Raising Starseeds 015: The Act of Letting Go

Raising Starseeds 015: The Act of Letting Go

Raising Starseeds

Join Heidi and Abby this week while they discuss “The Act of Letting Go”. We can practice getting into a space of being able to “let go” of old programming paradigms, old thought concepts which no longer serve us, old traditions which were rituals that served lower densities. It’s time to focus on being in an observatory position rather than a reactionary one. Staying emotionally detached as things begin to shift; trusting and KNOWING that higher timelines are moving into place.

Note to Readers: I found this video via The Consciousness War telegram channel. Interesting perspective from two mothers.

The old world is crumbling before our eyes. The institutions of control are being dismantled. The leaders of the old mechanisms are either being escorted from this world, arrested, removed, dying. As the old system suffers through its entropy, humans are beginning to move through various stages of awakening. We are all emerging from a false matrix, an inverted system that kept humanity artificially separate from their own divinity, separate and fearful of each other, divided by false dogmas and belief systems. It is time that we separate from the old energies, see them for what they were, and move on, together into a real world, not the artificial one that we thought was reality. It will require adjustment, acceptance, neutrality… free of shame, blame, and judgment of ourselves and others.

Humanity has reached the cusp of maturity. Yes, we have suffered, but now that our creativity is no longer being used against us, we can move forward, together, creating a world where all will experience true abundance, peace, and joy.

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