Galactic Healing Chamber – Kerry K

Galactic Healing Chamber

Kerry K

Powerful release of density. You do not need to know who put it there. The vacuum is filled with your Divinity and God’s Grace.

Some weeks back, the Galactics (non terrestrial beings 5D and beyond) shared a holy moment with me. They allowed me to enter a healing chamber that has not been on earth for eons, and never in this “fallen” state. But now that earth is home to so many conscious individuals, with so much light streaming through each one of us, we have access once again to this healing technology. The Galactic Healing Chamber is not a physical place, although the experience of it is solid and tangible, rather, it exists in a reality field that we can freely traverse and enter into. The Healing Chamber is a gift to humanity and an aid to our ascension. You can use it to DETOX, to align you, to uplift you, to support you in any way you need right now. The Galactics are entering our reality thick and fast, and to be more accurate – WE ARE ENTERING THEIRS. The Healing Chamber is our gift, and what a gift it is!! I was asked by them to share it with my membership community, who benefited and gave me amazing feedback. Now, for the first time, I am sharing it with humanity in this youtube live stream. Come along, bring your willingness to heal with you and be in for a surprise or two along the way!

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