The Cabal, Black Magic & ET Life

The Cabal, Black Magic & Extraterrestrial Life – 29 December 2021

Michelle Salla – Exopolitics Today

Exopolitics Today interview featuring, Brad Olsen, author and publisher of multiple books dealing with the Cabal/Illuminati, black magic, the global control system, & extraterrestrial life. Dr. Michael Salla interviews Brad on how extraterrestrial life and black magic have been integral components of the global control system created millennia ago to subvert humanity, and has over the last 50 years prevented the emergence of a Star Trek Future.

As the Deep State unravels and cabal leaders escape Earth due increasing public resistance to their policy agenda and intervention by an alliance of positive extraterrestrial groups working with “White Hats” from different space-faring nations (the ‘Earth Alliance’), it has been claimed that the magical keys and codes used to subjugate humanity, are being surrendered. This interview discusses what would be involved in the handover of magical keys and codes used by the Cabal, and how this is necessary to bring about our Star Trek Future.

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Note from Elena Danaan: Looking forward to this, Michael. As a Druid myself and with a degree in Ancient Egyptian magic and rituals, I can confirm that any spell can be only uncasted, or rewind, by those who have the keys of the ritual that has been performed. Be it those who performed it, or either those who are given the “keys”, meaning the detailed script of the ritual and all the magical tools handed to them. Usually, it is the person who cast the spell who is best efficient at undoing it. If not uncasted, a spell can last for ever, as long as the world goes round. For instance, such as the Egyptian tomb curses. I also know well, personally, for having been confronted to it, that a higher level of off-world magic is used by the regressive faction of the Anunnaki. Hence the return of the good faction, Enki, to help undo the dark work. So this should explain that…

Note to Readers: I’ve been listening to this informative interview by two brilliant authors and researchers on the esoteric (hidden) knowledge and exopolitics (hidden programs, technology, etc. being denied to humanity). I strongly suggest everyone listen to the interview and perhaps even read the books written by these two authors!

Our world is about to undergo a profound and for some, startling paradigm shift as FINALLY humanity is being set free from the artificial control mechanisms put in place over us THOUSANDS of years ago by regressive extraterrestrials. Thanks to the efforts of the Earth Alliance, involving thousands of men and women across the planet and the assistance given us by benevolent extraterrestrials, we will soon be able to walk into that Star Trek future envisioned by Gene Roddenberry and others.

Eliza Ayres

P.S. Have a wonderful and safe New Year’s celebration!

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