Releasing Trauma

Eliza – Releasing Trauma

To ascend the spiritual seeker is required to release layers upon layers of trauma and pain stored up in the Light Body, stemming from ‘past’ lives and experiences. It is rather like taking apart the proverbial onion, with its thin skin and layers.

To release the trauma you need to be in your physical body and feel the uncomfortable energies as they come up to be examined, honored, and released.

It is hardly unusual to have layers of trauma to work through, yet there are people who refuse to work on their own ‘stuff’ and chose, instead, to project their pain on others, blaming, shaming, ridiculing others, seeking to work with the other person to heal what is theirs to heal within themselves.

Below, Lorie Ladd shares her insights that humanity as a whole is undergoing a massive clearing of trauma. You are not alone in feeling the pain and suffering. Until you decide to work through it, it will remain part of your daily life and will get louder yet until managed:

In the video below, Lorie Ladd shares an insight about using boundaries while you are doing your trauma work. If you are still being triggered around someone, then there is work to do, but not with the other person, with yourself. You are designed to be able to move through a crowd of people and not get triggered, as you are wholly yourself, Whole and Complete. Until that is accomplished, continue to use strong boundaries and do the work:

I present Lorie’s work as she puts out short, easy to understand insights and updates. She has a large body of work on YouTube. Look it up and learn. Know that you will also be led to other sources for insights as you clear your field and can resonate to the information.

During the process of writing my 90+ chapters on the life of Raphael Kantor-VaCoupe, I wrote quite a bit about processing trauma. One thing that caught my interest was the realization that as you are releasing the trauma, you are regaining fragments and portions of your soul essence that were left behind at the scene of the trauma.

As a walk-in finishing up her mission on Terra (which she was not consciously aware for most of her life) Tazjma found herself drawn to reading certain books, historical accounts, both fictional and non-fiction, that related events from certain time periods. Towards the end of her time here, she was given five names of historical figures to look up and study. One of them, Lady Clare of Assisi, surprised her somewhat, but she had always been drawn to learning about Francis of Assisi, the young founder of the Franciscan Order. After watching an Italian movie about their lives (non-dubbed) she cried for at least half and hour, releasing the ache and pain stemming from just that one life.

Since Tazjma and I have lived relatively isolated lives, it has been a relatively easy process to focus on ‘the work’ and release whatever came up into our consciousness to be felt, cleared, and released. It is not such an easy matter for those who are currently sharing their lives with family, friends, and co-workers. Still, since the lockdowns and social distancing dictates, being alone has been more possible for our single friends.

Late last summer, I had to make the decision to break off a relationship that I had come to Southeastern Florida. Since I had not seen this particular individual much or at all during the pandemic lockdowns, I had the necessary time to separate and review what I wanted in the relationship or whether I wished to continue it at all. I found myself triggered by even thinking about this person (not a romantic relationship, mind you) and wisely decided to step back and remove myself permanently from association with her. It was not a judgment of anyone else, simply my realization that I had to do this for my own well-being. Such decisions and moves may also take place in your world as you begin to focus on your self-healing journey. Long prior to this, Tazjma found herself isolated from her extended family as she independently followed her own inner guidance that made no sense at all to her conservative family members. She simply accepted that her path would be a lonely one and continued her deep commitment to the ascension path.

In the end, the being you become is the one you have always been, only more Whole and complete, needing no other to complete you, including the Twin Flame, mate, or friends. This is a path that demands you focus on you, dealing with all aspects of your four lower bodies as you begin to comprehend and align more closely to what is being communicated to you silently through intuition and inner guidance.

Individualization of the consciousness was the goal of the 5th root race. A certain percentage of humanity has reached that level. Before one can fully embrace unity consciousness, one must be wholly Oneself, a fully conscious fractal of Creative Source energy.

Below is a passage taken from my second book, The Starship Project, in which Raphael is about to undergo a process that shamans call soul retrieval, bringing back portions of his self to reunite in Wholeness:

With that, the priestess stood up and quietly left the room, leaving Raphael to meditate on what she had shared.  He recognized she had instructed him to bring in the loving energy of the Mother so he might forgive each part of himself for what he deemed as lack.  Intuitively, he blended the energies of the Father and that of the Mother to create another ray, the Violet Ray.  Utilizing this ray of transformation, he could focus on what energies needed to be dissolved within – especially those of a lingering sense of not being ‘good enough’ due to his difficult early life.  He began to recognize the pain and struggle he had undergone was a period of refinement of his essential nature.  All that was extraneous to his world had disappeared or had been taken away and yet all was given again and more.  He had had doubts he deserved the love he had found in the VaCoupe household, even in the arms of his beloved Julia.  And yet, now he began to understand that the purity that existed untouched deep within during the entirety of his trials, was inviolate, and the reality of his entire being.  So, he chose to expand the white light and to purify and cleanse whatever doubts and fears still lingered by applying the Violet Flame of transmutation to allow the energies to rise in frequency within.  All that was not needed was dissolved and what needed was strengthened and made more resilient. 

As he worked and purified his present being, he also expanded his mind and heart to welcome in the purified qualities of Rigo and Delos, their determination to serve and protect their people, to prepare for the future, to lay the foundations for those who would come behind him.  He joined these gifts and qualities into a new oneness within, and blazed the white light of purity as though he was forging a sword by plunging it alternately into fire and water, to strengthen, mold, and direct his reunited energies, intelligence, and will towards this new project.  He let go his concern as to how he would be judged by friends and family for he would be forever altered by this process, but it was for the good of all that he did this, not for himself.  He was needed; the gifts, knowledge, and experience of Delos and Rigo were needed. His own psychic gifts and sensitivities were required, developed out of a need to survive at all cost whatever afflicted his outer body.

Raphael plunged his three personalities into the crucible of transformation.  Like an alchemist, he began to reforge his personality melding together all that was desirable for the mission ahead and releasing what was no longer required for him to simply survive.  He went deep, deep within and when he emerged hours later, the priestess was sitting opposite quietly observing him.

I will write further on the topic of soul retrieval, but for now, know that when you suffer from trauma, whether major or minor, a part of your essence is left behind. During the process that Raphael was putting himself through above, he was regathering the essences from three different lives so that he would be empowered to face whatever came into his life, which proved to be a very challenging one.

When you realize what you have feared to confront and work through is actually the strongest parts of your being, you will be able to do this individual work, knowing that you will continue to grow in beauty, power, and love. Your sense of compassion will expand as you come to accept those parts of yourself that have been banished from your awareness. You will find yourself more capable of accepting yourself and ultimately others, for in your suffering you will recognize that you exist in other — there is no separation; that is an illusion. There is only One.

I encourage you to study the works of Patricia Cota-Robles and other Ascension teachers who have long strived to bring illumination into a darkened world.

The Violet Flame is the Ray of Freedom, brought to this planet by Lady Amethyst, the Divine Complement of Archangel Zadkiel, and anchored at their Violet Flame Retreat in the etheric over the Island nation of Cuba. Use the Violet Flame to transmute, dissolve, and transform all that continues to trigger you and you will become a master Alchemist of the Aquarian Age.

The present focus is on healing trauma. Deal with that aspect of your healing and you will find that life is full of beauty and joy. It always was; it was just that your pain and suffering prevented you from seeing Reality.

I send my blessings to all,


(c) All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

P.S. The book mentioned above has not yet been published.

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3 Responses to Releasing Trauma

  1. ascended1nowgmailcom says:

    Thank you Sundeelia – very, very helpful!


  2. Chris says:

    You mentioned that Tazjma cried after seeing a movie depicting the lives of Francis of Assissi and Claire. I had a similar experience. After watching the 70’s movie “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” about the life of Francis, from the great Italian director Franco Zeffirelli, I had a very deep spiritual awakening. And it was because for the first time in my life I came across the concept of Unconditional Love, the kind of love that Francis had for all creatures, which was depicted on the movie. It was truly amazing!

    Thank you for reminding me of that experience!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Not being a Catholic, the first time Tazjma encountered St. Francis was in her grandmother’s tiny garden. There was a little statue of the saint there with the doves and little animals around him. Yes… St. Francis was a very special fellow. He is now Lord Kuthumi, World Teacher, on the Yellow-Golden Ray. ~

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