Alex Collier – Human E.T.s from Andromeda Constellation

Alex Collier – Human E.T.s from Andromeda Constellation and info on Draco/Reptilians (1994)

This interview and other lectures given by Alex Collier are available on his website:

Alex is a contactee of the Andromedan Council or Zenae Council as they call themselves. Alex gives a great deal of information on the origin of human life in this quadrant, Lyra, AND he notes that humans do not live there anymore since the Lyran Wars. He goes on to describe life in 4th and 5th density culture. Fascinating information that has been available for a long time, although suppressed.

Recently, Alex has confessed that he is Andromedan himself, an envoy (or starseed) to bring a form of disclosure to Earth humanity. He has spent time on Andromedan motherships in full consciousness.

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