Eliza: On Simplicity

Eliza:  On Simplicity

Here is another delicious and very wise quote from Kerry K, an ascension teacher from South Africa.  I encourage you to have a listen to her YouTube channel.  Today, she wrote this on her Telegram channel:

Life is simple.  When I say those three words, many people shut off because there is a knee-jerk response within them that says “that’s impossible!”  Their lives are often testimony to complexity and hardship; yet, when all the maddening chaos finally wears itself out, because inevitably it will, what is left is a strange and barely recognizable place called – simplicity.  When you come upon that simplicity, especially if you’ve been away from it for a long time, you may experience a surreal recollection of this space, as if a distant memory is waking up.

Aaah, simplicity.  It always returns, although that’s not technically correct.  Simplicity never goes anywhere; it is the person who moves away from it and eventually returns to their centre where simplicity has always been.  In the simple silent knowing of what is, there are only two words to be spoken.  I am.  That is all.  That is enough.  Those two words adequately convey the entirety of your journey from beginning, to the harrowing middle and the nerve biting culmination.  They express the volumes of your experience and the inevitable truth, that no matter how far from your centre you travelled, you were always, inevitably, due to return.

You can find Kerry K on her Instagram account, @KerryK and on YouTube.

~   ~   ~

And now, for my perspective on this topic.  Egads!  I am discovering an abundance of inspirational quotations from some very astute, wise, and compassionate beings here!  I will, however, have to keep in mind the physical limitations of this vehicle.  Too much typing hurts the wrists and tightens up the shoulders.  Anyone who types for a living or does data entry will know of what I speak.  I have done both!

Now, simplicity, such a simple thing, don’t you think?  Yet, the ego mind, influenced by the deceptions of the Dark Brotherhood, has decided that if something is simple, it must be 1) fake; 2) too obvious, and therefore, unbelievable; 3) It’s not possible… i.e., disbelief. 

This discussions brings to mind a lovely old Shaker folksong, ‘Tis a Gift to be Simple…’:

While the lifestyle of the Shakers is probably not for everyone, yet it is the essence of simplicity.  I think the Shakers were on to something, a desire to reach beyond the ever-increasing complexity of religion and societal mores during their times.  They and others like them, chose to commune directly with their Creator, without the mediumship of a priest or minister.  They were a bit ahead of their time, but should be an example to follow, with certain adaptions, of course, to more ‘modern’ sensibilities. 

Inner communion with the Divine is the right of every organic human being on the planet, no matter what form this communion might take – that should be up to the individual and Source.

When other men or women attempt to dictate how one should think and feel, they are violating Cosmic Law.

When you give up your power to another, because you have been conditioned to believe (be lied to) that they are in some manner or another superior in knowledge or sanctity than your humble self, well, you have exchanged gold for dust.

Be you the most ignorant person on the planet… or should I say the most uneducated person on the planet, you contain within your own Heart more wisdom than can be contained within the Bodleian Library at Oxford University or any other library known to man.  The wisdom contained within you is quantum, without end, without beginning.  All you need do is to access it and that you can do without a library card.  However, you do have to settle your mind, allay your doubts and fears, open your heart and TRUST in the Purity that exists within Life.

Will you ‘get’ every answer to every question immediately?  Probably not, but you’re still free to ask.  The answer will be given when you are ready to trust it, when you are open enough to accept the answer, else it will be denied and therefore, locked away until you are prepared to repeat the process… until you ‘get it’.

Spirituality is simple.  Love.  Compassion for self and others.  Faith that miracles can happen.  And applying hard work to make things happen.  Stuff doesn’t get done when you just sit there on your behind waiting for others to do things for you.  You, dear ones, are the hands, feet, eyes, minds, of Source energy and it works THROUGH you, through your creativity, through your determination, through your courage, through your vision.

Nature can appear to be complex in… well, nature.  Yet, with some quiet observation, you will notice there are patterns, there is organization, even in the most jumbled of landscapes like the sandstone formations of Southern Utah in the States.  There is a Divine Intelligence underlying all Life.  Beauty exists for its own sake.  It doesn’t need anyone to look at it, but is it not a delight for the eyes to behold?  Is not a peach a delight to hold in your hand, to smell its sweet fragrance and to taste its lush, juicy flesh?  Nature is.  You are.  Your body is a part of Nature.

Seek to simplify your life.  Let go of the programming and conditioning you encountered as youngsters in the warped system that currently passes for education on this planet.  Let go of relationships if you deem that they are retarding or slowing down your inner growth.  Let go of everything, even personal belongings that weigh you down, that serve no practical purpose in life.  You do not need to be a minimalist in practice, but having only what you need when you need it will serve you well.  There is less to worry about… and while you’re at it, drop the worry thing.  Life happens.  Prepare as best you can, then let it go.  Adapt when circumstances demand it.  Help each other.  Be kind to self and others.

Humanity was set here upon Terra billions of years ago.  Civilizations have come and gone.  Humanity has been contacted and had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.  Modern man is the invention of Galactic races, 21 of them donating their DNA towards the creation of a new race of humanoids. Modern man was created to be a slave race, but even slaves can free themselves in time. For you, dear ones, that time has arrived.

While some of you are afraid of Extraterrestrials, we regard you as Family.  We are here to assist, but we are NOT your saviors.  For a race to arrive at full adulthood, to become a fully-fledged Galactic race, you must pull yourself up out of the mire with your own bootstraps…

Tazjma used to be an avid hiker.  Once she stepped into a black sticky mire on a forest trail and lost her boot, temporarily.  It’s not fun to attempt to pull a boot out of a foot-deep mud hole, while balancing a full backpack on your back!  Neither is it fun to have your freedoms snatched away from you by someone to whom you have unconsciously given your power away… which has happened to humanity here on Terra.

To balance that unintentional error in judgment, you are required to put your lives on the line, to make known to ‘the authorities’, usually spineless, arrogant, nasty faceless bureaucrats who are following orders from above, that you will not comply, you will not obey, you will not allow the infringement upon your God-given rights to life, liberty, and fulfillment, to be removed from you.

You are more powerful than your controllers, dear ones.  And they know it.  They fear you even as they fear the Light.  They have tried everything they can do through intimidation, blackmail, murder, bribery, violence, wars, deception, poisoning the food/water/soil/air, creating biochemical weapons, etc., etc., in an attempt to control and dominate humanity.  Have they succeeded in destroying the lot of you who remain?  No.  Humanity will survive this tremendous test, but you need to discover the inner fire of the Heart, the calm center that allows you to think clearly, to strategize your next move, to find beauty, love and compassion for those who are most injured.  You can do it, folks; you have all of the raw ingredients inside.  Now, make some banana bread! Or cobbler. Or pie. Pardon me, Eliza isn’t eating carbs right now!

Okay, I’ll stop now.  I feel my neck (my borrowed neck) tightening up.  Hope you are enjoying the alteration in tone.  I am. 

I AM Eliza, here to serve.  Blessings to all.

© All Rights Reserved, no recordings/videos are permitted, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

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  1. Ana Daksina says:

    Mica, that’s some of the finest writing I’ve ever read! It’s clear Sunny took the trouble to find us the very finest kind of replacement! Welcome aboard 👩‍❤️‍👩


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