all, the Pleiadian Command. Yes, change is a constant in life, no matter what planet or Isle you live upon.  Yet, change can be moderated.

Right now, on Earth, change is coming fast and furious.  People are being pressured to ‘wake up’ or to continue conforming to forces outside of themselves that appear to be contrary to the laws of nature.  Darkness and evil is being revealed at a staggering rate, yet people are afraid to look, to see, to understand; they are in denial, they acquiesce to harsh demands, they refuse to fight back.  Frankly, I don’t understand it.  We fought back, stood our ground, and eventually won free from the attacks being made upon our worlds, and have remained free ever since.

I am homesick and soul-weary.  I will not be posting often for a while until I can move through these feelings.  I know better than to attempt to suppress them.

Send me questions if you want me to write something.  I may or may not. 

I guess I just need a break and I want to go Home.  Who could blame me?

I AM Sundeelia

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20 Responses to Sundeelia: Taking A Break

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:

    New Post.

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  2. Kate says:

    Thankyou for telling us about your home and I can see why being in human existence at this time (any time leading to the present also) would be so hard, but we are all here for some good reason. I like to be optimistic that love and truth prevail.
    Strength and love to you Sundeelia

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  3. The Lamp says:

    No blame. No shame. When one rests, another is there to be present. United we are. 1-4 all/ all 4-1.

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  4. Barbara says:

    Thank you for your description of your Home. It is as I ‘saw’ it and I am happy to have your confirmation. I too am homesick, bouncing between sadness and anger as slowly, too slowly, the truth is revealed. Take care of you first, Sundeelia, I agree that being human is extremely challenging, though this time around, I do believe that humanity breaks free. Much love, Altea

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  5. goldensunrise17 says:

    I missed your posts, glad you’re ok though, well as ok as we can all try to be at the moment.
    Your planet and the way people behave sounds idyllic, and congratulations on your lovely boys by the way! I love their names. Your home sounds calm and peaceful and not weighed down any superficial or unnecessary stuff.

    Someone said the other day that Earth is boot camp for the soul. It certainly feels like it.
    I don’t want to be putting up with this ‘matrix’ they have going here anymore. It’s completely insane.
    I’ve had enough of it.
    We can do so much better than this.
    I can certainly see why you’re home sick, especially at what really should be 100% joyous time for you.
    Hope the low feelings will pass soon. 💜

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  6. Alice says:

    Eliza and Sundeelia, thanks for sharing your experience. It must be very trying to be a witness and know you have another life elsewhere that’s more loving, sane and beautiful. I just read many of your prior posts, and I’m one who does know about ascension (years of spiritual growth and development to live in 5D – as I now do most of the time) and the value of surrender, of choosing peace, compassion and attracting those who and what does resonate. I’m so grateful that I can be witness (and retired) like you, and see this all as a divinely orchestrated awakening and purging. It’s truly ugly, yet as witness I can avoid judgment and blame, and see it as the darkness and lower consciousness coming into the light I’d God that never fails. I hold onto my truth, faith and deep knowing, and I allow what is being revealed. Yes it feels slow (I was one of the disappointed who woke up on 12/22/12j, but the more we want it to be different and resist, the more of it we get and the “longer” it takes. I am coming to see the truth – it truly is a movie – an illusion, and we can create a different movie hologram anytime we wish. And you can be with your new/eternal sons as you take your 3D/4D break. May you be filled with the light, Alice

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  7. DiosRaw says:

    Wow, I find reading your articles fascinating and mesmerising, you write so well. Wishing you love. ♥️


  8. Carol says:

    I understand. I trust this will pass; everything does. Congratulations on becoming a mom. I have found it adds great depth and breadth to life and what it means to be alive. Even so- as far back as I can remember in this life, I was appalled upon arrival/ birth even though, I remember preparation and the supportive group/team meeting immediately prior to consciously executing the dive to the birth canal and the actual arrival and have great love and compassion for the population. It has been as hard or harder than they said. I have felt alone, like a stranger to the human race, in this place, I used to think I was just in the wrong family when little and learned to keep my mouth shut; wondered why I had different abilities/strengths while some more common ones were blatantly absent. I still wonder. I am bewildered. I have echos of memories. I wish I knew why- what’s my job, etc… so I just have faith. I’m grateful for what the ascension possibility presents. I am a guardian? of something/ someone? Yet, I still hesitate to write much here or anywhere. Reading your posts has been relievingly uplifting; easing this heart tension I feel. It has been like my heart grows wings. I too have some angst with regard to the progress (or seemingly lack of it) and share your choice to decline “intel” post review. I recognize they have a purpose. I do not have the key to decipher them and I have let go. I have faith the mission is successful and have the courage to stay so far. I hope you do too. I believe we would not be doing it if it could not be done! It has always been so. You have been making it somehow easier for me. This is a marathon. God Bless You. I honor your choice to withdraw for a while/ And so it is my intention that this share bring some relief to you in some small way. What you have been doing is making a difference. Thanks so much…Much love, ❤


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Thank you, Carol, and all the rest of my readers, old and new, who have taken the time to share your thoughts with me. It is appreciated. Eliza/Sunny


  9. Catherine says:

    No words….just thoughts….so beautiful and pure…last night after reading both I sent Angels to you to soothe and comfort. May this mood pass and may the world be a better place by your words of true emotions and information. My day will be a better one in our quest to help others see the light.
    God bless you both in all that you do….this funkie mood you are experiencing is a learning tool for some of us…God works in mysterious ways..Love and Blessings🙏❤️🌹🕊🕊
    Thank you Catherine


  10. Trudy says:

    Thank you for all your beautiful writings, uplifting, informative and filled with love.
    You must do what is good for you.
    Your world sounds perfect, I hope that very soon we may be able to live in such bliss on our beautiful planet earth.
    Sending love to you, we thank you for all the work that you and your people are doing for us all on our most beautiful planet.


  11. Leslie Splints III says:

    Sending you my love and support dear cousin. I too am at a loss at the lack of backbone shown by our brainwashed public. I too feel sick at this cowardly response to pure evil. I have parted ways with most of my ” new cage” former friends who insist all I need do is avoid contact with anything negative that is going on and think positive! Rubbish! I’m a fighter and won’t stand by while children are tortured and murdered and worse. Hits too close to home. I too long to return home to the Command and to my family.
    Perhaps these days will fill many chapters in your books to satisfy the curiosity of our. descendents. I’ll take an autographed copy, if you please. Blessings to you and yours.


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