The Battle for Earth and the Solar System

Star Ships over Atlantis

The Battle for Earth and the Solar System

by Sundeelia

Note to Readers:  This rather passionate comment (see below) was elicited from me in answer to a question a reader had about channeling which I will address in another essay.

The comment was: ‘On September 18th, you stated you were no longer going to channel as you cannot know if information, you’re told is truthful. Something must have happened to open your eyes and I will not ask what that was. However, I am wondering if has it changed your thinking regarding this essay. We can only pray that good will triumph over evil in this and every other world.

My reply was:

A couple of years ago… actually four, I was told that the entire Pleiades star cluster was freed from their enemies. It would appear that this belief was mistaken. If you want further information, refer to the works of Alex Collier, Elena Danaan, Dr. Michael Salla, and other former members of the Secret Space Force.

At the same time, be assured that the Earth Alliance and the benevolent Galactics who are assisting us (Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Vegans, Lyrans, Arcturians, et al) are winning. According to reports coming from Galactic sources through Elena who is a contactee, the Dark Fleet has retreated from this planet, fleeing from their secret base/settlement in Antarctica with starships, through their portals, and via ships to Argentina.

The remnants of the dark control of this planet (and the rest of this solar system) is steadily being revealed to Earth’s population, including the dastardly eugenics agenda designed to kill off 95% of the planet’s population by using any method these psychopaths could invent and put to use. This is all being revealed as part of an orchestrated ‘movie’ by the so-called White Hats. It’s a bitter pill for humanity to learn just how traumatized, used and abused we’ve been, all of us, no matter your gender, culture, country, race, skin-color… We’ve have all been lied to by all of the authorities and leaders of the infiltrated systems. This especially includes all religions and spiritual teachings. Yes, there are kernels of truth, but mixed with a ton of poisonous lies.

The Light will prevail. Light is igniting the inactive DNA within your own body. I could write an entire essay on just this and perhaps I will. The Light is WINNING, folks. And we are shuffling off the lies, beliefs, and mind-programming that we have suffered under for millennia. Thanks be to Source, to the Galactics, to our own unique presence here in the Milky Way Galaxy. Humanity is about to learn just how precious and unique we are.

~   ~   ~

Firstly, I am here to inform my readers that I am what is known as a catalyst.  If you want to remain coddled in amongst the inverted paradigm under which Terrans have lived for millennia, then you’re in the wrong place.

Humanity is undergoing a tremendously traumatic and turbulent transformation, from being an enslaved race under the domination of negatively polarized alien forces to being freed (or in the process of being freed) from this off-world tyranny. 

When I walked in and joined Eliza’s consciousness in 2017, I was told by a then mentor and friend that the Pleiades had been freed of their enemies, the negatively polarized Orions, long ago by the singular effort of one Lady Claudine, then a queen of one of the Pleiadian isles or planets.  During the course of writing about that war, which I have referred to as the Orion Wars, I was working under the misconception and belief that what I had been told actually had a basis in reality.  It did not, in more ways than one.

In the Bible it talks about removing the scales from your eyes (Acts 9:18): ‘And immediately there fell from his eyes as it had been scales: and he received sight forthwith, and arose, and was baptized.’

Well, recently, the scales have fallen from my eyes.  What I had been told by perhaps a well-meaning but delusional mentor was a falsehood.  For a portion of the Pleiadian star cluster, namely the system dominated by the great star Alcyone is still under the sway of a confederation of negatively polarized Reptilians, Orion Grays, and fallen or Black Pleiadians. 

There were other things that I was told that I now question.  While all of this may seem exotic to some people who are busy attempting to live ‘normal’ lives during these uncertain times, the news does inform me that there are still huge swaths of our Galaxy under either domination by the negatively polarized Reptilians and their Gray allies.  So, how does this affect us here on Terra? 

The whole scenario currently being played out on Terra is being actively orchestrated by the Earth Alliance and several extraterrestrial space forces and confederations.  The lengthy unveiling of the secret agendas of the Dark is to wake up the human population to the reality that Terra has been a captured world. 

Yes, captured and now in the process of being freed, which is an extremely painful transition to undergo for anyone.

If I have learned nothing from my writings over the last four years, it is this: trauma buried is still trauma.  Until it is released, it will affect your life and all future lives whether lived upon Terra or elsewhere.  Trauma remains in your Light Body, the eternal portion of your Soul that goes with you during the transition called ‘death’.  In my writings, I unburied some of my own long-suppressed trauma and revealed it in the form of my writings shared with a select few.

Humanity has become complacent and blinded, hoodwinked by the lies and manipulations that have been done by our controllers, who regarded themselves as being of superior intelligence and blood.  The long-suppressed history of humanity is complex and is only now coming out in bits and snatches as finally some of us can handle it, the story of a people that has long had contact with numerous extraterrestrial races and has been actively subjected to being the guinea pigs of a long drawn-out genetic experiment.  The reasoning behind the experiment varied from a dark agenda to control Terra and its rich resources, including water, gold, silver, rare earth metals, and the human genome.

The writings of the contactee, Elena Danaan, is uncovering some of the realities that exist beyond the atmosphere of Terra and within it.  She has just released a new book which Michael Salla announced on his YouTube channel today:

I encourage those of my readers who are willing to do their own digging and research to read this work, as I intend to, and see for yourself what is really going on behind the scenes as it were.

There are benevolent extraterrestrials working to free Terra from the greedy grip of the Dark.  Yet, ultimately, it will be humanity’s collective responsibility to protect our world and to remain free as the Reptilians and their dark allies regard this planet as a valuable prize and will attempt to recapture it in the future.

The purpose of the ‘movie’ we are all now witnessing is the slow revelation of all these secret agreements, betrayals, and acts of treason against all of the governments of the world by forces who wanted to hang on to their power.  Yet, due to the rising frequency of the planet itself, they have been unable to do this.

Yes, Terra, Gaia, Earth… however you refer to this magnificent water world upon which we have the privilege to live, is regarded as a Living Library.  The extraordinary diversity of life, flora and fauna, and the unique human populations and cultures that exist here have emerged from many sources, both indigenous and extraterrestrial.  Our benevolent cousins who share our blood and wish to see our people live in peace and prosperity are also karmically connected to us, for some of them have lived here and interacted with humanity in its earlier stages of development.  Someday much of this hidden knowledge will be revealed, what has not been destroyed by the minions of the alien controllers in an attempt to hide their presence here.

The Dark cannot survive the onslaught of Light, Divine intelligence.  The Dark is incapable of creativity, which is why they have used human beings to do their work for them… that and to temporarily escape the karmic backlash of planning and committing crimes against humanity.  It is time to confront the remaining minions of the Dark, the ones who have been left behind by their puppet-masters, and to say, ‘No! We will not obey your insane mandates!’ as there are many more humans than the abandoned minions of their dark masters.

Now, is the time for the Human Family to collectively wake up and to take into our own hands and hearts the future of this world.  By keeping the memory of what we have been through to reach this stage of adulthood where we can finally be accepted as a Galactic race, we will never fall again into darkness, fall in frequency.  Terra is ascending and we are going with Her.  The living consciousness of our sentient planet, Gaia, regards us all as Her children.  She is our Mother.

I will bring this essay to an end.  There is more to say, but it can be addressed in another essay.

I AM Sundeelia

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, and

P.S.  Yes, while I live here among you, arrayed in a human vehicle, I am a human among humans and sometimes make mistakes… and break paradigms and belief systems when I finally see them for what they are based upon.  Being a catalyst means I will always manage to upset people, especially those who wish to cling to their delusions.  Cognitive dissonance works both ways.  If you are uncomfortable seeing your belief systems questioned, then you’re reading the wrong blog.  I invite you to go elsewhere and to leave quietly!

❤     ❤     ❤

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