The Primer on 3D to 4th/5th Density Relationships…

The Primer on 3D to 4th/5th Density Relationships, Sex & Intimacy – Prepare For Your Future – Part 3

Merrily Milmoe – Super Soul Solutions

Elena Danaan, a multi-talented professional archeologist, epigraphist, artist, best-selling author, shaman, and multi-lingual official emissary for the benevolent Galactic Federation of Worlds returns for Part 3 – sharing what she knows about 4th/5th Density relationships, sex & intimacy.

Along with… Merrily Milmoe, Intuitive Holistic Health Practitioner, Bodyworker, QHHT Practitioner, Laughter Yoga Instructor, EMT trained, and Big Picture Researcher will also be sharing about 3rd – 4/5th Density Relationships by synthesizing Lyssa Royal’s channeling of her Higher Density Pleiadian Self – Sasha.

* Explore New Relationship and Sociological Principles as we transition from 3rd Density to 4th & 5th Density. This is the third of a six-part series covering 7, 8 & 9 New Principles of 18 total.

* Listen directly to 4th D Pleiadian Sasha’s words as she very specifically talks about Relationships, Sex & Intimacy on her planet.

* Specific information from Pleiadian Cmdr. Thor Han on how to protect yourself sexually if your partner has had the jab.

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Part I:

Part 2:

Note to Readers: These videos are the first three of six (6) parts to this discussion.

I have not listened to the entirety of this series, but it appears quite interesting…

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