Between the Head and the Heart

Between the Head and the Heart with Kerry K and Jason Estes

This conversation is enthralling, it will leave you feeling lighter than you started off and bring clarity around the very human experience of feeling unheard and unseen. Jason talks more about the head (the higher mind) and the heart (the higher heart) and we discover a tremendous synchronicity in our work. Enjoy!

Note to Reader: I just started listening to this conversation from August 17, 2020. It is interesting to note that two bipolar opposite realities now exist within the same time line.

Humanity’s ability to evolve was curtailed… as Jason suggests in this video… some 17,000 years ago, before the Flood.

Heart to heart = empathy

Mind to mind = telepathy

Unity consciousness – High heart where higher mind and higher heart work together

Plenty of delicious and amazing tidbits are dropped during this discussion.

Go to the websites of Kerry K and Jason Estes for more information…

Kerry K:

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