Sundeelia: Remote Viewing, What is it?

The area near Tucson Arizona looks similar to the area where my Family home is located…

Sundeelia:  Remote Viewing.  What is it?

Here is an excellent subject to discuss or at least present my thoughts on the matter.  I do not claim to be a scientist or a psychologist.

Now, one long-time reader writes:

First, because of your books’ chapters, I thought it’s not so much that Eliza is remembering multi-dimensional scenarios, but perhaps more what I would call multi-conscious happenings.

In other words, you are able to locate your consciousness here in 3D Earth AND locate it out of this 3D timeline and into other timelines where, although the tech was more advanced than here in 3D, the folks there were experiencing much the same as what we’re going through here with respect to the Star Wars and spiritual advancement.  So, I guess my thinking is, “This process is more multi-conscious than multi-dimensional.”

To my very perceptive reader who is actually an Arcturian starseed herself, I replied:

How right you are!  As I have been writing this rather detailed series of life histories from the past, I am aware that in light of the time continuum there is no ‘past’, but the ever-present NOW.  So, yes, Lord Delos and Raphael Kantor-VaCoupe exist somewhere elsewhere.”

Now to explain it further at least in my understanding.  This writing project of mine started with a short story written in the summer of 2018, a story that was incorporated into the longer short story of Lord Delos and his lives as a Sirian starship commander.  What started it out was an image/vision received by a now former friend (long story) who told me that I had died in an enemy attack at the same time a planet (a small Sirian moon) was being blown up by an enemy fleet.  After finishing the first story, I started writing about Lord Delos’ second Sirian lifetime, a story which ended up being incorporated into a series called Remembrance:  Stories of the Orion Wars – Sirius (see: )

As I wrote, I guess I would go into an altered state of consciousness, writing without a plan or outline, just writing.  I could see glimpses of the culture, the way people dressed, their interactions and thoughts.  And I felt the intense emotions of the stressed starship commander, whose worlds were being subjected to daily barrages and attacks from the enemy… a new enemy.  Old, long-suppressed emotions began to surface into my consciousness here and now.  As I remembered the people I lost or left behind due to my deaths, I wept.  I still experience moments of sadness when I think of the beautiful complex culture of Sirius and my Family that I left behind when I died in space and could no longer return to the planet that had been my home for two lifetimes.

My experience suggests that remote viewing is possible; one can look into what we term ‘the past’, ‘present’ and ‘the future’, perhaps not realizing that all time, all events are happening in the NOW.  As you sit there reading these words, you could be experiencing a lifetime as a gallant crusader knight, or a Franciscan monk, or a Druid, or a Roman legionnaire, or a whole assortment of lifetimes.

What drew me at least initially to the life of Lord Delos and that of Raphael Kantor was the intensity of their experiences and the probability that I still had stored up trauma and pain within my Light Body that was being exposed to my present-day third-dimensional consciousness so it might be felt, accepted, loved, and released.  As I continued to write further into the story, especially that of Raphael (90+ chapters, now!) I began to see myself in him, perhaps softened now since I am in a female form, yet I understood him very well.

Raphael was held captive for an entire decade as a child.  Writing about his experiences, I began to understand the issues revolving around child trafficking and human trafficking.  The modus operandi of the ‘enemy’ has not changed in all the thousands of years they have spread across the galaxy seeking to conquer one star system after another.  Human trafficking and dark rituals are their way of breaking down the moral code, blackmailing indigenous leaders into cooperating with them, implanting humans who become automatons doing the bidding of their dark rulers… does any of this resonate with you or sound familiar.  I lived it.  And now, confronted with a similar reality here, I recognize the frequency of ‘the enemy’.  We ‘were’/are fighting the same enemy, only we managed to free ourselves hundreds of thousands of years ago, while your people are still waking up to the painful truth that they were invaded by hostile aliens thousands of years ago… Still, because of our suffering, we understand yours.

So, yes, this is an exercise whereby my consciousness expands and lands at a specific time and place (time does exist in a sense as each planetary body and solar system has its own time spiral or cycles, even as time does not exist but is quantum.  Welcome to my world, one filled with paradoxes.)

Recently, I took time to reorganize and, in some places, to rewrite and edit my long story, so I wasn’t writing new chapters for a couple of months.  When it was time to begin an entirely new chapter, it took a while to sink back into the required consciousness and focus to take up where I had left off, back with Raphael, now mature, a man with a large family, acting as regent for the Pleiades a couple of years after the death of his adopted father. 

I will confess that I am often surprised by what comes out of my fingers while I type.  My writing style is more stream of consciousness, although I do edit and sometimes rearrange wording to make it more legible and easier to read, especially as I anticipate many people who have English as a second language to eventually read these stories. 

One thing I hope to convey is the fact that Pleiadians are humans, very human, indeed.  Yes, they have evolved far beyond what they were in the days of Raphael Kantor, from fourth dimensional beings to at least fifth dimensional physical beings, with many of their more highly evolved leaders, ladies and lords, resonating at up to 9D.  We have physical bodies although if you are still resonating at 3D/4D, you probably will not be able to see us should we stand in front of you.  The dimensions have doorways.  To enter a higher dimension, one must have the proper ‘key’ or resonance/frequency.

In the story, I speak about frequency quite a bit.  There are spiritual and psychological truths woven through the story.  It wasn’t planned; it just happened. 

So, a portion of my consciousness (about 8-10%) resides here on Terra in a 4D body with a 6D consciousness.  Raphael was at a similar wavelength or frequency therefore I can see him and feel his emotions and thoughts.  It is as if I am there as I am writing.  And I find it soothing now to reread the story as it reminds me of Home, my real home, the Pleiades.

Meanwhile, the rest of my consciousness (of which I am currently aware) now resides on my home Isle, the Isle of Medina (planet) which is part of the solar system of Electra, one of the bright blue-white stars of the Pleiades.  So, in effect, I am aware of three parts of myself… and others that I have but touched upon.

It is unfortunate that Westerners in general are not aware of the notion of ‘past lives’ as I am living it.  I prefer not to do remote viewing for others right now as I am still focused on finishing up the story of Raphael.  No, I am not going to write about his entire lifetime as he lived about 1,200 years in Earth time.  The years I have covered are the important ones where he suffered and recovered, healed, and excelled in becoming a powerful leader within the Pleiadian Federation.

I am also aware of the rest of me and catch glimpses of her life once in a while.  My mate, Lord Aiden, checks up on me nightly, energetically (I feel his presence in my heart center) and sometimes telepathically if there is something that needs to be conveyed.  This particular lifetime is a happy one, although not without the occasional challenge.  Yes, we are very human and still experience soul lessons as required.

So, yes, I do remote viewing, but not the type that has been utilized by the C.I.A. or the Russians to spy on their enemies.  I have used it as a way to research and locate old pockets of hidden trauma and pain, whose time it is to release so I might rise in frequency at Home and continue to serve my people to best of my ability, given my particular gifts and talents.

I hope this aids those who wonder at the detail of the stories… if not, ask questions, make comments.  Share if you have had peeks into your ‘past’ lives or lives being lived perhaps upon a starship or on another planet somewhere in the stars that we see at night when the sky is dark and clear.

I AM Sundeelia.  Go in Peace.

© All Rights Reserved; no videos or recordings of this material are permitted.  Author, Eliza Ayres,

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5 Responses to Sundeelia: Remote Viewing, What is it?

  1. Barbara says:

    Ah, Sundeelia, you have inspired me! Remote viewing being the same as multi-consciousness makes sense. I may take a course to get a feeling for being “here, there and everywhere”! That’s my humor, but then as far as I can tell except for some visions of other places not of this world, I’m not sure I’ve actually consciously found myself anywhere else other than here. Perhaps it’s time for me to heed this call to multi-consciousness. Thanks for an interesting and supportive post. Love, B.


  2. Sharon says:

    Thank you for your comments on the topic of carbon to crystalline transition. That has never made any sense to me whatever. Plenty of crystals have carbon. Carbon is an element and crystal refers to an interlocking structure of molecules made from various elements. So this so called transition that is so frequently referred to is mystifying to me. I have asked many people over the years to see if anyone could shed some light on this odd notion. All I ever got was people looking at me blankly. If I ever find a sensible explanation I’ll share it but I’m not optimistic. I have often wondered how it got started..heaven knows I’ve read it often enough. Great essay! Thank you. And as usual your photos are lovely!


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      From what I have observed with the psychology of humanity is that some people seem to just accept what someone said who may be some kind of authority figure, whether a spiritual teacher, an author of some repute, and so on. They never seem to question the hypothesis but go on to adapt the particular language associated with the group or belief system. It is part of the ancient programming that humans have to break out of and have the courage to question EVERYTHING, especially belief systems. Logic and critical thinking seldom enter into the picture until someone begins to question the narrative, often facing criticisms for doing so. I have no badge to win here; I’m not ascending, just observing so it is amusing to push buttons and question beliefs.

      I have encountered such whole-bit acceptance of what channelers convey, too, even though whatever passes through a channeler’s mind when they are translating their messages is sometimes gravely affected by the person’s own filters and belief systems. Few humans are without the burden of belief systems — I have even encountered unusual mindsets in persons claiming to be another walk-in like me. It is a rather fascinating phenomena. Anyway, many who want to be considered ‘spiritual’ simply adapt the popular jargon without actually doing the very hard self-work and coming up with insights of their own. For many, it is all about being popular, gaining followers, and saying the right things, which is always a red flag for me. The New Age movement was cooked up by the Central Intelligence Agency back in the 1950’s or so… hence the importance to use both your own intuition and critical thinking faculties that your Creator gave to you and steer clear of assumption and wild claims. Listen to the theories and then, do your own research, meditation and come up with something original that makes more sense!

      The above is why I do not claim to be an authority on anything I write about. I have my own notions and insights, my own inner knowing in some cases, but leaping to conclusions about ANYTHING is a hazardous occupation or practice. Reacting from an unbalanced emotional state is an indication that the person may have doubts but is unwilling to dig any deeper to discover the truth of a theory. And may I remind people, theories are unproven. Without data and repetition, a theory is just a theory, an educated guess. Sometimes observation and keeping silent is best. Come to your own conclusions and be willing to change your ideas when new evidence is submitted if appropriate. Defending a belief that is entirely illogical speaks of some deeply-seated psychological issues that should be addressed by the person in question, by them not some outside authority who is attempting to get them to accept or toe the line of the ‘official’ narrative.


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