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Eliza:  Metamorphosis

Well, due to the recent changes I’ve made on this blog, my readership has dropped drastically.  Oh, well.  I’m focusing on my inner journey right now and that’s what is important to me, not attempting to satisfy the micro-attention span of people looking outside of themselves for something that will feed their ego.

Yes, that probably sounded rather rude, but we’re getting raw here and so I expect I’m going to offend some, perhaps many people’s sensibilities. 

Yes, I’ve had a whole set of walk-ins enter into my consciousness, soul-braid into my awareness, become a part of my life here.  However, you know what counts right now, especially if you’re one of the human beings who wants to ascend?  Being authentic, dropping the ego defenses, letting go of the labels, the belief systems fed to you by an assortment of various authorities in every walk of life.  Basically, I am coming into self-acceptance, being a Light Being undergoing an ascension process and embodying all of my Light here on this beautiful planet.  Wow!  It is a process, not an overnight occurrence, so, right now, there is a lot of debris to release and that includes former attitudes, beliefs, about myself and others.  Mainly, it is a process of getting to know my true Self, which is more than what this humble body can possibly hold.  Learning to drive a car is a lot easier.

One of the areas where the greatest offenders are located… those who are not being authentic and real has been in the spiritual movement.  Everyone who is labeled as an authority seems to think they have permission to tell others what to think, how to perform meditations, to do mantras, to have a guru, what to eat, what to wear, to collect crystals, how to always be radiating positivity… basically suppressing your own humanity in order to fit into the expectations of what a spiritual ‘person’ is… which is anything but the truth.

Real spirituality is simple, which does not imply that being real and spiritual is an easy process.

Given that every human being on the planet has been exposed to the misaligned energies of the planetary body herself, tilted at some 23 degrees off-center for several millennia, every human body has had to align unconsciously with that misalignment.  Then, you add religious dogma that implies that we all born into sin, so straight off each human from their very first breath taken has several strikes against them already.  And there has long been the expectation that you should fit in, by doing and being whatever, your local environment, family, friends, and co-workers feel the most comfortable with.  Whether or not you’re comfortable being there in the midst of these unspoken burdens is totally moot… at least to the general consensus. 

All of those expectations are being thrown out the door, trashed, released, burnt-up through transformative energies that are now being bombarded upon this planet by Cosmic Light and benevolent extraterrestrials who are here to guide and assist.

Note that I said ‘guide and assist’, not save.  Our ET cousins are not here to be our saviors.  To let yet another alien race/races, benevolent or otherwise, to take over our planet, is to continue giving our power away to others.  We already do that enough in life here on this earth plane.  The benevolent ETs know better, for some of them have interfered in the past and have become karmically intertwined with the human race of this world, which is one reason they’re here now.

Another reason, the friendly ETs follow the Prime Directive, which was presented to the public through the Star Trek series.  Recently, Michael Salla and Elena Danaan, made a presentation on YouTube which outlined each part of the Prime Directive.  It’s basically a policy of non-interference unless permission is given. 

Through my life here on Earth, I have taken a path that didn’t fit anyone’s expectations.  There have been times when I have had to compromise myself in order to make a living, but within, I have always kept in touch with my inner guidance.  I totally realize that few have been the individuals who have understood or appreciated my willingness to follow my own inner compass.  It’s been a pretty lonely existence until now.  So, what has changed?  I have found ‘my tribe’. 

I think I have mentioned a few times that I recently joined the Plasma Light Tribe that is led by Kerry K.  (see for further information).  Within the safety of the cocooning light presence of the Tribe, the members are given the opportunity to share their experiences, break-throughs, revelations, issues, whatever comes up in the midst of living life on a rapidly transitioning planet.

I’ve never done well with groups, at least until now.  What is shared in our weekly Friday calls and other meditations, is enlightening.  All of us, inside the tribe… and outside, are undergoing an accelerated ascension process, only some of us are becoming more conscious of doing so.  At the same time, we are all experiencing the challenge of surrendering, letting go, allowing the Galactics who are working with us to guide us through an intense process of metamorphosis, as we are stripped of our false self (the ego) and begin to embody the Cosmic Self within our human body.

For me, it is an issue of no longer wanting to be elsewhere, whether it be back on the ships or home in the Pleiades.  Now, my focus is being here and NOW, rediscovering how it feels to be present within my body, being guided by those feelings, getting out of my linear analytical thinking mind and simply BEING.  This is a whole new experience for me and I’ve been at this sort of metaphysical stuff since the 1970’s, in and out, around and about. 

So, I’m not going to focus on telling stories about life in the Pleiades anymore.  I may decide to publish my book (four volumes) later when I have some funding, but it’s not reality.  It’s a story.  Yes, through the process of writing, I underwent some massive purging of old trauma.  I did the same through writing about some of the adventures of Tazjma, my earlier walk-in.  Right now, I’m not sure just who I am, only I am really excited about the process I am undergoing.

When you enter the Plasma Light Tribe, you are giving permission to the Galactics who work through and with Kerry K to also work with you.  Much of the work is on the unconscious level, but as the layers of the false self are shed and let go, the work becomes more conscious.  I am so looking forward to being conscious while visiting the ships, remembering what I learn there, not sleeping through the experience and forgetting everything.  Downloads, data dumps, uploads… lots of things are happening on an interior level, so I have to take care of my body right now, which means good nutrition, lots of rest, and light exercise (walking and stretching), and TONS of water.

Humility, honesty, and courage are honored by the Galactics.  You can’t fool them, as they can read your frequency in seconds.  Honest intentions and a willingness to just step into the unknown is highly valued.  There has to be those who are willing to go before the rest of humanity.  I was told that I am a wayshower years ago.  It’s not something I have wanted to claim, but I know it’s true.  Why else am I living alone, unmarried, with no children… but still growing, looking deeply within, seeing what I have clung to in terms of beliefs and programming, including and especially certain kinds of metaphysical teachings I have picked up through the years of undergoing this journey.

I think I have been awake most of my life and during those of those decades, I have not really shown the world who I am, inside, the real me.  Well, I am now stepping forward into the Light and I am not alone.  This time I am supported by an entire group of generous, warm-hearted individuals who are bravely stepping out of their former little boxes and being their true expansive and magnificent Cosmic Selves, here on planet Terra, as we enter the final years of the ascension window and bring in the New World by embodying its frequencies within our own bodies. And I am loving it!

The contrast in how I felt a year ago and now is tremendous.  I know, I trust the inner guidance I have been receiving.  It’s up to you, dear readers, to do the same for yourselves if you so choose.  In becoming a Galactic human being, we are being asked to be adults, responsible for our decisions, capable of embracing change, and being willing to be real in every part of our lives, whether in private or out in public.  For me, as an empath, the latter will be the more difficult, but being given the opportunity to teach myself how to arrive at zero point, a non-physical point of neutrality where I am no longer triggered by people or events in my world, I will be able to move through whatever circumstances arrive in my life.  This is so empowering and exciting for me.

Basically, everything that made life a living hell or at least uncomfortable for me for decades is being turned around due to the interior gifts and powers that I am now being able to utilize.  Namely, my empathy… I do not have to take on other people’s energies or even my own emotions, but let them flow through me.  My telepathy will be helpful when I clear more of the residue from my physical body and open up more to the clairs (clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, Claircognizance, et al).  There’s lots to do, but all will unfold as I continue to release any need to control or dominate the process.  This requires letting go of expectations, both mine and those of other people.

Again, I will reiterate, if what I share here no longer resonates for you, the reader, then feel free to go elsewhere.  If there are some questions you might have, send me an email:

Please note that I will no longer be publishing new articles to Blue Dragon Journal.  It has become an archive for my older writings.  I do appreciate those readers who have stuck by me through thick and thin, many alterations in direction, probably quite a few of them confusing and even upsetting to those who failed to have their own unspoken expectations met by my writings here.  Given the sudden drop in readership, I totally understand there were many who were attracted by my former writings on the Pleiades.  Given what I am becoming aware of today… lately, those writings are not based on the true facts of the Pleiadian star cluster of today.  In the future, as I work more closely with the real Galactics, depending on what that work consists of, I may be able to share more regarding the developments here and elsewhere.  However, I am not a contactee and do not have an implant that allows me to receive messages from the Galactics right now.  I do have telepathy and have ‘chats’ with various Family members and friends, but most of those communications will remain private for now. 

If you do have an interest in learning about the Galactics, I suggest you watch some of the presentations coming from Elena Danaan and Megan Rose, two contactees who were both saved by Galactic Federation warriors as young children and have since maintained a special bond and relationships to their rescuers. If I were you, I would avoid listening to or reading any channeled messages right now as many channelers are subject to interference, whether coming from their own human filters or from negatively polarized 4D entities who delight in creating confusion.

Right now, I and my companions, are undergoing a process of metamorphosis, migrating from one form to another, from a tormented Earth human who lacks self-confidence to one who has fully blossomed as a responsible, courageous Galactic being, fully embodied in physical form while living here on this planet. This process is similar to that of what occurs as a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.

The process of turning from a crawling worm into a butterfly involves a process where the physical form of the caterpillar is completely dissolved and transformed into the graceful and delicate form of a butterfly.  Dropping the old shell of Earth human beliefs, programs, and mental constructs is a similar process, perhaps not quite so dramatic, but is definitely life-altering.  For I have discovered my true purpose in being here now… and will keep it under my hat for the time-being.  Sometimes, alchemy must take place within first else the outcome is affected.

So, enough for now.  If you have any questions regarding the Plasma Light Tribe, I would encourage you to go to Kerry’s website and or just listen to her frequent teachings presented on YouTube.

Much love,


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5 Responses to METAMORPHOSIS

  1. Gunnar says:

    Thank you for sharing♥
    Love an light♥♥♥


  2. Barbara says:

    My “reader ship” is with you, Eliza. Love, B.


  3. Being real =allowing vulnerability, in my view. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I am honored to be one of your ‘readers’.


  4. Chris says:

    Wishing you the best with your spiritual process and progress!


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