The Quickest Way to Shift Reality – Kerry K

The Quickest Way to Shift Reality – Kerry K

I made this video in response to the multitude of people I see who are trying to change the external without changing themselves. Whilst we can all look outside of ourselves and write a list of what is wrong with the world, this is not how it’s going to change. By going into ourselves and deconstructing our own inner reality, we begin to deconstruct the old external reality. This is the true power of a creator being, they do not try to change the outside because this reality does not belong to them entirely. It belongs to the collective so their influence is diminished. Their reality however, belongs to them entirely and this is where they become a ripple creator (explained more in the vid). Stay tuned to around the 8 minute mark where I do a practical but very simple exercise in learning to connect to yourself, this is the foundation of becoming a master of your own reality.

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