Eliza: On Alchemy

Violet Sword

Eliza:  On Alchemy

Yesterday, a friend asked me if I know about the Violet Head Chakra.  For some reason, the question caught me by surprise and I mumbled something about the Golden Head or Crown Chakra… and knew I needed to clarify this for myself.  Then, this morning in reading telegram messages from a group, I came upon the quotation from Alex Quinn, a prominent British lightworker who has (as of now) a YouTube Channel and participates in forums with other prominent lightworkers (quote below).  After the quote, I will go on and give some information regarding the Violet Flame and the Crown Chakra.  Mind you, the information is ‘out there’ and can be found in a 30-second search online.  Yet… there is a TON of information ‘out there’ and sometimes it is difficult for a newly awakened lightworker to plow through it (which is an exercise in the use of intuition, critical thinking and discernment).  So, onto the Alex’s quote:

Alexander Quinn on True Lightworking

[Forwarded from GGTrust]

As a light-worker, one of your special abilities, is that you are able to alchemise dark into light. Many Starseeds and light-workers at the moment are saying, “I’m only interested in watching / listening to high vibe info. That’s all I can handle; I’m going to block everything else out and live in a bubble.”

The problem with this, is that you are not only doubting your own light indirectly, but relinquishing all opportunities to become one of the masters conquering the world of duality which we are still very much in. Jesus didn’t say, “I don’t like that dark place; I’m going to ignore it for as long as I can.”

The masters were in balance. The dark things didn’t trigger them because their light was so grounded. They didn’t fear the dark because they knew wherever they walked, the darkness would run.

Whilst permanent love and light is nice and fluffy, it is also another illusion that will slow you down confronting your own darkness stopping shadow work. If you can’t confront the darkness in the external world, there’s a strong chance, it’s because you haven’t confronted it internally.

I love you all, and you are doing an incredible job. As we come out of the illusions of 3D, don’t create more walls for yourself in a reality that is barricaded away from all the truths in the world that are coming up for healing that will surface regardless.

You ARE awakened souls. When all the truths come out about the world we have been living in, the newly awakening souls are going to turn to light-workers. If your response is, “Sorry I’m only high vibe, I’m not dealing with you”, then you have forgotten in part, why you are here.

When you are balanced, you become a master of duality. You don’t need to pick and choose what information you wish to dismiss because you will be beyond that. The new star-seeds will need you to help address their darkness when all the truths start coming out at the end of this summer. This will further ask you to examine the external, and their version of it, directly giving you the tools, which inadvertently help you alchemise what’s inside that is wanting to come up for dismissal. There is a plan, and it is great, it is bigger than you can imagine and it is divine.

It’s the ego that lives in a world of permanent love and light, keeping you protected in a box that stops growth. The higher self is saying, “Let’s explore these dark things, because the rewards and pay off are going to be beyond who you are now. You are going to be much bigger and hold more wisdom as a result so let me take your hand… Just have faith. Take the leap. Take the jump, the comfort zone isn’t your highest learning time line; let’s get you somewhere far more amazing!”

~Alexander Quinn

Hindu names of the Seven Primary Chakras. For further information: https://www.brettlarkin.com/chakra-colors-what-do-chakra-colors-mean/

Now, on to the essay:

First thing, traditionally in esoteric science, the chakras are assigned specific colors.  What is a chakra you might ask?  Well, it is an energy center within the etheric body that corresponds to an organ within the physical body.  The energetic or etheric body is the blue print of your physical body.  There are energy centers all over the physical body which correspond to the acupuncture points known to Chinese medicine.  Take the time to look up this information if you’re new to this concept.  It’s been around for thousands of years, but has been brushed aside by modern Western medicine that uses synthetic pharmaceuticals, drugs, to ‘heal’ the body of its ailments… but, in truth, adds to them by bringing foreign substances into the body that interfere with the body’s natural abilities to heal itself.

Okay, we have established that energy lines and centers exist.  The crown chakra is Violet in coloration, although sometimes it appears to be like a rainbow as various rays enter the body upon the command of the occupant.  The gold that I referred to above is symbolic of the Golden Ray of Christ Consciousness, Divine Intelligence.  It is the 10th Ray, one of the aspects of Cosmic Light (see the 12 Cosmic Rays page on this blog).  When you are receiving information from your intuition through your body, you are receiving a portion of the essence of the Golden Ray.  The man called by some, Jesus the Christ, embodied this Ray and others, including the Ruby Ray, the most intense aspect of Divine Love, which burns away all darkness before it.  Whether or not you believe that Yeshua (as I prefer to call Him) lived or not, whether he was the Son of God or not, his story is the story of a lightworker who fully embodied his soul (the Holy Spirit or Feminine essence of his inner being) and conquered all darkness within himself and came into such a degree of mastery as to overcome Death itself.

Yeshua, Jesus, was not a Christian.  Neither were his original followers.  The teachings of Yeshua were not in alignment with the philosophy and power agenda of the Roman empire that initially persecuted the newly formed sects and then embraced it, deleted and manipulated the writings to purposefully downplay or obsecrate the reality that any man or woman could reach the same level of mastery as did the Anointed One.

I remember driving around the backroads of Idaho while in the midst of an intense argument with Yeshua about him being the only Son of God.  I knew that we all had the potential to become like him, to master the physical self (the ego) and surrender to something greater, to embody the Soul or Higher Self within the physical body, and in doing so, overcome Death.  Yeshua underwent the 7th initiation whereupon his physical body was dissolved and became Light.  Due to his degree of Mastery, he was able to briefly show himself to his followers and then departed.  Yet, Yeshua (Aramaic, the language of Jesus) himself told his followers: “Verily truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am.”

As I read this quote, I see what Yeshua was really attempting to say.  He was working with alchemy, consciously working through the steps of initiation to overcome the darkness within (signified by the overweening human ego), bringing attention to the darkness without (at the Temple, healing the untouchables of the current culture in which he lived… the foreigners, the ill, the lepers of his age) and alchemizing or changing his inner unseen bodies (etheric, mental, emotional) with the intensity of the initiations he was undergoing in an extremely short period of time.  The man… and yes, he was a man born of woman, seeded by a man, his father, Joseph… was an example for all time of what the true Path of Initiation consists, the destruction and immolation of the small self and the putting on of the Divine and fiery garments of the Higher Self, the Christ Self.  Man became a god… an Ascended Master and in so doing, gave us all an example of what each one of us can accomplish.  And he did so by not lingering in a misty fairy land of love and light, but by tackling and confronting the inner devil of the ego that attempted to convince him to surrender his will and determination to it.  As above, so below; as within, so without, goes the ancient hermetic saying.  Yeshua embodied that saying in all of his being, as an example for all of us, NOW.

Even the last two words, I am, have a different meaning if you know the true Name to whom he was referring, the I AM, the Name of Source Energy.  It has been my understanding that Yeshua was referring to his Father, Lord Sanat Kumara, Logos of the Earth, Regent of Venus.  Yet, the phrase, I AM, can refer also to the non-physical, beyond manifestation essence of Source, the ineffable, unknowable, all-present Divinity, the Ein Sof, the emanator who created the Universes.  Yeshua, as an Initiate, would not be making claims that he was the only son of God, knowing full well from his upbringing as an Essene that the soul or the Divine nature of God can be embodied by any man or woman capable of carrying the inner heart flame… which is, incidentally, not the case with all of humanity now residing on this planet… a topic for another article.

Yeshua in meditation and communion…

So, what does this have to do with the Violet Crown Chakra?  For answers, study the potential movement of the Kundalini, the Snake Goddess that arises within the Initiate as s/he undergoes their initiations and moves up the spine like a Caduceus (double entwined snake on a pole) to reach the Crown, and then descend to the Third Eye or pineal gland and open it so the initiate can commune with his own Divine nature, the soul, the Higher Self, and other corresponding Masters.  An opened third eye enables the initiate to see through lies.  Is there any better reason for the erstwhile controllers to attempt to feed humanity poisoned food, water, and air than to block the potential of losing control of an awakened citizenry? 

For a long time, I thought the opening of the third eye allowed a person to see into other dimensions, to visualize non-physical beings (non 3D beings) or to see elementals, fairies, etc.  Yet, another lightworker told me that not all people see the same way.  I was thinking it meant clairvoyance, the ability to perceive energies, auras around people and so on.  I can, to a certain degree, see energy fields, but not usually particular colors beyond the faintest.  There are other clairs, like clairsentience, which is more of what I experience personally, clear feeling, an empathic knowing when I encounter a certain kind of energy or frequency.  Then, there is clairaudience, the ability to hear non-physical ‘voices’ within your head.  Can you see why psychology has been used to make people uneasy about hearing other voices?  Creating distrust or fear around natural phenomenon has always been the agenda of the controllers.  Yet, we have to move beyond the lies and see into the purpose behind the lies and the intentional manipulation of humanity that has existed through the long ages. 

Over two decades ago, I experienced feeling two different kinds of voices in my head while I was experiencing what psychology refers to as a mental break and what indigenous shamans refer to as a psychic awakening.  One voice felt invasive, attempting to create paranoia within her.  Derisive and condemning in tone, the voice sought to overcome my consciousness, compelling me to act in ways that were out of my ordinary existence.  As I began to understand that this voice was attempting to cajole and beat me into madness, I began to fight back.  When I returned home, I contacted a spiritual healer who told me that a negatively-polarized entity had taken up residence in my mental body.  After a few healing sessions, the entity was successfully removed, yet I was then faced with the realities of having lost my job and being outright rejected by those who had only weeks earlier embraced me as a friend or at least an acquaintance.  It was the first of many such rejections and a bitter lesson about the weakness of a mind-programmed humanity that does not wish to venture forth and embrace the unknown territory of initiation and Spirit.

Next, after the energetic clearing, I began to experience hearing the second voice, the still, silent voice of the soul that began to speak to me.  I began to channel messages and wrote them down, but ultimately, rejected this voice due to fear and feeling that I needed to concentrate on the outer world, on making a living, appearing to be what passes for ‘normal’ in this darkly controlled world.  I did not want to get locked up, again, in a psych ward because I was hearing voices or doing odd things like leaving home in the middle of the night and driving to Idaho to camp out without being fully prepared.  It took years before I could successfully overcome my fears and it happened as a result of my efforts at writing. Writing became my chosen means of inner self-healing, my own form of therapy. With the urging of a long-time pen pal, I began a blog, putting my thoughts out into the virtual world, and thus informing others about the inner voyage of self-discovery I had embarked upon.

Without being cognizant of what I was doing, I was utilizing the Violet Flame of transformation.  From a quiet introvert on the surface, as a writer I became like a fiery Lion with my words, bringing hope and inspiration to some.  Eventually, I came to the notice of other starseeds and was told of my true starry origins and that I was going to be returning home within mere months, performing what is referred to as a ‘walk-out’.  Beyond that, ‘I’ would be ‘replaced’ by yet another walk-in, the one known as Sundeelia, another Pleiadian.

Talk about wrestling with inner demons.  I had to overcome a ton of the mind and social programming of lifetimes of existence upon Terra… all within a matter of months.  However, this process of transformation, initiation, has been ongoing for lifetimes of service to the Flame of Freedom, to the Violet Flame, for the ultimate freeing of humanity.  What I have managed to do so far in terms of coming to grips with the realization that I and all humanity has been duped, is only one example of what can be accomplished by all those who resonate to those same experiences.

Walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death with open eyes and a peaceful heart is the current path of initiation because it takes trauma and pressure to push and cajole the human persona or ego into submission, either to the dark path of materialism and devolution or into the light path of evolution, soul-embodiment, ascension, returning Home to Heaven, within and without.

The one thing that can be taken from observing the process that I have undergone during this life is to realize that I have been one who had served the Flame of Freedom during nearly every lifetime I have lived here.  Yet, I have had to overcome the same mental and emotional weaknesses that have prevented so many from overcoming the fear of being different.  The fear was real.  Those who were different in all societies were most often attacked, subjected to criticism, being ostracized, rejected, persecuted, maligned, and even killed, sometimes most cruelly.  Yet, unlike others, I have persisted in doing my inner work, learning to listen to my inner guidance, recognizing the value of the nudges received from intuition, defying and moving beyond the criticisms of others to embody my soul fully.  I have followed my own inner guidance, which I have referred to as my inner GPS or compass, zigzagging through various teachings, instruction, books, lectures, channeled messages, videos, taking what resonated, leaving the rest and incorporating new understandings as my mercurial mind absorbed new information, always expanding, changing, altering, coming into greater and greater internal balance. 

So, do I know about the violet Crown Chakra?  I would have to say, ‘Yes’.  I could have left it at that, with a simple reply, but no, this essay wanted to come forth and so it has.  Take what serves and leave the rest.  I do not request that you believe anything that comes forth from my fingers.  If you do not currently resonate at the level of this essay, you will not understand it… yet.  I am not implying that it is all the wisdom that can be had.  Hardly.  I am not such an egotist to claim I know all of the secrets of the esoteric knowledge or wisdom.  Alchemy is a process of change, becoming different, altering your essential nature.  This process is currently working through the whole of humanity, this planet, all life, and the Universe.  It is an individual work of the ages; it is a collective work of the ages, a transformation of life as we have known it, the end of an age and the beginning of a new one, the Age of Aquarius.

The Violet Ray or Flame is the Ray of Freedom, Transmutation, Transformation, Alchemy, Ritual, and the Ray sponsoring the advent of the new Golden Age or what is now called the Second Renaissance, wherein there is beginning a flowering of the true creative nature of the Children of God upon this planet, Terra. By utilizing the Violet Ray, an initiate or lightworker can alchemize all darkness within, those things that are hidden, emotions and thought forms that have been suppressed within the closet of the subconscious to be dealt with ‘later’ by the personality of any one individual, initiate or just regular person. The crown chakra of the Initiate will show to the clairvoyant to be a combination of gold and violet, the beautiful balance of the Holy Family, the gold of the Christ child, the pink of the Divine Feminine, and the blue of the Divine Masculine, the violet being an alchemical blending of the two essences through the internal sacred marriage of human consciousness and the embodied Soul. This is the essence of alchemy, the true path of all initiates, those who wish to ascend consciously to higher frequencies, the bringing of heaven to earth, within our own physical human vehicles.

And now, I must end this essay before it becomes another book. I send love and blessings to all of my readers, new and old.

I AM Eliza

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

Videos and recordings of this written material are not permitted.  For those readers for whom English is a second (or third, et al) language, there is a translator in the side column.  Select whatever language suits and the entire text will be instantly altered, like alchemy!

❤   ❤   ❤

Here is a link to an article by Amanda Lorence that might aid some:


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