Pleiadian Starships – How Are They Built?

Ships Over Atlantis – yes, we were there…

Pleiadian Starships – How Are They Built?

Keep in mind I am not a trained engineer.  My involvement with starships is with crystals.  I am what you call a Crystal Master.  My walk-in here on Terra is not that part of ‘me’, so don’t expect her to wake up any crystals.  Now, how are crystals utilized by our ships?

In another article, I mentioned our ‘little’ people, the Elementals.  They are not dwarfs or genetically impaired.  They are merely small human beings.  Elementals have their own skills and values and often live in colonies.  They also work on our ships, especially in areas of the ships that present difficulties for taller individuals, like engineering in the engine rooms.  Elementals also work in the nutrition department where meals are prepared and in stores, where uniforms and other garments are made for our people, as well as other departments.  So, what do Elementals have to do with crystals?  There are some Elementals who are gifted with the ability to communicate with and grow crystals.

These rather special Elementals are highly regarded individuals, extremely gifted, and even revered.  They have large crystal clusters collected from crystal fields and taken to a warehouse near where the crystals will be placed inside a ship that is being constructed.  Then, they have the cluster carefully broken apart, leaving each crystal point intact… and begin to meditate with the crystals.  These marvelous Elementals order the crystals to grow and grow they do to tremendous sizes.  Each of the points taken from a large cluster is still able to communicate with her sisters, the other points from the original cluster… a characteristic of crystals that will enter into the picture later on.

Now, with the mother crystal of the new ship grown to a great size, the Crystal Master begins to teach the crystal.  She learns what will be expected of her as she acts as storage for solar energy and all information disseminated upon board the vessel.  By all information, I mean every thought, word, action, information received and sent by anyone within the vessel.  The information can be sent from vessel to vessel instantaneously across billions of miles of space.  It can also be stored in Mother Crystals found on each of the isles, often in temples and sometimes in government buildings, such as they are in the Pleiades.

So, when the Mother Crystal of the new vessel is fully prepared, she is placed into the center of the ship, with the mechanism that motivates the ship, raises and lowers, moves it forward and backward.  What would an engineer call that?  A transmission, the gears, drive shafts, etc., anything necessary for propulsion or motivation.  With this central core of the ship built, the embryonic ship is raised into the atmosphere above the building site.  Then, the ship is constructed from the inside outward until a shell is completely built.  Next step is to put the skin on the ship, to seal the atmosphere, put in windows, doors, landing bay hatches and such mechanical openings.  Then the furbishing of the ship begins, the electronics and all the innards are placed into the vessel.  Finally, the ship is outfitted with equipment, computers, furnishings… Next step, the nearly completed vessel is tested during trial runs.

A mother crystal for a mothership like The White Winds can be as large as 100 feet by 40 feet. Mother crystals for smaller vessels are sized according to the proportions of the vessel for which they are being prepared. When installed in their housing and the ship completed, the Mother Crystals of each ship can communicate to their sisters in a form of telepathy. You may ask, how is that possible? Well, it’s rather simple, crystals are sentient. Alive. And have been very misused on Terra.

The energy source for the Pleiadian ships is solar energy, gathered by huge solar arrays and stored in the huge battery which is the Mother Crystal of the ship.  This Mother Crystal is also used as a meditation focus for crew and visitors.  The ship is basically run by Source Energy coming from nearby suns.  The Pleiadian ships never run out of power or experience black-outs.  The basic engineering of the power grid is fairly simple and at the same time, extremely powerful.  Energy is stored in battery banks until it is needed.

The movement of the ship is directed through the main Command Post, which acts in a similar fashion as a major computer terminal. The Operations Commander or one of his technicians enters the coordinates and speed they want the ship to move in and the ship acts.  Another point, our gigantic motherships move very slowly, although they can travel from this solar system to the Pleiades within a two-week period.  And someday, all of our ships will depart this system, our purpose for being here complete.

Out of curiosity since I can’t remember everything I learned at the University Ship while here as a walk-in, I asked a few questions related to the above information:

Are our ships capable of phase-shifting?  Yes. This means that the ships are able to appear to blink out or disappear when being watched by Terrans, either from the ground or in the air.  They are simply (to us, anyway) shifting their frequency, which makes them seem to disappear, when they are actually still present or racing off.

Can our smaller vessels abruptly change direction? Yes.  The materials utilized in the construction of the ships are capable of withstanding tremendous G-force within the atmosphere and there is no such gravitational forces outside the atmosphere.

Are our ships sentient? No.

Are our ships organic?  No.

Of course, there is much more to building a ship of any size, but like I said, I am not an engineer.  

Basically, what Terrans call UFOs are extraterrestrial star ships.  The Pleiadians have thousands of ships, most of them much smaller than our motherships, based within this solar system.  We have been building ships for hundreds of thousands of years, long before there were viable civilizations on Terra.  Some of our ships brought brave emigrants to this planet, long, long ago.  A goodly portion of the indigenous population with heart flames upon the surface of Terra are of Pleiadian or Sirian descent. 

The Pleiadians certainly do not have the only starships within this solar system.  Our allies, the Sirians, Ashtarians (Ashtar Command), the Andromedans, Vegans (from Vega), Arcturians, and others all have vessels stationed within this solar system.  Many are cloaked and many reside in a higher frequency so they can not be seen by most earth-bound technology, although that is changing.  Some of the other star nations have technology that surpasses ours, but we are a practical people.  We use what works and keep it simple.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little survey of what it takes to construct a star ship.


I AM Sundeelia, 2nd Level Commander, R&D, Elexa Spaceport, Maubene

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6 Responses to Pleiadian Starships – How Are They Built?

  1. ascended1nowgmailcom says:

    Thank you Sunny…. I thoroughly injoy the info you share regarding your incredible ships. This “how we build them” was phenomenal!

    I’ve been on, and may continue to be on various ships during this Ascension process, at sleep time, it feels quite likely, some were yours. The Crystal energies….amazing!

    I cherish your expressions and am excited to see them when I find them in my inbox.

    Thanks for sharing so much of your eternally ongoing experience with us all!

    Dave 🌻


  2. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:

    Part II on Pleiadian ships…


  3. Barbara says:

    Very enjoyable to read, Sunny, thank you. I’m not familiar with the construction of the ships, at least not that I remember, but certainly agree with your description of their capabilities. Apparently, there was just released declassified info re UFO’s, and I’ll be interested to see how much of that is real. So much disinformation out there right now, it’s mind-boggling, but conducive to neutrality! Love, B.


  4. nadinewatts says:

    Hi, everyone; just learning and taking it all in. Just found this post
    Thank you. Fascinating. 🙏💕✊


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