Is the Earth Flat?

Is the Earth Flat?

Megan Rose

This is my gentle way of identifying another psychological operation that was created by the enemies of the human race. Identifying psychological operations can be tricky, as it triggers cognitive dissonance. Please be kind, if you don’t like it, agree to disagree.

Note to Readers:

Triggered, yet? There were plenty of other malevolent ET and three-letter agency psyops designed to distract humanity, put them into fear, and to manipulate the mind. I should know; I was also caught up in one of these… programs. It’s time and beyond time to free ourselves from the illusions, lies, and inverted matrix we have lived within for centuries. First it starts within, realizing that you have been conned, accepting this, letting go of any self-recrimination, shame or blame, refraining from projecting your anger or whatever out onto others… and releasing the old story or program. We have all been lied to, played, conned, manipulated into believing what is not believable, especially that our ‘governments’ have ‘cared’ about us.

Of course, most of the minions of the low-frequency malevolent Reptilians still present here on Terra are in human bodies, but whether or not they have been programmed through trauma, given a sense of entitlement and privilege through their upbringing, naturally contain a desire to punish, maim, or kill others… the low-frequency Reptilian mind is naturally violent. Still, the Reptilian races who do manage to raise their frequency levels can come into better balance and truly become benevolent beings. It is wise not to categorize any species as all malevolent. It is just not so…

So, when you can manage it, release your trauma and sense of violation, release the victimhood, take back your power and sense of sovereignty and know that you are a part of the consciousness of Source… God, Creator. I’m in the process of doing just this… Blessings. Have faith in the Universe and your Creator.


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