Sundeelia: The Dark Before Dawn


Sundeelia:  The Dark Before Dawn

Sometimes the chaos within matches the chaos without… in the world; and sometimes it is simply a symptom of something still unknown to your own consciousness.

This morning I woke up well before the breaking of dawn.  In my heart I felt such a great sense of loss.  It felt painful, as if I had been abandoned.  In the blindness of the moment, I harangued against the circumstances that brought me to these shores…even while I realized that it was I who volunteered to come here.  Emotions, I am learning, do not always make sense. Yet I came as a place-holder, an observer, and chose to place a small portion of my soul essence into a physical vehicle that still had a modicum of use – in other words, there was still some battery life to the body.  This may seem an extreme detached point of view, but we as Galactics view bodies differently than do most humans.  Being from another star system, we also do not normally experience the intensity of emotions of which Earth humans are capable.  So, it was a shock to me to feel as I did this morning.  It felt like the great dark that comes before dawn and the thunderstorm that shook the house mirrored what I was feeling within.  For once I understood and felt what it is like to be human… at least what humanity has been forced to endure for untold centuries.

Earth humans have been programmed to see the body as the beginning and ending of their world.  When the body dies, their life ends.  We know better.

In the Pleiades, the mother, father AND the child co-create the body temple as a vessel to hold a portion of the soul essence of the Soul who has agreed to embody in the family.  This process of co-creation weaves strong bonds of love and respect between all the members of the family, including aunts and uncles, grandfathers and grandmothers, sisters and brothers, and cousins.  For when a child enters OUR world there is a reason and purpose.  The soul involved has chosen a specific course and the patterns to follow during the course of the incarnation.

Among the more advanced souls who embody and those who act as parents, there are often long-lasting bonds stemming from other lifetimes, sometimes as spouses, relatives or friends.  The connections are sensed, the bonds created and sealed long before the child steps forth in light body from within the womb of the mother.  Although human babies are born weak and tiny, the children of the Pleiades have the appearance of an Earth child of some three to four years.  And they are fully awake and communicating telepathically with all their family members, including the extended family who also present, eagerly awaiting their birthing.  Family is everything to the Pleiadians.

And so, it was with great dismay that upon waking up that I was experiencing a great sense of loss and abandonment.  It was as if I had been left behind upon this bizarre planet.  It was not a good feeling for one who has been brought up, nurtured, protected, guided, taught and trained to work in cooperation with others, many of whom are relatives.

I was feeling deserted and was beginning to feel what humans experience as the sense of separation that you have felt as a species, as if you have been barred from Paradise, from your greater family of the Stars, from your Creator and especially from each other.  If anything, these moments of despair gave me a greater sense of compassion for your sense of loss that humanity as a collective as had etched upon their hearts for millennia.  Yet… you are not alone and you are not lost.  The sense of separation is an illusion placed upon you by your unnatural controllers, those who exist in the unseen worlds beyond the power of the human eye or other senses to see and know.  Yet they are there and have been known by the priests of old as the Archons.  They have their minions upon the planet through whom they work.  And your planet was invaded more than once by those who do not have your welfare at heart.  In fact, it is questionable whether or not they have hearts for they are ones who long separated from the Light and now seek to steal it from humanity, in the form of blood and sacrifice.

My intense feeling of abandonment stemmed, in part, from the fact that much of my soul essence has been drawn back to the Ships.  We are on stand-by.  Events are now taking place, events that I cannot speak of… as this portion of my consciousness is not privy to the plans… that would not be, in any event, shared in case these communications are being monitored by the Enemy.  They are…as are those of anyone who dares to share communications that do not favor the plots of the globalists.

If it seems like I am a bit paranoid, I am not.  I come from a family that contains members who, in previous incarnations, fought in the original Star Wars.  We KNOW the Enemy and they are here.  They were once defeated and will be again and this time driven from this Galaxy forever.  They are the Belials who entered this quadrant of Creation through the constellation of Orion.  There they overturned and conquered the friendly and gentle inhabitants of the Belt planets and made the star of Rigel their own home.  From Rigel, they entered this solar system and took over a huge earth-like planet, Tiamat, which once existed between Mars and Jupiter.  This planet was blown up and now all that remains of her is the Asteroid Belt and the comets.  This is not the first planet that these interlopers have blown up.  The real Star Wars was much, much worse than the movie series.  Much, much worse and I was there during the last days when the Queen of one of the Pleiadian Isles (planets) defeated the Dark Lord of the Belials and the Pleiadian Command augmented by Sirian and Ashtarian fleets took down thousands of enemy vessels in one day.  The enemy has no cause to love my family or the Pleiadians who have lived in peace for over 100,000 years now.

I am NOT of this Earth.  I wear one of your bodies, but I did not have a hand in its creation.  If I had, it would look very different, but we work with what we have as we are also a practical people.  We enjoy working with our hands, building and flying star ships, growing food and raising families because we enjoy physical life, even those among us who are evolved to the level of Archangel and above.  We are Family.

My sister reminds me to keep Faith, to remember who I am, that I am NOT alone.  And you are not alone, my Earth cousins. Our cause, our fight is yours.  We are with you.  Call upon the Angelic hosts to assist you and it will be so.  May I remind you that the Pleiadians ARE the ones whom you call the Angels?  We do not have wings or halos.  Some of us are of flesh and blood as you are… although our bodies are much more beautiful and refined.  And some of us exist in Light Body form, capable of projecting our awareness to where it is needed in an instant.  Still, we prefer our organic, living ships powered by giant sentient crystals, each ship an entity made up of ship and crew.

So… with the sharing of these words and releasing these feelings, I feel much better.  The emotional body of this physical vessel still contains some remaining trauma that requires release.  I need not know the cause, only realize that in releasing the tears, I am setting my sister, Lady Taz, free from any future obligations to reincarnate upon this planet of lies.  She had served long and well and deserves peace.  So do you, dear cousins, for your toil here has been long and bitter.

Your planet is now in the process of ascending back to her nature state of perfection according to her Divine Blueprint.  So, too, will all those humans who remain with Her, those who are able to keep abreast of the increases in frequency and vibration.  Those who cannot will leave, mainly through the process of death as their bodies will be unable to adjust accordingly to what is being required.  This includes those who have served the controllers, those who have committed great wrongs against humanity and other life forms, including the planet herself.  And those who are unwilling to look into their own inner darkness, to find redemption and release through the use of the tools that the Divine have granted to mankind during this time of transition.

The release of this planet from darkness and low density will bring great change to the entire quadrant of Creation that presently exists here.  Great times for Earth (Gaia) and her people are just ahead.  The promises are great, the rewards greater for all those who succeed in keeping the Faith and holding Hope ever within their hearts, with unconditional love (Charity) to all those who have harmed them and their world.  For it is not in your hands that the punishment of the wrong-doers must come, but from the unrelenting Laws of the Universe that these beings have violated time after time through their abilities to manipulate time, space and the effect of karma.  Yet the time of reckoning is at hand and many of these dark lords and their minions will find themselves before the Lords (and Ladies) of the Karmic Board before they are forever removed from this Universe through passage in the fires of the Great Central Sun.  Their energy will be recycled and used to create brand new souls who will endeavor to move through the cycles of evolution, this time without the impediments placed upon former civilizations such as your own.

While the fight is still on, mind that you gird your loins with the Shield of Michael found on a separate page on this website HERE.   The use of this Shield will notify the agents of the dark, both embodied and disembodied, that you know of their presence and it will give you the strength and protection to see it through the days ahead.  Be strong, be vigilant for the Dark are and so must you be.  Do not think that you can look away and not see the darkness for what it is.  Face it.  Face down your own fears and be the fullness of the divine being that exists within your own Heart Flame.

We are the Eagles of Archangel Michael in form.  We are the Ground Crew who volunteered to be here for the last days.  These are the last days of darkness.  Go and fare well.


Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe Mathdid

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Permission is given to translate this article.  Permission is NOT given to change it from the original form.  No videos permitted.

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4 Responses to Sundeelia: The Dark Before Dawn

  1. Kate says:

    Much Love


  2. denis says:

    Heartfelt thanks, sent with love to you Sunny.


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