Stars and Storms

Do you see Vega in this bunch?

Stars and Storms

Hurricane Season Has Arrived

Storms first: Here in SE Florida, we are now receiving the first bands of rain and wind from Tropical Storm Elsa.  Finally, our ponds are going to fill up and more besides.  We had a long drought here over the winter (dry) months but not anymore.  No worries, folks.  We Floridians, old and new, are used to hurricane season and deal with whatever is dished out.


I haven’t been in a writing ‘mood’ of late, although I have been editing on my 4th book. 

I received an interesting comment from some fellow today claiming to be the Pleiadian prince from Vega.  I looked up where Vega is – second brightest star in the Northern Skies.  Vega is in the constellation of Lyra and is a lovely huge bright star, 25 lightyears from Earth.  The Pleiades are located on the opposite side of the Orion Constellation and are themselves in the constellation of Taurus, over 130 parsecs from Earth.  There is no Pleiadian prince of Vega as our territory although vast certainly doesn’t encompass over 300 light years in distance.  Lyra is also not the birthplace of the Pleiadian peoples… IMHO, a whole other falsehood I have witnessed passed around for years on the Internet.

This interesting fellow then claimed that my description of the mothership, The White Winds, was all wrong.  That may be so, but I worked on the damn thing – did he?  I have indicated on my Welcome page that if the information given does not resonate, then leave it.  I will not tolerate grandstanding on my blog.  Period.  And, dear fellow, if you read these words, your ‘comment’ was deleted.  This isn’t a forum or a place to claim supremacy over anyone else.

I am not a channeler.  I am telepathic; there is a difference.

So, if you do not agree with the information, I put forth, then start your own blog… anyone who comes here.  There is no way possible from this perspective to be absolutely sure of any information received unless you are a fully conscious contactee like Alex Collier and those people are rare.

The ‘governments’ of the Pleiades are representative, i.e., the people represent themselves.  We do have lords and ladies but those titles are given due to soul evolution.  We may or may not have ‘princes’ in the Pleiades but they are planetary, not Federation-wide.  There is, to my present knowledge, no ‘prince’ or ‘king’ of the Pleiades.  There is, a Lord of the Pleiades, Lord Adrigon VaCoupe, but he does not rule the Pleiades.  He serves the people of the Pleiades and of Earth. 

So, that’s my update and rant for the day.  Guess I will watch the rain pitter-pattering on the street outside my door…

Much love and kisses,

Sundeelia VaCoupe Mathdis

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