The Epic of the Anunnaki and Human Origins – Truth or Theory

The Epic of the Anunnaki and Human Origins – Truth or Theory

Matthew LeCroix

Join E. Willy – from Truth or Theory Podcast and I for a deep discussion exposing the entire story of the Anunnaki and Epic of Humanity. What is the real story behind the Anunnaki? Are we missing an entire chapter of human history? Using only the most accurately translated cuneiform tablets and ancient texts, the goal of this lecture is to find the truth about the past, wherever that leads.

Note to Readers: I guess I am being rather obsessive about presenting snatches of our past history here on Terra, as well as more modern disclosure. So much has been suppressed, destroyed, and buried. We are a species with amnesia.. intentional amnesia. It is time and beyond time that we begin to remember who and what we truly are…

The Anunnaki… were an extraterrestrial race that sought to control humanity’s evolution and future… We are still dealing with the fall-out stemming from these early traumatic experiences…

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