Earth History – Fall of Metatron (2002)

Earth History – Fall of Metatron


Note to Readers: Presented by Ashayana Deane, this material isn’t for everyone. If it doesn’t resonate, leave it be. The story relates the original Fall of Creator God Beings, long, long, ago… billions of years ago. It does relate to what we are experiencing here on Terra today. The original wars have never really ended.

I’ve decided that I cannot possibly present the ‘history’ of this planet. It is far too complicated and I would just be regurgitating someone else’s information. I would suggest that you ask Spirit to guide your research and you will discover what you can handle. It will change…

Ashayana’s books, Voyager I and Voyager 2 are out of print, but these old lectures are being put up. You will find them on the Voyagers YouTube channel.

Before listening to this piece, I was already aware that Metatron was a fallen Elohim. Some call him an Archon. This includes all 2D ‘sacred geometry’… which will shock and possibly anger some people to learn this… So much has been a LIE. We need to let go of the dogma, open our hearts and minds and request inner guidance.

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