Pleiadian Starships

Pleiadian ships are actually gold in coloration!

Pleiadian Starships

Part One

Note to Reader:  The topic for this article was suggested by a dedicated, long-time reader from Oz.  I will dedicate at least one or more articles to this topic as it could fill a couple of chapters.  By no means is this information comprehensive.  I am also quite aware that my source material (written and vocal) is very different from what is ‘out there’ currently, mostly from (some questionable) Pleiadian and other sources.  Realize that any material given through an Earth human is going to be filtered through their human ego consciousness.  What doesn’t ‘fit’ the person’s interpretation or belief systems will be filtered out.  This includes anything that I present, so take what resonates and makes ‘sense’ to you.  Make use of your own critical thinking abilities, intuition, and do your own research!  Those who blindly accept whatever information is fed to them are liable to be hoodwinked or disappointed.

Now, on to the article:

Firstly, the Pleiadians have two fleets.  The Inner Fleet makes periodic cruises throughout the territory claimed and controlled by the Pleiadians.  This region, divided into several sectors, holds within it 500 suns of various sizes, including blue-white megastars, and thousands of isles, ranging from asteroid-sized islets to large Earth-like Isles such as Serana and Airus.  The Pleiades also contains solar isles, where high-frequency etheric beings can live.  All of our isles, large and small, are sentient, alive and aware.

The Outer Pleiadian Fleet is the one which has stationed three motherships within this solar system.  The motherships are HUGE vessels, 3,000 miles (approximately 4,828 km) across and over 40 decks worth in depth.  The motherships were not built for speed, but comfort.  They are self-supporting, containing all that the crew and visitors could need except for some food stuffs like fresh fruit and vegetable powders.  Nearly a million people live on each mothership which is really much like a city in space.

Note:  When I heard someone claim that a ‘mothership’ flashed them, I want to laugh.  The three Pleiadian motherships, should they ever enter the atmosphere would scare the crap out of all the militaries of this world.  Typically, our motherships do NOT enter any atmosphere.  That is what we have shuttles and smaller vessels for…

The Pleiadian fleets also have many smaller vessels, ranging from tiny two-passenger viscars (for short-distance travel only) to huge battleships.  In between there are shuttles, scout and survey vessels, transport vessels, research vessels, and the like.  There are also various levels of fighters, which are used primarily as defense. 

The humans housed on the vessels range from fourth to sixth dimensional beings, in physical form.  Housing on the Pleiadian vessels is simple.  Berths for the crew consist of a small cabin, with a ‘bed’ that can be folded up into the wall.  The beds are similar to futons.  Chairs are soft and will mold to the person’s shape and/or size.  Some of our men are very large individuals weighing upwards to 800 pounds and standing near or over nine feet in height.  Others, like our Elementals stand 3.5 feet to Gargantuans who stand 8 feet tall. Veyans and Kreyans are about 5 to 5.5 feet tall. Most Pleiadian males (beyond those mentioned) range from 7 to 8.5 feet in height. Females range from 6 to 7.5 feet in height. Glass-like tables are used in common areas.  Storage for personal items consists of a couple of shelves, one trunk and some hooks.  Simplicity is key for Pleiadians. Every surface is kept sparkling clean.

The outer shell of the vessels is made up of a form of metal that looks similar to gold, but hard and resilient like aluminum.  There are no seams on the outside of our ships.  When an outside door closes, it disappears. Windows are made of transparent metal.

The motherships have landing bays, one for shuttles and smaller vessels; another one for smaller ships like destroyers.  (Mind you, I am using Earth-based equivalents for describing the ships.  These are not the actual Pleiadian terms.  I don’t remember them from this perspective.)

Our motherships contain several departments including: Command Post, Commanders compartments, Commanders Quarters; Communications (including Data Bank); Engineering; Ship Entry (shuttle bays); Research; Nutrition Production (includes gardens, aquaponics and soil-based); Stores; Exercise Areas, Meditation (chapels), Entertainment, Meeting Rooms; Eagles Quarters, Living Compartments, Guest Housing, Student Housing; School for Crew, School for Terrans.

The great mothership, The White Winds, was the ship on which I was stationed for a decade.  I came onto her as a cadet and left as a Specialty Commander.  I worked in the Communications Department.

The three motherships were designed to allow crews from our smaller ships to take periodic leave, to attend school, to see or participate in entertainment and other special events, and to enjoy the various dining stations situated throughout the vessel. 

All crew are ‘humanoid’ five-star beings, one head, two arms, two legs, and a torso.  I do not have complete remembrance of the various species of humans who come on board to live, serve, or visit, but I’ve been told there is quite a variety.  Still, most Pleiadians are recognizable as human beings, with hair on their heads, large brilliant blue or golden eyes, hair colors ranging from white-blonde to blue-black, heights varying from our three-foot elementals to nine-foot-plus brawny warriors.  The complexions of most Pleiadians also ranges from porcelain white to medium dark (Middle Eastern) browns or what we call tan, golden tan, and reddish-brown tan (Morovians), or yellowish tan (Veyans).  There are some Pleiadians who never leave their home world that are peach-colored in skin tone with white-blonde hair and golden eyes.  We also have Feline Pleiadians who walk upright with furry faces, protruding jaws, huge golden eyes, retractable claws and bodies ranging from tall, slender cheetah-like to huge, muscular Leonines. 

While there are writers and channelers who talk about manifesting whatever you need by thoughts, Pleiadians are a practical people.  We make or have made the clothes and uniforms that we wear.  There is a specific department in Stores for ‘manifestation’.  For us, it is a waste of time and energy to manifest belongings. All garments, especially uniforms are required to be exact and proportioned for the individual who will wear it, whether an Elemental or a giant Leonine human.  Robes and cloaks are made specifically for guests to wear on board as the hallways are kept cool and dimly lit most of the time.  Special garments are also made for honored guests so they may attend events, council meetings, and entertainment on board.

The crew members all wear short soft boots on board or calf-length white boots for special occasions. Boots or footwear are a must on board due to electrical conductivity issues. The uniforms consist of a silvery-white stretchy metallic fabric and are made for the wearer since sizes and shapes of crew members vary.  The elementals wear long green tunics over their uniforms.  Other crew have cloaks or robes depending on the occasion and their department.  Identification is woven into the upper left chest, marking name, title, and ship.  Comm links are worn on the upper hand.  We do not implant our people with artificial intelligence devices.  Crew members usually have a change of uniform, a regular and dress cloak, and possibly a robe with their house color (Family) if they happen to be a lord on their home world.

There are several eating areas located throughout the ship, as well as areas to eat, rest, nap, chat, or meditate in the gardens.  The core area of The White Winds is several decks in height, with numerous balconies filled with hanging gardens giving the huge room a lush, soothing appearance.  There are also a series of rooms that can be rearranged to create a huge seating area for special occasions, entertainment, and large Council meetings.

One thing you will notice if you are able to physically board a Pleiadian vessel is the feeling of LOVE permeating the atmosphere of the entire ship.  LOVE is the particular focus of Pleiadians, not what Terrans understand as love or physical attraction, but UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that emanates from God Source, from within and through our very being.  Pleiadians are assisting our cousins, Terran (Earth) humans as many of your population (those with heart flames) are ‘our’ people.  We have not been aiding humanity for thousands of years in order to conquer or ‘save’ you, but to guide and mentor you energetically.  Our efforts at manifestation are dedicated to projecting LOVE to Terra and Her people… you!  We are here to assist in the ascension or rising up in frequency of the planet and its inhabitants, even as we began to ascend after the ending of the Pleiadian phase of the Orion Wars hundreds of thousands of years ago.  We rose in frequency from low 4D to 5D and in some cases, 6D.  A few of our most evolved souls resonate at 7D-9D, as well.  We serve out of LOVE; we act out of LOVE; we are LOVE.  Beyond 8D, the beings are non-physical… but capable of dropping down in frequency to be briefly seen on board ship when attending ‘events’.

Our ships are physical ships.  In the next article, I will briefly describe how these great ships are built.


I AM Sundeelia, 2nd Level Commander, Elexa Spaceport, Research & Development

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, and

Videos and recordings of this written material are not permitted. There is a translator available if English is a second language.

Below is a wonderful video with Alex Collier describing the Andromedean ships and people. It is a real eye-opener, coming from a long-time contactee…

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  1. Barbara says:

    Though my galactic heritage is Arcturian, your description is so familiar as to be ‘home’ to me. And you’ve explained my penchant for uniforms here on Terra! Now that may sound simplistic but uniforms, especially the ‘formal white’, remind me of home. Thank you for this post, Sunny, my heart felt smiley as I read it. Looking forward to Part 2. Love, B.


  2. DiosRaw says:

    Fascinating. 🙏🏻


  3. Unicorn Dreaming says:

    What a great article.. very interesting read.. thank you.. sending you much love ❤️


  4. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:

    Part I on Pleiadian ships…


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