Anticipation and Fulfillment

Intracoastal Waterway, Central Florida, photo by Eliza Ayres

Sundeelia:  Anticipation and Fulfillment

Living in several different planes of existence or at least being aware that a goodly portion of your consciousness is ‘elsewhere’ is a rather odd experience.  Just two nights ago, I was communicating via telepathy with an elder of my extended Family, who wanted to make sure I understood our relationship.  He is the Twin of my beautiful and gracious Mother.  Neither Being will be named here; what’s the point anyway?  No one would believe me.

From my observations in being here, in the world but definitely not of the world, I have noticed just how hemmed in Earth humans are by their shared belief systems.  Whether the belief is based upon a religious, politics, or cultural bias, doesn’t really matter.  When a person’s opinions are based on a belief, there is little room or desire to push beyond the limitations of said belief(s).  What is more evident is that only those persons who are courageous and resourceful, who are comfortable in being themselves, usually manage to break through the unseen barriers of human programming and discover there is a whole new world beyond.

Yet, I am not going to focus on criticizing the world.  I’m here as a visitor, an observer, living quietly a rather simple life on the surface.  However, simultaneously, I have periodic access to at least two other story-lines of my soul’s development, one concerning my lifetime as Raphael Kantor-VaCoupe and my ‘now’ life as Sundeelia.

Why the anticipation?  Well, nearly a year ago, I was mated (married) to a fine man, Lord Aiden Mathdis, who happens to be the Lord of Jolf, a small town located on the coast of Maubene, one of the twelve continents on the Isle of Medina, my home planet in the Pleiades.  As sometimes happens in love matches such as ours, I became pregnant within weeks of getting mated.  Soon, we realized that I was carrying twins, something that often happens in my father’s family.

Located close to the great star Electra, the Isle of Medina is a desert planet, although it does have freshwater oceans.  The ‘continents’, known locally as ‘isles’ are smallish.  Maubene is one of the larger ones.  In the center of the continent there is a vast desert plain, rather similar in appearance to the area around Tucson, Arizona.  Like the deserts of the Southwest, the deserts of Maubene are filled with life, both flora and fauna.  The rock-filled and sandy acres are dotted with an assortment of cacti of various shapes and size, ranging from giant Saguaros to tiny ground-hugging cacti.  There are also other tough desert plants, ranging from ground covers to the trees and shrubs that cling to the edge of the few rivers in the area.  Beyond the town of Medina, dark rugged and barren mountains rise up, dominating the center of the continent.

Rugged foothills surround and protect Jolf, a pretty town filled with squat white-washed abode and sandstone buildings, reminiscent in style to the Pueblo Revival architecture commonly found in parts of New Mexico and Arizona.  High garden walls protect beautiful gardens overflowing with an assortment of flowers, vines, shrubs, and trees, that can grow in the gentler coastal climate which is moderated by the nearby sea.  Lord Aiden and I reside in a sprawling house that is several thousand years old, simple yet comfortable in design and function. 

Again, why the anticipation?  Now a mate, for the first time in any of my embodiments, I am about to become a mother.  Yes, Lord Aiden is about to become a father and the proud parent of two beautiful boys, Raimundo and Adario Mathdis.

Yesterday, I stopped writing this essay and now I can announce that as of this morning, Aiden and I are the proud parents of two beautiful dark-haired boys who have violet-blue eyes like mine own. 

How do I know this?  Well, when Tazjma left four years ago, she also gave birth within a day or so, just this time of year on Terra.  And today was four years to the day when I fully walked in… appearance day we call it rather than birthday.  So, I have some experience on how a birthing feels, with the happy anticipation of participating family members who have arrived to witness the birth.  In any family but especially in my husband’s, an ancient family of high light lineage, any birth is highly anticipated and an occasion for the expression of great joy… which is what I was feeling, both emanating from myself, my husband, and my close relatives.

When I woke up in the dark of early morning, I was aware of the Presence of my parents, Uncle, and several cousins who were connecting with me, sending me love.  Having felt into a distant birthing before, I recognized the frequency of what was occurring for ‘me’ far away – a sort of remote viewing, simple telepathy and intuitive knowing. 

The method by which Pleiadians now give birth is rather unique and benefits the mother.  For several months the parents, father and mother… and the soul of the incoming child (in our case, two children) connect and work out the general appearance and soul contracts for the child, what gifts will be brought in, as well as the general life plan.  Then, when the child’s Light Body has formed up into the etheric the child steps out of the woman’s womb in Light Body.  After about two or three days, the physical form precipitates out of the Light Body.  At birth, a Pleiadian child will appear to be three or even four years old in Earth terms.  Each child is fully conscious and retains memory of important soul connections and ‘past’ lives.  For the first three years of the child’s life, the mother is the most important person as motherhood is regarded as a career in the Pleiades and those women who choose to be mothers are highly honored.  Each child is carefully conceived, co-created consciously, and much loved. 

So, it happened… surrounded by loving family members, my two sons appeared entering the world of men.  Once more, I have two of my beloved soul mates in my life, although now I have changed genders.  One son was once a beloved and wise adopted uncle.  The other was a distant cousin and brother-in-law, brother to my first mate.  I am exceedingly happy to be the conduit for them returning into embodiment.

With this birth, I am now a mother for the first time ever.  I have been a father many times, but this is now, for me, an experience from a totally different perspective.

So, I have shared a bit of what goes on in the background even while a small portion of ‘me’ lives here on Terra observing the transitional period which will eventually lead to the Golden Age (the Satya Yuga) in 2032.  Life is ‘interesting’.

I AM Sundeelia Mathdis

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  2. Barbara says:

    Huge love congratulations, Sundeelia. I was in the last few days wondering about your twins and whether they had arrived safely. Welcome, Raimundo and Adario Mathdis! As far as I know, I’ve never been a mother, though I have been both male and female over vast amounts of Arcturian non-time. I was last night doing some remote viewing, or perhaps astral traveling may be the better term, and I did indeed see your home isle. It was strange for me as it was territory I was familiar with, but knew I had not been to. Perhaps it becomes the environment of the Golden Age of Terra. Once more, I am so happy for you! Love, Altea


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