Solar Flash 21 December 2021???

Ascension, artist unknown

Alex Quinn: Addressing the ‘predicted’ December 21st 2021 Solar Flash

This is a shorter post today to clear up just one thing:  the Solar Flash that is NOT happening on 21st of December 2021 this year. There are some quite (a few) big YouTube channels talking about yet another great solar flash happening this Christmas. It’s understandable that they might get excited and intuitively want to rename it something that is familiar, possibly linked to something that happened to them last year. It is causing a state of confusion.

Whilst there is indeed a lot of solar activity of late, and whilst there will be a crescendo of energies at the end of this year, which is all correct, it will not be in the form of another Great Solar Flash. I can see a lot of people including even some really big names on YouTube who identify it as a solar flash but it isn’t. This is understandable however and adorable.

In fact, what is happening is a very potent mix of astrological alignments mixed with elements happening that are amalgamating within our Akash (our collective memory, past, now, and future) which is restructuring, linked also to the arrival of some great elements of what I’ll say in simple terms, 5D Unity consciousness, or the beginning stages of it as we enter into one truth without the 3D mind (false self) having to use egoic constructs of self-identity through flight and flight, fear and survival and protectionism.

In simple terms, it creates explosive levels or new awareness that procreate from us first! If you fancy it, this is an Internal solar flash. This is not external; this is coming from within us all. There is no external wave coming in doing the work for us; it is us doing the work ourselves beginning at a cellular level first. Put all of this into the mix, including the shadow work we are doing at night and the volatility that the (planetary alignments) planets are going to create at the end of this year and you arrive at explosive possibly volatile levels or awareness that will need to be balanced out carefully. You will see this as more structures collapse and more and more people say… ‘Hey! I’m not taking this anymore; I have a countenance that is of a higher awareness now and you can’t pull the cloth over my eyes this time.’ (We are REMEMBERING who we are, Creator Beings!)

In the lead up to the year before the solar flash, I watched the Galactics, the Angelics, and Spirit speaking about the Great Solar Flash a year before it arrived and then very acutely in the lead up to its arrival within its imminent arrival that same month of December last year. That has not been the case this year and that is also another way I cross reference some of the material I receive when in doubt. In fact, I have actually seen channels speak about it not happening in confirmation.

“So, Alexander Quinn, why are you bothering to make such a fuss about this? It really doesn’t bother me either way!”

And the reason is this….

It’s you. Yes, You. This year, it’s YOU doing it. You working with yourself, your higher self (selves, including the Galactics and the Angelics and Spirit) and your Akash. Starseeds and Light-workers are really starting to do their work now. It’s not a flash, it’s not external help, it’s you. You’re actually doing what you contracted to come down here and do now. The sooner people can arrive at the idea that it’s actually us making this happen this year and not some repeated flash, it will actually help turn on more of your DNA as you work with innate and the field around you otherwise known as quantum entanglement. I’ll be speaking more about this shortly. There’s no flash this year, it is incorrect information. The flash is actually you (as an Eternal Creator Being residing within a physical Earth avatar). Besides this, we don’t need another flash, there were light codes in the first one that are still working their magic. There is no need for a repeat. The first one did everything it set out to do.

Also bear in mind, do you think that last year’s flash only hit Earth, only affected (Earth) humans, only was meant for us? It was a ripple that was felt and received in many areas of the Galaxy affecting other places too that have also upgraded as a result. (Earth) Humans are not the only people chilling in this galaxy. Whilst I think it’s adorable that people are feeling a crescendo, it is not a repeat of something coming from the Central Sun. It is important to clear this up because people are going Solar Flash crazy again. If you look there is not one Galactic or true channeled message to confirm this. The result of this is that you can approach December in a different way this year physically. We have arrived at a higher point genetically this year and there is no need for another Great Solar Flash.

Alexander Quinn, 9 December 2021

(from his Telegram channel, with added notations in parentheses by me, Eliza Ayres)

Note to Readers: This is the guidance Alex is receiving. You do not have to agree with it. Be responsible if you get triggered by this or any other piece presented here. Personally, I have no outer awareness of such things nor do I care. However, what Alex has shared here resonates… take it or leave it.

What Alex is attempting to explain here it that Earth humans are Creator Beings. It takes a while to integrate the massive amount of Light Codes we have been receiving as a Collective within the past years. Now, the process of awakening is reaching a Crescendo as the Starseeds wake up and remember who they are… even as I am doing. As each starseed comes back online, their DNA upgrades and the individual can begin to access what has not been available on this planet for over 16,000 years due to genetic manipulation of our DNA by mainly the Dracos, although other regressive races played their parts, as well. Also, Human beings exist throughout the Galaxy, Nataru, as it is called by the Galactics. The Lyran Wars served to scatter ‘us’ like seeds upon the Galactic winds and we took root on many worlds and dimensions. Terra is but one of these worlds, but a special one to us because we are here and now. Terra is our focus; her freedom is our rebirth, back into our Selves. There are no limits to our creativity; only limits that we place upon ourselves by doubting our innate abilities. It is time to unlearn the Lies that we have long accepted as truth and know who and what we are in TRUTH.

Since we are Source energy ‘in the flesh’, incarnated Light Beings, we are now coming back online, reconnecting with the mainframe, Source, and are each acting out our various roles, each in our own unique fashion. We are not and were never intended to be harnessed to a hive mind like the regressive Greys and Dracos. Our consciousness spans time and space and dwells beyond. We cannot be conquered or defeated. The Dark or regressive ones are losing this final battle and the countdown has nearly ended.

Eliza Ayres

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