Sundeelia: Physical Ascension or Something Else?

Similar in appearance to my Pleiadian Sister, Tazjma VaCoupe Dino

Sundeelia: Physical Ascension or Something Else?

Here’s another topic suggested by my friend and long-time reader, the Arcturian starseed:

‘And following on that thought came… there’s been a lot of talk about “taking our bodies with us,” when we ascend. And that doesn’t make sense to me, especially as we age (I mean, I don’t mind leaving this particular elder vehicle behind at all!) but what does make sense is consciously relocating while we’re here. In other words, we don’t die in the 3D sense, but instead consciously choose when to leave by shifting our consciousness out of our bodies to where we next want to go.  (For me, home to my mate and my Arcturians.)’

All I can say in reply is, “Brilliant!”

For this insight of my friend addresses some deep human programming here, the belief that you begin and end where your physical body exists.  Sorry, folks, I’m about to burst your little bubble, especially all those ascension teachers and faddists who believe if they just perfect the body to the point when the carbon-based cells can magically translate into crystalline structures, they will be able to step into the world of the fifth dimension and never have to worry about getting ill or dying, again.

Where do diamonds come from?  What happens when water is cooled and becomes ice?  Crystals form in both cases.  Compressed carbon becomes diamonds, eventually.  Water becomes ice crystals.  Now, just how much water is contained already within that fragile physical body?  Hmmm, about 80% give or take a percentage.  Seems to me that your earthy body is already crystalline, although currently in a somewhat liquid, squishy form.  Now, I’m not a scientist as I have mentioned before, but this is a question or observation I have made more than once while here.

As a walk-in, I am NOT here to ascend this physical form.  It is borrowed, like an older car.  I take care of it, but I have absolutely no intention of taking it Home with me.  I already possess a perfectly good vehicle at Home, one that is decades younger, fitter, tall and… well, I used to be slender, only just carried a set of twin boys and am now in the process of nursing the lads until they can successfully eat food on their own.  You know, like an Earth-human mother, for we are fully human, although our bodies do not have a skeleton like yours.  We have cartilage instead of bones, making our bodies stronger and more flexible.  My Father’s people are taller, too.  He stands well over eight feet in height; I stand at about 7’8” in height or 233.68 cm, slightly taller than average height for a woman in our family, although some of my aunts and cousins are over eight feet in height, as well. 

Knowing that, why in the heck would I want to drag a 5’8” Earth human vehicle Home with me?  I mean, really, people!

Now, even in the Pleiades there is much variance in form and function among our ‘people’.  We consider every sort of five-pointed star being (one head, two arms, two legs) as being a humanoid.  It doesn’t matter what their head looks like… they’re a human being in our thinking and acceptance.  We understand and live unity in diversity and sometimes that diversity is very, very real in forms. 

For example, we have what I have come to call the great Felines, beautiful, intelligent beings who have tawny hides and manes, slightly jutting jaws with magnificent canines, slightly growly physical voices, and who range from tall slender like cheetahs to massive Leonine beings standing on two powerful legs over nine feet in height.  Of course, all of our people are now telepathic, but occasionally we utilize our voices to communicate especially when on board our ships. 

As I understand it from this perspective, the Pleiades also contain many sentient animals including whales and dolphins.  They do not have human forms, but we can and do communicate with them if the occasion calls for it.  There are also a dog-like human species, but I don’t have much conscious recollection of their particular appearance.  We also have humans ranging in size from three feet tall to over nine feet tall… humans that you wouldn’t blink at should they pass you by on the street in San Francisco, except their eyes are larger and often times a deep rich blue in coloration.  Our Felines have beautiful golden eyes rimmed with black like the big cats of Earth.

Anyway, why should I want to take this older Earth human vehicle Home with me when I leave this place?  I don’t, even if it (with a portion of my consciousness within it) manages to ascend in frequency somewhat before that time.  As I said, I am a walk-in… a portion of my consciousness entered the body and remained as it was deserted by the former occupant.  Both my sister and I totally do not identify with being the body.  Instead, we identify with being consciousness that has taken up residence within a body vehicle for whatever duration our mission here (or at Home) requires. 

Therefore, the idea that some believers of New Age notions have of physical ascension is rather moot to me, unimportant, beneath consideration.  Yes, if you are a member of the portion of humanity who will ascend (you are ascending right now) your body will need to incorporate and deal with the high frequency light that is bombarding the planet right now.  You will be living in a slightly finer body in a still very physical world as the Earth human genome is designed to be able to function within a wide range of frequencies.  You will still require a home to live in, food to eat and will probably have a job or tasks to do while you are living on the planet.  You are not going anywhere, at least until you let go of the body vehicle and return from whence you came if you are a starseed.  The timing of this departure is totally dependent on your individual soul contract (which can be altered if necessary).

Yes, it is sweet to have an opportunity to live within a body, to walk around, to be able to hug your loved ones, to do physical tasks like gardening, building things, constructing plans, living on a starship, being a scientist, a teacher, an administrator, a counselor, a priestess, shaman, or humble artisan, whatever piques your fancy and can best utilize gifts and talents brought forth from other lives lived in other places and epochs.  It is why we choose to come back, live out our lives, then consciously drop the body, rest between incarnations, and are born, again. 

Some Earth humans who are destined to ascend may not be able to do so with their current physical forms that are unable for one reason or another to adapt to the higher frequencies.  These beings will go out of body and then, when there are sufficient parents available to bring in children, will incarnate in a more conscious fashion than most human children have managed to before due to the existence of the Veil of Forgetfulness.  The general frequency will be at least 4D and with every succeeding generation, will inch higher as individual and collective consciousness continues to climb slowly higher.

Now, I understand that there will be those who believe in the coming Solar Flash that will magically transform the entirety of humanity into 5D beings.  In my humble opinion, a few humans may physically survive such an occurrence, although it is much more likely that a high percentage will instantaneously go out of body due to their bodies inability to adapt or reconfigure its frequency.  As I am not a quantum scientist, I could be very wrong, but… we’ll see, won’t we?

Bottom line, the emphasis in ascension should be the embodiment of your consciousness within the body, allowing your soul essence to enter into your body, a process that entails cleaning out enough space for the body to be a safe environment for the soul essence in which to reside.  If your intuition insists you become a vegan, then do so.  However, your diet isn’t the only deciding factor whether or not your soul finds the body vehicle compatible with its essence.  There is the matter of tackling the clean-out and exposure of all mental and emotional debris, suppressed trauma, pain, wounds, unbalanced emotional issues, etc.  There are at least four elements involved with ascension:  physical healing; emotional healing; mental healing and alignment/connection with guidance from your I AM Presence or Higher Self or spiritual mentors.  Focusing just on the physical form will not cut it in the long run.

Now, I am going to shock people.  I eat meat.  As a high-frequency being living in a lower frequency body I seem to require denser food just to stay grounded.  It is easy for my consciousness to go floating off to the Pleiades while I am writing and performing my active meditation remote viewing writing process.  To be able to live and function here among lower frequency beings, I require a bit of an anchor, so heavier food in small quantities does the trick, for me.  It may not fit all people, but I am not all people, am I?  My sister ascended even after she ate chicken, turkey, and fish as protein sources.  Remember, it’s not about the body vehicle; it’s about the consciousness within the body vehicle.  Tazjma worked very hard on releasing old trauma and pain from many lives lived here on Terra, before she could successfully ascend Home.  Performing spiritual bypassing… avoiding confronting the dark within, will not serve those who claim to be initiates.  Hmmm, that would make another excellent topic to discuss in another essay.

Anyway, consciousness is energy.  Energy is eternal.  As an individual intent on ascension, it is important to address the release of all misaligned energy within your consciousness… which is what I am doing here, rather than at Home, as the frequency on Earth is actually lower than what it was in the Pleiades when I experienced the original trauma.  The clearing process is actually faster here as the trauma is more apparent.  Just look around and truly see the suffering.  The suffering can be relieved if the initiate realizes that it even exists.  Another topic for discussion.

When I was granted permission to come here, I knew I would not remain for long.  As I have oft repeated, I am merely a placeholder for one who has already successfully ascended.  The original occupant who was born, incarnated, into this vehicle already long departed at age three, having consciously chosen to withdraw for unknown reasons.  The switch-over was done per soul contract between the soul of the youngster and my sister, who then walked in and discovered herself standing in front of a bathroom mirror holding a toothbrush in her hand and not knowing her name.  I would imagine it was bit of a shock, but being well-trained and highly intelligent, Tazjma adjusted. 

It was a major shock to me, too, when I arrived and fully took command of the body vehicle.  Suddenly, I felt intense anger, rage even, shock, grief, a sense of separation from family and Home… I knew I had to work to do and eventually discovered how to go about it after taking some time to adjust to just being here on Terra. 

Anyway, when I leave, my consciousness will simply depart, the silver cord will be removed and this portion of Self will re-braid with the remainder of ‘me’ that is already in the Pleiades.  There may or may not be a short period of adjustment, but to my loved ones it will feel that ‘I’ am now more ‘there’.  When this process will take place, I do not know for sure, although it may become more apparent to me later.  I do know that I have been highly successful in performing some major clearing work here via my writing project.  I have had the opportunity to observe humanity making choices and undergoing/enduring a major transition and splitting of timelines (another topic of discussion…).  This has been highly educational for me and a rare opportunity to be in a world but not of it, giving me more insights on the inner state of being of the human collective here.

Now, I will end this essay.  I hope I shone a light on an interesting and somewhat controversial subject.  It may be one that I address further in another essay as I gain more insights on the topic.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.  I wish you all well.

I AM Sundeelia.

© All Rights Reserved, videos and recordings of this written material is not permitted.  Author, Eliza Ayres,

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2 Responses to Sundeelia: Physical Ascension or Something Else?

  1. Barbara says:

    All I can say is “YES!” Thank you for putting into words what I intuitively feel/know, but cannot express to my own satisfaction. “Come home,” said the Arcturians years ago, but I’d lost my road map and needed to build a new one. Reminds me of, “Are we there yet?” Almost….Love, B.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eliza Ayres says:

      With loving respect, I honor you, dear Arcturian starseed. Thanks for the wonderful suggestions and insights. ~ Sunny


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