Remote Viewing confirms Ashtar Command Base…

Remote Viewing confirms Ashtar Command base hidden in Jupiter’s clouds

Exopolitics – Dr. Michael Salla

On December 17, the Farsight Institute released the results of multiple remote viewing sessions investigating the alleged existence of an “Ashtar Command” and whether it had a floating base hidden in the clouds of Jupiter. The results of the remote viewing sessions, conducted using blind scientific protocols, support the claims of several recent ‘contactees’ that the Ashtar Command existed, and that its Jupiter facility was used as a meeting place for secret agreements reached between 14 space-faring nations and several extraterrestrial organizations in July 2021.

This is an audio version of an article posted on on December 23. For links and references go to:…

I thank Dr. Courtney Brown for permission to include audio extracts from his Ashtar Command remote viewing project which is available on his Farsight Institute website :…

I also thank Elena Danaan for permission to include her drawing of the interior of the Ashtar Command base

Note to Reader: There is NO ‘Lord Ashtar’, Commander Ashtar or a planet called Ashtar. Anyone ‘channeling’ Ashtar or Ashtar Sheran is the victim of a ruse by self-serving aliens. The Ashtar Command is an independent, progressive, service to other MILITARY command, not ‘spiritual’ counselors or guides. The name ‘Ashtar’ is a TITLE and means ‘Commander’. THE ASH TAR is THE high commander of this organization. See the books by Elena Danaan for further information regarding the origin of the Ashtar Command versus the Ashtar Collective.

For those who may be upset to learn these things, I, too, was taken in for a long time. In fact, Lord Ashtar (who does NOT exist) was supposed to be an uncle by marriage. These games have been perpetrated by the Nebu, the Orion Grey Alliance and/or 3-letter negative intelligence agencies. This psychological operation was designed to distract lightworkers and starseeds and draw them into the false light matrix.

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