The Final Countdown: Liberation of Humanity

The Final Countdown: Liberation of Humanity

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Note to Readers: Oh, was I ever wrong about what is going on in our Galaxy. Yet, things are looking up for Humanity on Terra (as Earth / Gaia) is called by the Galactics. The solar system is being freed. The Dark Fleet, Ciakahrr Reptilians, Altair Collective, and negative Orion Greys (the Nebu) are being driven from their bases on Terra, the Moon, Mars, and Ceres. The battle to free and clear the Deep Underground Bases from every country on the planet and under the oceans is also nearing completion. The soldiers of the Earth Alliance and Galactic Federation have uncovered untold horrors… which the rest of the world will eventually hear of, at least in part. The vast military-industrial complex of which Eisenhower warned us is being assimilated into more positive roles… and there is still some cleaning up of world governments to be done, those who have been controlled by the Ciakahrrs and the Nebu, to the detriment of humanity. It’s a long process, a bitter battle, but it is being won by the cooperation and aid of our Galactic friends and family, the Galactic Federation of Worlds. The current vaxx and related operations have had both negative and positive factions using them as covers for a deeper and more intense battle for the future of this planet and its people, the human collective.

If you haven’t read Elena Danaan’s book, ‘A Gift From the Stars’ or seen the videos done by Megan Rose and Elena… Commander Val Nek is a Kahel, a descendant of one of the races of Lyran people who fled their home world during the Lyran Wars and then settled in the Epsilon Eridani star system. He is a commander in the Galactic Federation of Worlds, fighting to liberate Terra from the repressive empires of the Ciakahrr and the Nebu Orion Greys. Cmdr Val Nek is in telepathic communication with Megan Rose, via an implant, placed within her after she was rescued by Val Nek during a negative alien abduction. Cmdr Val Nek is a good friend of Cmdr Thor Han, who is Elena’s primary contact within the Galactic Federation. Thor Han is an Errahel, from the Ahel colony in the Erra star system (Taygeta) within the Pleiades star cluster. Both men are descendants of the original homeland of one species of the human race who fled during the Lyran wars from the Man star system and founded new colonies on other worlds.

A group of Taal, humans from Lyra terraformed several planets in the Jayha (Alcyone) system long ago. Due to their decision to abandon the Ashaara (Taygeta) system where descendants of three Man (from the Man star system) races (Ahel, Taal, and Noor) originally resettled after the Lyran Wars, the Taal of Jayha chose to align with the negative Orion Greys and the Ciakahrr, granting a planet in the Jayha system to the reptilians. So… not all ‘Pleiadians’ are positive. It’s a long story… and a complicated one. The Taal of Jayha are involved with the Deep State Cabal on Terra.

The Ciakahrr were the Reptilian forces that instigated the Lyran Wars when they invaded the beautiful planets of the Man star system, sending four races of Man fleeing for other worlds, including the Taygeta System in the Pleiadian Star Cluster.

I would highly recommend reading Elena’s books and listening to her videos, as well as those of Megan Rose, James Gilliland, and Dr. Michael Salla.

For my older readers, I apologize profusely for presenting material that I thought was true and have just recently recognized was based on an intricate tissue of lies and misinformation.

The Galactic Federation of Light is a psyop, probably devised by the intelligence agencies of Terra, who have been aligned with the Ciakahrr and negatively polarized Orion Greys since the 1950’s, when secret treaties were signed by world governments. The various negative races aligned with the Ciakahrr are masters at manipulation and mind control. They use the same techniques when invading any star system.

Of course, there was alien interference much earlier, back in Sumeria (and earlier yet) by the Anunnaki, a reptilian race of interdimensional travelers. Master geneticists, they engineered a slave race on Terra.

However, the Anunnaki were hardly the first ones to tinker with the human genome. According to some sources, humanity carries the bloodlines of 22 human species, one being from Terra itself.

Why is the Galactic Federation of Worlds expending so much time and effort on rescuing our planet? Long ago, it was seen that Terra would be the nexus of a intergalactic invasion by the Ciakahrr and their negatively polarized allies, some human, others negative Greys, that would infect not just this galaxy but spread to others. The Andromeda Council asked the Galactic Federation of Worlds for Nataru (the Milky Way Galaxy) to step in and see that the Reptilians and the Nebu, negative Orion Grey Alliance and their negative human allies were driven from Terra… and so they have been working on this project. Alex Collier has presented this material for years, which is why he has been heavily censored and harassed through the years. You can still view older videos of his on his website. Most of his books are currently out of print, but you might be lucky and find a copy.

As reported by Dr. Michael Salla and other sources, in July 2021, treaties were signed between emissaries from Terra, the GFW, and the Andromedan Council (the Zenae Council) at the Jupiter headquarters on a city high in the atmosphere above the giant planet. The city was designed and built by the Ashtar Galactic Command, a splinter group from the Sirius Star System.

The Ashtar Collective (humans from Man who settled in the Sirius star system) from Sirius B system chose to align with the Ciakahrr Empire and negative Orion Greys. So… a word to the wise, ‘Ashtar’ means ‘Commander’ or Command. It is a title and not a person. There is NO Lord Ashtar. There is no planet called ‘Ashtar’; never was. Where the misinformation originally came from who knows, but anyone who claims to be channeling a Lord or Commander Ashtar is channeling negative AI or entities. So beware and be highly selective of what you even read these days. Elena Danaan who communicates via an implant, is in telepathic communication with her friend and rescuer, Thorhan, a Pleiadian from the Ashaara (Taygeta) System. She claims that given the current battle conditions, about 98% of channeling is coming from negative sources who use the people who are unprotected, unshielded and open up to anything that comes along.

Although I have channeled in the past, I will no longer be doing that unless I am able to reconnect to my spiritual guides. Right now, I am understandably rather skeptical of beings attempting to contact me using names like Sanat Kumara, etc. So, I have, at least temporarily, closed access off to any and all comers who wish to use me as a channel. It’s just not a safe activity to do right now. And no, channeling is not a ‘special’ ability; anyone can do it, just not right now, unless you are certain that you are fully connected with your Star Family and/or spiritual mentors.

Recently a large contingent of extraterrestrial races have shown up to watch the final victory against the Ciakahrr and negative Greys… These beings are our Founders, the Elder races who originally seeded humanity in this Galaxy. It is quite thrilling to realize that the Terrans, the humanity of Earth, are about to be inducted into the Galactic Federation of World, and become a star-faring race like our ancient cousins, the races of Man (Lyra) who have colonized several planets throughout the Nataru (Milky Way) Galaxy and beyond.

There is quite a learning curve for humanity as we adjust to the knowledge of just how isolated our world has been from the rest of the Galaxy and from the rest of intergalactic life. We have to learn the true history of Terra, how we have experienced intervention and aid from various star races, both positive and negative. Then, we shall learn together just how often colonies were set up and later abandoned by various star races who were chased out of the Sol system by the Ciakahrr and the Anunnaki. Abused and terrorized humanity has long suffered under the domination of alien races, but no more.

Now, we will be stepping into the power and sovereignty we have always contained within. Those who enter the new earth, the new era will see massive changes coming to each and every system and institution on the planet. A new era of peace will descend upon this world as humanity matures and comes into its own. It sends me into shivers to realize that I have been here for the battle and the beginning of a new world.

Yes, there is chaos, but it will be alleviated at some point, as the negatively polarized minions of the Ciakahrr and Greys are removed from power.

Then, we have to enter into a period of profound self-healing, remembering just who and what we are. Humanity has endured great suffering and because of that suffering will eventually become the Teachers of the rest of the Galaxies.

Rejoice and continue to visualize the New Earth happening now. The planet has ascended into fifth density/frequency. All that no longer resonates to 5D will disintegrate. New technology will be introduced and new systems devised. The planet will be healed. The people will be healed. And we will ascend as a Collective into 5D and beyond. For within each of us is contained a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and life experience. We just have to remember that we are Light Beings living within physical avatars on this blue-green planet. We came here for a purpose and that purpose was to assist in ushering in the New Earth.

There will be NO divided earths… Terra will be our Home. No other planets or timelines are splitting off, despite what has been presented elsewhere. We are on one timeline, with one Star Trek future laid out before us. Welcome, Home!

Eliza Ayres

Ships over Atlantis

In the article below, Dr. Michael Salla gives his updates on the ongoing war between the negative Reptilians and Orion Grays and the Galactic Federation and Earth Alliance:

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6 Responses to The Final Countdown: Liberation of Humanity

  1. Sky Pedersen says:

    I’ve been thru the ‘rejecting them’ phase as well. I am hopeful many other people will realize the perils these days, and even more so, that other realize that we’re not in kansas anymore. Thank you for being big enough to admit it – you don’t see that happening anywhere else, where it should be. Integrity matters šŸ˜‰ thank you


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Thank you for the comment, Sky. Yes, indeed; integrity matters. It’s time to shed the old beliefs, however precious they seem. Now, that I have had some time and perspective, I am beginning to get ‘the big picture’ of what is really going on beyond all of the AI interference and manipulation of our minds and memories. The proverbial smoke of battle is finally clearing and we can all remember who we are. I still don’t have any idea from what star race I came and right now… it doesn’t matter. I am here to witness a miracle: FREEDOM for the human race of Terra! ~Eliza


      • sarah says:

        THANK YOU FOR your honesty.. a true act of service at this time


        • Eliza Ayres says:

          Thanks, Sarah. Our world is finally nearly free from the dark invaders who have been here since the late 40’s and before. We can thank our friends in the Galactic Federation and our own Earth Alliance forces for their unstinting and heroic efforts on behalf of humanity and especially the children. ~Eliza


  2. Chris says:

    Hi Eliza! Do you know who the father of Nina (Lord Metatron’s Divine Complement) is? I know her mother is indeed Lady Isis.

    Thank you!


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Metatron is an Archon. I have no idea who the father of Lady ‘Nina’ is… or even if she exists. And for those of you who are not aware of what an Archon is… look it up. Very dark, manipulative beings. They are the original fallen Angels who separated from Source.

      Metatron’s Cube IS THE MATRIX which has kept humanity imprisoned for centuries. “Sacred geometry” is a joke, a really bad one.

      The Gnostics were aware of the Archons and warned us against them. The Archons were recently removed from this Solar system and several dimensions. Their systems are now in the process of disintegrating. This especially includes much of what passed for ‘spiritual’ teachings, especially those of the New (c)Age… a creation of the Central Intelligence Agency… etc., etc. The Archons being separated from Source could no longer create, so they manipulated humans who are creator Beings to do their work for them. Who are you serving when you worship someone other than your own Divinity? The Archons.


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