Global & Galactic Energy Update, 30 Nov 2021

Global & Galactic Energy Update, 30 Nov 2021

Kerry K

  • Sovereignty – no more ‘blaming’ or expecting others to ‘fix it’
  • True Earth, the ‘new’ reality is anchored, yes, but…
  • you can simulate the ‘old’ memory (recreate in your experience)
  • You have to become PRESENT, am I in my Power, in my Sovereignty, to have to allow the newness within you to meet the new reality…
  • The false Self is a habit…
  • You cannot demand sovereignty from anyone; you need to CLAIM IT.
  • We are losing punishment, blame, shame, the need for vengeance, justice — you LIVE justice
  • You can be in the same room with someone else who is existing in another reality
  • Your FREQUENCY is the key to perceive the new reality
  • There is no judgment involved…
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