Heart to Heart with Humanity – Dare to Be You – Energetic Overview

Heart to Heart with Humanity – Dare to Be You – Energetic Overview

Kerry K

This is a heart to heart about the state of humanity, where they find themselves and what your role is right now. Current energies are leading us to ascension and expanding our consciousness however, in this heart to heart, I will be encouraging you to be more fully you, less afraid of the “imperfection” and better seated in your wisdom. It takes a lot of daring to be you, to recognize evil and the glamour with which it walks, so that you stop putting people on pedestals and start seeing your true self as the divine light it truly is. How many times have you felt “I want to be anything but me” and as much as your head knows that is all you can be, that hasn’t stopped you (or humanity) from trying to be other than your truth.

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