Sundeelia: Co-creation

Father and Daughter

Sundeelia:  Co-creation

Here is a new essay on how children are created in the Pleiades. In the process of writing it, several related topics wanted to be shared. I hope you can understand what I have written.

Chris: I have a question regarding children. I think I recall that they could be conceived and developed in laboratories. And that they wouldn’t be born as babies, but they would be much older, with a lot of knowledge already. In these lab procedures, Souls would incarnate into energy forms (plasma-like) who would then develop into conscious humans, or new Pleiadians. Do you recall anything like this? Or is the conception and birth of 5D Pleiadians very similar to how it is here on Earth?

Instead of calling the production of children ‘pro-creation’, we use the term ‘co-creation’.  Since I do not have full memory here on Terra, I am relying, in part, on a book written by a Pleiadian scribe and published in 1992, ‘For We Are One’, by Nina Jenice.  While I dispute some of the personal claims put forth by this ‘scribe’ as being unreliable, some of the information contained in this little volume can give a reader a general idea of life in the Pleiades.  Since the book was published in limited quantities, it may be hard to find; however, I have a copy and refer to it on occasion if I need clarification on certain aspects of our society.  As with any communication that is channeled, the information is processed through a very human filter and subject to personal biases, beliefs, and, in the case of Jenice, wishful thinking.  This is my opinion, so regard it with a grain of salt and do your own research and meditation upon the subject.

Above, one of my readers who has been actively commenting and suggesting topics for essays, asked whether or not Pleiadians produce their children in labs.  In my personal opinion, I would categorically deny this as a possibility, knowing as I do the Pleiadian devotion to the concept of ‘family’.  This does not mean, however, that the Pleiadians have never (or ever have) used artificial means in which to graft their DNA onto other human species, such as was (in my belief) performed here on Terra a very long time ago in order to grant the developing human species the seed of divinity, known to the ancient cultures of East India as ‘ATMA’.  This sacred etheric ‘seed’ resides within the Cave or what I know as the Secret Chamber of the Heart.  Less than half the population of Terra contain this ‘seed’ within their etheric bodies – possibly up to 40% of the nearly eight billion people now present on the planet.  The rest of the population is made of descendants of the slave race created by the negatively polarized Anunnaki thousands of years ago.  The Anunnaki did create bodies in labs but their scientists did not have the genetic knowledge of how to grant divinity to their creations, so over 50% of the population of Terra are basically soulless, which, I know, is an astonishing statement to make.  However, in light of current events on this planet, it also explains why so many people appear to willingly give their power away and zealously follow the official narrative and gleefully get themselves vaccinated for a virus that has a 99.8% survivability rate.  The fact that the Children of Light have interbred with the slave race descendants further complicates matters and to an extent explains why certain family members do not understand each other; some are lighted individuals, while others are not.  The works of Bernard Guenther and others explore this topic in far more detail than can be put forth in a short essay. (see Piercing the Veil of Reality,

Another straying thought entered my mind when finishing up this essay.  We do have the ability to create avatars for a particular soul essence who has incarnated on Terra and does not want to re-braid with the soul essence of the portion of Self that has remained at Home.  Living on Terra can profoundly affect the personality of some starseeds who find they do not want to return to the life that their other part is now living.  So, in certain limited instances, an avatar human body will be created to act as a vehicle for the returning starseed. The co-creation is done by the mate of the starseed who has remained at Home and at a soul level, the consciousness of the starseed themselves.  As I currently understand it, this is not a common occurrence and is possibly limited to a few starseeds who have performed their missions on Terra with exemplary aplomb.  For example, my elder ‘cousin’, Lord Rananda was originally part of the soul essence of Lord Kuthumi.  He is now an individual separate from the great Master, having shown great dedication to Source throughout his incarnations upon Terra.

Now, this has strayed quite far away from the topic on hand, so let us return with a quote from one of my cousins, Commander JoVare, a son of Top Commander Adrigon VaCoupe, the Lord of the Pleiades:

‘Creation of a child is a well-thought out decision made by both partners.  It cannot be done by one.  The mother is not alone in the development of a child.  Therefore, the father must be present during the entire time.  A big difference from your world? No, an important difference. (page 59, ‘We Are One’, Nina Jenice).

The whole question of where Pleiadian children derive from got me into thinking about my own situation at Home.  I realize that the time I quoted in another essay about bringing twins into the world within a year’s period would be impossible given the delicacy and dedication Pleiadian parents devote to the co-creation of their offspring.  Having re-read the passage on co-creation, I realize now that the process would have taken at least three to five years, perhaps more in order to bring in a fine set of twins.  So, that got me thinking about some comments made by a former acquaintance regarding just where ‘we’, the Pleiadians have come from… for we are time travelers.  This is, perhaps, yet another leap of faith or understanding to comprehend… that my mate, Lord Aiden Mathdis and I actually got mated several years ago and have just now produced some offspring, Raimundo and Adario.  One of our twins, Raimundo, is destined to become the Lord of Jolf after his father, Lord Aiden, passes from this world.  Both sons are destined to first serve in the Fleet as Engineers and then return home to Jolf to assist their parents in the building of a vast new fleet of fully sentient crystalline ships.

Given the whole concept of ‘time’ and ‘space’ is extremely controversial, you’ll just have to accept that each planet or solar system contains their own time spiral or cycle. The Pleiades contains approximately 500 star systems, with associated Isles and moons, both large and small.  When you jump through space to travel to another galaxy or solar system, you ‘travel’ through time, either backward or forward, so it is quite possible that I am at this time in the Pleiades considerably older than I currently can remember or even comprehend.

Okay… let me paraphrase how children are created.  First, a petition is written (or telepathically communicated) expressing the desire to bring forth a child or children and presented to the Universal Co-Creation Board.  The board then reviews all aspects of the planned child(ren), the family, where it will live, serve, its career, the place and time of history, the future history of the planet and the family lineage.  All these factors are carefully reviewed before permission is granted for a child to even be conceived.  There are no unwanted or unplanned births within the Pleiades and even upon the Isles of our known allies.

Next, co-creation of specific children into very specific light lineages can be ordered by Source.  There are a short-lived matetations designed to bring in certain souls into a specific family or Light lineage, designed to strengthen the ties between allies.  My own parents are no longer mated.  I was the last child of their union out of a total of five siblings (of whom I am now aware).

Typically, the co-creation of a child involves a commitment of three to ten years depending on the complexity of the child, with an additional two years which is spent by the parents in teaching the child to remember.  Then, the child(ren) is sent off to a boarding school to begin their lifelong training for whatever career they have chosen.  Keep in mind, that a young two or three-year-old Pleiadian child is far more consciously aware than a typical Terran child.  By agreeing to incarnate into a particular family, culture, and on a particular planet, the child has also made a commitment to comply with the cultural mores of their family and given society. Rebels without a cause are unknown in the Pleiades.  Harmony is everything to Pleiadians. Like anything else in the Pleiades, the education of a particular child will depend on the family in which they are born.  Farming families like those of the Seranians, train and teach their own children at home or local schools, utilizing long-distance instruction in some cases, although some will go off to be trained in order to join the Command. Given the time commitment it takes to co-create a child, our children are well-spaced apart and the parents devoted to each child (or twins) while they are still young and adjusting to their new life.

When permission is granted to the parents, the process of co-creation can commence.  Over a period of several months to several years, the chosen parents, man and woman, retire to a life of total dedication to process of developing this new being.  During this long meditative period, the mates do not hold any outside jobs, and are completely taken care of by their other family members or household.  The two mates will periodically take a break to report to the other family members, but on the whole, they are fully insulated from cares, sheltered and provided for by their other family members.

The parents retire from the world to concentrate on creating the thoughtforms of the structure of the child, the personal looks, thought forms for the developing child.  Every detail of the child’s future career, placement within a family or culture is developed by the meditative process shared by the parents.  Depending on the potential career of the child will determine what patterns are programmed into individual being created.  According to Jenice, “If the child is to become a great Lord or Lady, a scientific genius, or a teacher who lives long or who has exceptional knowledge, all of this must be programmed and can take up to five years to do so…” Generally speaking, however, the co-creative process can take up to one, two, or three years, during which the two parents are completely dedicated to their task.

Another thing noted by Jenice in her little book is that families will agree to co-create children who will serve a specific purpose or occupation within a family structure.  This way, the family does not require outside resources and keeps the family a very closely knit structure.  This sort of thing is most likely to occur in a farming family or a Morovian trading family where the entire family is involved in the family’s work focus.  These families will also have more children than on some isles as each member of the family works as part of a harmonious unit.  Harmony in life is extremely important to Pleiadians.

When I view stories of dysfunctional Terran families in movies and videos, I find it difficult to comprehend how lost people must feel here, not having a complete understanding of their place and function within their family, culture, and their own chosen life experiences.  Of course, on Terra, you have dealt with the Veil of Forgetfulness, which you as a soul agree upon before arriving here.  Even as a walk-in, I suffer from a degree of forgetfulness and need to concentrate on remembering things that are simply taken for granted at Home.  Fortunately, the Veils are thinning as a portion of the human collective undergoes the process of rising in frequency, a process referred to as ‘ascension’.  When the entire remaining human collective has achieved the level of 5D, there will be no more veil of forgetfulness and your culture will have to adjust accordingly.

The process of co-creation is done before the physical act of conception between a male and a female takes place.  In other words, coitus and the resulting implantation of the sperm into the egg at the moment of conception.  At this point, the thoughtform child is created within the mother’s body.  During this period, the mates work together to create via thought each and every cell and body system within the developing fetus as well as all of the life patterns of the child.  After a period of about three months’ time, wherein the two mates have lived in total seclusion, a being of pure Light will emerge from the mother’s body.

Within days, the humanoid child can stand.  As Pleiadian parents use thoughtforms (telepathy) for communication, the parents can fully understand the child’s thoughts and answer their questions.  Over a period of about two years, the two parents are involved in answering all the questions of their child.  Pleiadian children can remember their past lives and whether or not they have lived before within a particular family.  It takes a while to fully integrate the child into the family structure.  Both parents are involved in this lengthy process. 

Usually after two years, as stated above, the child will begin schooling, either at home or if destined to become a member of the Fleet, it will be sent off to a special school and continue on to a higher university aboard a University Ship.  All Pleiadian children attend school.  Most finish at from 14 to 18 years depending on their chosen career or family setting.  Once the child has begun their schooling, the parents can resume their original occupations.

Further, at about age five, children are tested as to their abilities, their life program, and will decide what career they will seek.  Sometimes that decision is made by the Board (see above) for the child, especially if they are destined to be a great Lord or Lady, a fleet commander, or person with a great life’s purpose.  If it is the desire of the lifestream to continue living in the same manner as experienced in previous incarnations, then they will usually be more than willing to follow the same patterns into the next incarnation.

Since most people in the Pleiades live in large families, the time required for the co-creation of a new family member is not viewed as onerous to the rest of the family members, who take up the tasks and responsibilities for those mates who are involved in this long meditative process.  Pleiadians love their families and especially love each and every child that they painstakingly co-create and bring into the world.

Pleiadians are loving beings, but they do not make love without due consideration.  They consider making Love to be an art.  Love is shown through one’s hands and eyes.  We focus on Love, not sex.  Love is the key to life in the Pleiadian Isles – Love for one another. Love is the Source of all; therefore, we treat each other with Love, respect and thoughtfulness.

I hope this essay has given you a beginning understanding of both of similarities and the differences between our people and the humans of Terra.

Go in Peace and if inspired, do your own explorations regarding this particular subject and the others I have presented.  I totally understand you might find information that is completely different from my own.  I make no claim of having 100% remembrance of my current life in the Pleiades, just impressions, readings, and some sharing with other starseeds.  Our perspectives and knowledge are bound to be quite different given we live in the fifth dimension and above where paradox is par for the course.

I AM Sundeelia,

© All Rights Reserved, no videos or recordings of this written material are permitted.  Author, Eliza Ayres, and

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6 Responses to Sundeelia: Co-creation

  1. Barbara says:

    “This sacred etheric ‘seed’ resides within the Cave or what I know as the Secret Chamber of the Heart. Less than half the population of Terra contain this ‘seed’ within their etheric bodies – possibly up to 40% of the nearly eight billion people now present on the planet. The rest of the population is made of descendants of the slave race created by the negatively polarized Anunnaki thousands of years ago. The Anunnaki did create bodies in labs but their scientists did not have the genetic knowledge of how to grant divinity to their creations, so over 50% of the population of Terra are basically soulless, which, I know, is an astonishing statement to make.”

    Dear Sundeelia, This comment may be off-topic, so please feel free to delete if you do not think it is appropriate. However, the above statements leaped out at me as I read your essay and explain something that has puzzled me for many years. Here are excerpts from Patricia Pereira’s, “Arcturian Songs of the Masters of Light”, which may connect some dots, well, at least they did for me as I contemplated the above quote from your essay.

    “The source of humans’… accelerating stress within the human family and environment … [here follows a description of those challenges, but also] …was indirectly due to the absorption of elongated streams of cosmic energy originating in a galactic cloud far from Earth’s solar system…. This cloud of pure energy is bringing a wave of discarnate Souls to Earth from outside this galaxy to establish a base for untried Souls to briefly incarnate before completion of the end times. Permission to briefly assume physical Earth bodies was established by the Office of the Christ to effect an initial upward thrust of nonsubstance into substance.

    “This will be the first opportunity the somewhat formless Soul mass has had to incarnate as individuals. They are coming to Earth to prepare themselves for an eventual transfer to the newly birthing world that is awaiting the downward-tugging Souls who are unprepared for Earth’s vibrational upliftment. They are intended to fill the void that will be created when ascending Souls – plants, animals, humans and Earth herself – move upward. Those who are scheduled to ascend to light-substance will no longer be affiliated with first-to-third dimensional physical mass. Therefore, a numerical balance of Souls will be available for habitation of the birthing world.”

    I hope my references have made sense with respect to how that 40 percent who are Soulless may now become part of All That Is and eventually return to Source.

    Much love, Altea


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      This is great, Barbara. This unindividuated mass of people has been granted permission to begin their long journey to first become individuated, separate from the mass and then to eventually be prepared through their own work to embody a soul. It is rather like a group soul at the animal level; they don’t think for themselves but follow basic instinctual behavior, namely preservation of the group think. Eventually, through experience they can work their way up through the levels of incarnation and self-awareness. I’m not very good at explaining all of these concepts in English. With telepathy, you send an entire concept or teaching which is downloaded by the receiver. Bernard Guenther calls the ‘soulless’ beings (which means they have not yet been able to embody their soul within their physical avatar — it doesn’t mean they are ‘evil’ — are part of the ‘consensus group and appear to be incapable of understanding anything outside that consensus. They are more easily mind-programmed through social media and television or other belief systems. It can mean they are simply immature in their soul development not that they do not or will never be capable of having a soul. Starseeds do have a soul, but still there are some who have not been able to embody due to choices and refusal to work on clearing their inner trauma, pain, and miscreations.


  2. giftflorence says:

    Thank you so much Eliza for such an interesting poem and the follow up comment from Altea’s inputs. Much as i learn so much from following your journal, it is how one perceive what has been projected that will determine reality of these ‘facts’. I cant say i object with the stated facts especially based on my own observation on how much of the majority are still sleeping and followers of narratives that keeps them as prisoners.
    More so in my world in the continent i live in currently and how sad and challenging to stay affloat while 3D ocean of thoughtforms are pulling so hard to swallow and drown those who are awakening and working on their ascension.

    Thank you do much indeed for your journals are to me a source of hope and excitement to look forward to daily.



  3. Chris says:

    Wow! Co-creating a child in Pleiades is a long and complex endeavor then! Parents really need to be devoted! Lots of effort and care, but with much love like you stated.

    Do all couples choose to have children? Or do many choose not to, because of the rigurous demands of it or wanting to dedicate themselves to other things?

    Also, do Pleiadians engage in sex outside of marriage? Or even if mated, do they only engage in it for co-creation purposes?

    I believe that all humans have Souls. But the vast majority of people here on Earth have young Souls without much evolution, whereas starseeds, indigo children, twin flames, lightworkers, etc have old Souls with much evolution.

    Thanks again for sharing wonderful stuff with us!


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