This is what the ET’s told me | Assignment Upgrade

This is what the ET’s told me | Assignment Upgrade | Off-world Tech | Consent | Stepping Into YOU

Kerry K

It’s not often I attend a Council Meeting with the Galactics and receive as clear a message as this one. They said “tell the humans that this is what the ET’s told me to tell you”. I later learned that they are wanting humanity to know that they are present, loved, guided and supported and they are sharing in the best way they can, how humanity can take their next steps. This video is daring me to step outside of my comfort zone, to step up and into a new level of teaching and at the same time, it invites you to step outside of what you thought your were here to do and take your evolution a quantum leap further. Stretch yourself beyond what you think you are here to do and listen to what the ET’s say, they’re speaking to you!

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