Eliza: Under Construction

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Under Construction by Eliza Ayres

From my previous post, “Stepping Into the Unknown”, you will begin to realize that I am currently undergoing a process of deconstruction of all that formerly informed me. Now, that can be a confusing concept to some and possibly daunting and frightening, but not for me. No, I just continue smashing into obstacles and crunching old outdated beliefs, even to the point of abandoning much of the work I have done on my ‘book’ and on these two blogs.

If you go through the content of this blog now, as of 18 September 2021, you will probably notice it is now much reduced in size and content. I stripped out most of the material that actually came from Blue Dragon Journal, my companion blog, all channeled messages, and left only the essays which I have written.

I am not going to sugar coat this for anyone. Channeling is giving over your power to another being, whoever it is… and how do you know if you are being manipulated?

We’ve all been manipulated here on Terra. It was part of the reality of life here, a challenge that we accepted when agreeing to incarnate or to walk-in here. This world has been controlled by an alien force. There will be no alien invasion; it already took place hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Has anyone wondered lately why the world has appeared to have descended into complete and utter chaos and insanity? It is because the Dark are no longer in power; the Light is. As a consequence to this sudden about face of the power structure, all that the dark has striven to keep hidden in the shadows, is now coming under extreme scrutiny, as the great Apocalypse or unveiling takes place.

As above, so below, as within, so without. As the world undergoes the painful revelations, so am I as an individual, undergoing my own internal revelations and realizations, some more painful than others. I am being emptied out of all that was not me and never has been a part of my soul essence. Releasing my former beliefs, that have arisen from how I was brought up, what I was told by others, whether in a spiritual group or in ‘normal’ life, I am opening up space to embody more of my own truth.

What has passed as ‘normal’ on this planet has been anything but normal or rather I should say real. As Earth humans, members of a slave race, we have been conditioned and beaten into submission through the long ages of trauma and abuse. Yet, due to the existence of the ‘God’ gene within our DNA, planted there long ago by benevolent extraterrestrials, we are now beginning to break through the barriers to inner growth. We are breaking free of the self-imposed shackles, placed there by ourselves when we agreed at some unconscious level to be obedient to the whims of our masters. No more obedience is due to the minions who have been left behind by their false ‘gods’.

So, dear readers, I am currently undergoing yet another deconstructive period in my life here as an Earth human, undergoing and moving through the alchemical fires of transformation, with no apologies to those whom might be offended or disturbed out of their complacency.

Please note that even on the material still contained within this blog, I am still editing certain pieces to reflect my inner acceptance of fully being a Light Being here experiencing a human existence on a planet that is currently in the throes of a dynamic ascension process.

As I have written before, if this content does not resonate with you, you are invited and encouraged to go elsewhere. This blog is a creative endeavor and within the creative process sometimes it is necessary to remove what no longer resonates with the overall spirit of the work. For those who are long-term readers, I will retain Blue Dragon Journal in much of its current format, including older channeled material, if you care or need to have your ‘fix’ in reading it. Recognize that continuing to look outside of yourself for validation is a learned habit, one programmed into humanity as children. It is a form of addiction and for me, a distraction. Take responsibility for choices made as I have mine. Be willing to see yourself in a different Light, a capable sentient being that has access to unlimited resources emanating from within your own connection with Source. You are a co-creator. Act the part, consciously.

I send my love and blessings to all,

I AM Eliza

(c) All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

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5 Responses to Eliza: Under Construction

  1. Mazie Miles says:

    I feel it too, and believe it is the most briliant light we have ever known. Gratitude for you and your sharing.

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    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Yes, ‘it’, being the Light that is incoming is more brilliant than ever before due to several factors. I might add, the Dark’s moon base has recently fallen into the hands of the Earth Alliance and the Galactic Federation. This means the dark energies that have been aimed in retaining a low-frequency on planet Terra are no longer being transmitted. The Archons, fallen angels, Reptilians and some of their allies have fled from Terra as they cannot abide with the rapidly rising frequencies here. The Dark Fleet has departed according to sources via Dr. Michael Salla and Elena Danaan. Good news for humanity! We’re FREE!

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  2. gratzite says:

    Sending Best Wishes.
    We are units of consciousness in The Absolute confirmed by Jesus in the 12th Blessing, as “The I AM in man”. IT cannot be influenced for long.

    There are enough of us to allow things to develop The New Age, already showing in the resistance to the Spamdemic for an Orwellian State.

    The litany of sacrifices in The Twelve Blessings assured the founding. The “ascension” forecasting is best ignored, by me, that is.

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  3. Barbara says:

    Yes! I resonate big-time, Eliza, thank you! It occurred to me that eons ago Earth was quarantined and hence the horrors of separation from Source, but in the last year and a half that “quarantine” has appeared in form on Earth herself… as above, so below. I dare to say that this is because the stellar quarantine, as your essay suggests, has been lifted That also tells me that we’re at the end stages of separation from friends afar, and so, “under construction” is the most appropriate and brave action we can take. With you, Love, B.

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