Deconstruction of the False Self

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Eliza: Deconstruction of the False Self

Okay, we’re getting down to the nuts and bolts of this interior deconstruction of the old false self, removing the cloak of being somehow different than the rest of humanity, as in ‘better’ or ‘superior’.  Convincing yourself, or in my case, myself, that I was a walk-in, separate and somehow ‘special’ is a typical maneuver done by a fragile ego intent on inflating its self-worth, when, in reality, our true Self is fully and wholly Divine by Nature. 

Therefore, although I was told in 2014 by well-meaning folks that I was a forerunner and a walk-in, I am fully disavowing the whole concept.  This may come as a shock to some, but it is a realization that I have recently reached on my own. 

My current guide, Kerry K, reminds me that it doesn’t matter what I think I am elsewhere; it is what I am here and what I do here that truly matters during this intense ascension cycle.  Now is the time to take off the masks and costumes with which I have formerly arrayed myself and to just be human for a change.  Vulnerable, raw, capable of making mistakes and owning up to them… and realizing that although I make a mistake, I am NOT a mistake.

As a Light Being elsewhere, I came here, along with several of my friends (millions, if not billions) to integrate my light into that of the planet and the human collective.  Anyone who feels that they are a starseed answered a call long ago… or more recently… to come here as a way to raise the frequency of the planet. Some of us have forgotten our purpose in coming here as a volunteer. I am now remembering my purpose.

During the course of writing my book, over a span of more than three years, I found myself questioning more and more of what I had been told by mentors.  These individuals were perhaps misled by the convoluted lies perpetrated on much of humanity, for centuries upon centuries.  The various spiritual teachings that have come through channeled sources especially during the last seven or so decades and perhaps more, have been colored by subtle misrepresentations of the true nature of humanity here on Terra.

The mind-control and programming of humanity started long, long ago by alien forces who violated the Prime Directive and invaded our world.  This mind-control program has continued through the centuries with the aim to keep humanity down, feeling subservient, less than their ‘masters’, born of sin, worth less than the dirt they trod upon.  None of this is true, but the programming runs deep in individuals who accepted various religious and spiritual beliefs.

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Now, I will confess that much of what I have presented in the past as my wisdom is stuff, I have picked up here and there. I have studied spirituality since my twenties. It doesn’t mean I was studying the truth of the reality of our prison planet. So, it’s time to own up and be honest.  If you are disappointed, just realize that I am human like yourself and isn’t that grand?

So, just who were those beings that I was channeling in the past?  I really don’t have a clue right now.  I couldn’t say if they were real beings, entities (negative or benevolent) or simply radio waves caught from a C.I.A. controlled frequency. 

In the past, I have encountered other humans who have claimed to be walk-ins.  Then, there is Kerry K who maintains a ‘walk-in’ is another facet of your natural divinity joining you in your physical body, blending into your consciousness here. 

So, what am I doing these days?  Well, I won’t being doing as much writing that’s for sure.  The ascension process calls for getting out of the intellect and into the Heart Center, coming in self-acceptance, and eventually into true self-love… done with feeling.

I got profoundly triggered this past week, but am learning that this is okay, and to be expected.  I realize that many ascension teachers have sugar-coated the process it takes to merely approach that level where your frequency rises.  With each leveling up, there comes a process of dropping any excess baggage in terms of old programming, belief systems, ego games, and worn-out stories that don’t meet the standards of self-examination. 

I truly gave myself a challenge when I decided to enter into the Plasma Light Tribe, but it is proving to be a space where I, as an empath and starseed, can truly feel accepted for practically the first time in my life.  It is a strange sensation to be greeted by others who actually see you, even if you’re not ready to quite see yourself.  The old stories are not welcomed; all pretense is required to be dropped.  Kerry K is our guide and each member of the Tribe answers and supports the others, no matter where we are in our struggles and triumphs.  Each member of the Tribe is also being trained, enacted with, and loved by our Galactic counterparts and mentors, first on a subtle level perhaps in dreams. The encounters will become more physical in nature once we can learn to accept ourselves as equals of the Galactics. The Galactics who mentor humanity do not want to be regarded as above us in any way whatsoever. When we can approach our daily life with neutrality and presence, with humility and compassion, then, and only then, will the physical encounters take place.

The Plasma Light Tribe is a sacred space, a Cosmic egg wherein each initiate is being gestated and moved towards more self-acceptance of their own Divinity.  We are not keeping on the worn robes of old spiritual beliefs or religious dogma; we are being guided towards our own creativity and spontaneity as human beings, bringing heaven to Earth by embodying our Divinity within our physical bodies here and now.

So, by participating in the ascension process I am performing my greatest purpose in this life.  It is for this I came here, whether as a starseed or walk-in.  Frankly, I can think of no better purpose than to aid our people then through completing my own ascension.  The energies I will be able to carry then within my physical body will be enormous and real… and probably unwelcomed by many until they, too, decide to drop the pretense and go for it, into full surrender to their own Higher Self.

This process I am undergoing compels one to embrace the inner darkness, to accept oneself as already being Whole, for even within the darkest being exists a tiny core of Light that has been so compressed it will be like experiencing a super Nova when it discovers itself.  Finding compassion and acceptance of our mistakes, is a sign that we are willing to be seen in our exquisite human imperfection, growing into our power and sovereignty, willing to accept responsibility and to take on the challenges encountered along the Path to Heaven on Earth. 

Right now, I am in the goo stage… like a caterpillar whose body has been dissolved within the pupae… before the butterfly emerges.  I’ll let you know if and when I arrive at the butterfly stage.  I’m not there yet…

Many blessings to my readers, and special thanks to extending some patience whilst I undergo a series of tremendous and earthshaking inner changes and revelations.



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P.S. Observant readers will note that I have further trimmed the content of this blog.  It is rather like starting over… or at least afresh. ❤

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Here is a recent video of Kerry K:

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3 Responses to Deconstruction of the False Self

  1. litebeing says:

    Hi Eliza,
    I do not recall if you mentioned this elsewhere in your blog, but how did you find Kerry K. and how did you discern that she is someone worth listening to? While I know that I get to decide where I place my focus, I am curious where she fits in with your current state of awareness.



    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Linda – I am not sure just when I ‘found’ Kerry’s YouTube channel, but I did sometime this year. After listening to several of her videos over a course of at least three months (perhaps more) I felt she was a very compassionate person who didn’t ‘fit’ into the mold of the typical spiritual teacher or guide. She wasn’t in her ego. How did I know this? I felt it and just knew. Kerry is probably not for everyone. The energies she graciously commands demand a lot of a person. You will be challenged if you enter the Plasma Light Tribe, but I have always been one to press through and beyond boundaries, to question beliefs and what I have been told is ‘real’. I am getting stretched beyond my former boundaries. The people in the Tribe, mostly women right now, are very welcoming, supportive and honest. It’s where I need to be right now. You’re welcome to connect with Kerry yourself. She has a website:, a YouTube channel, Kerry K; and an Instagram account: @kerryk.
      She welcomes inquiries. ~Eliza

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      • Eliza Ayres says:

        I went through Kerry K’s videos on YouTube. It would appear I ‘found’ her last March or April 2021. I haven’t listened to all of them during that time period, but several.



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