Transitioning into the True You

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Eliza: Transitioning into the True You

Well, it’s that time of the year once again… New Year’s Eve… and time to reminisce on what has been accomplished, learned, unlearned, revealed, and let go.

As a writer, I can only write about my own experiences.  This past year, I continued to release my former beliefs in what was real about my own background.  I have pretty much moved away from dwelling on whether or not I am a walk-in or even whether I am a starseed.  It doesn’t really matter, here and now. 

I am residing in an Earth human avatar so am part of the grand drama of the ages currently unfolding upon this blue-green planet.  I am sister and sibling to all other humans here, whether or not they wish to acknowledge this as being real to themselves.

I am aware that I am different than the majority of Earth humans.  I seem to be able to step out of the matrix of mind-control without any effort.  Over a decade ago… perhaps a good 15 or 16 years ago… I became aware of the trance cast upon myself when watching television.  When I had to make a very pragmatic decision about whether or not to pay for television cable after moving to another location, I chose to cut out the television.  Sure, I watch DVDs and still kept my Internet connection, but no television.  That practice has continued up until today.  I can see now the benefit I have received in breaking away from the subconscious mind-programming early on, as I have been able to see through most of the manipulation to which the rest of the human population has been subjected.

When the so-called pandemic arose, with my background in medical coding and terminology, I was immediately aware that there was some statistical diddling taking place to make it appear that the population was being exposed to a strange new disease.  My first question was, “So, where did the common cold and influenza go?”

Now, the truth is slowly being revealed, at least to those who are willing to seek out alternate sources of information than what is being propagated by rabid commercial media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like.  The truth will continue to be slowly revealed even to those who have been believers in the new religion of ‘science’… pseudo-science that demands its worshipers to obey and follow directions without question. 

Look, folks, I lived on the environs of a New Age cult for two years.  I know all about ‘us and them’ philosophy and manners of thinking and acting.  It is an age-old ploy to get people to give away their power to an outside source, whether it be an imaginary anthropomorphic ‘god’, a scientific ‘authority’, a government leader, a minister… basically anyone outside of your own inner world.  Divide and conquer has been a policy used on mankind for thousands upon thousands of years, even before the Flood.

Until recently, our planet was controlled by extraterrestrial forces, whether or not we were consciously aware of the fact.  This knowledge is slowly being revealed by various sources, non-governmental sources primarily, since until recently certain powerful levels of the dark government have been colluding with the enemy, with the Orion Greys, regressive elements of the Anunnaki, and Ciakahrr Reptilians, all parties with conflicting agenda except for their desire to keep the human population under control.

When it was noticed by the Zenetae Council (Andromedan) some years ago that our solar system was the potentially the birthplace of a galaxy-wide tyranny which would spill into the fifth density worlds, they brought their concerns to the awareness of the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Galactic Command.  The Andromedans demanded that something be done to wake up the population of Terra (Earth) else yet another ascension cycle would pass by and something was planned by the regressive elements in control of the planet and solar system that would ultimately affect their own worlds.  About 45% of the worlds involved in the GFW responded that they would assist in beginning to free Terra from the greedy grip of the regressive alien elements.

This initial operation was put into effect, enlisting elements of the already existing space programs of various nations on Terra, but most especially that of the United States.  So, the creation of a Space Force by DJ Trump was a form of disclosure to those already aware of the existence of the Secret Space Program (SSP) and black projects that these things were going to slowly revealed to the population of the planet.  The Earth Alliance, made up of ground troops, the space command, and other military and governmental agencies went to work taking down the underground bases that had been erected world-wide, hunting down and removing the reptilians and Greys to be found there, unearthing the horrible remnants of human-alien genetic experiments, the trafficking of children and adults, and assorted other disgusting and traumatizing sights and experiences for the Earth military personnel involved in these operations. The Earth Alliance was aided by the Galactic Federation and elements of the Ashtar Galactic Command. The latter organization is purely military, based out of a cloud city located in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter, where various galactic meetings have been taking place to coordinate the Earth Project, freeing Terra from all regressive alien influences. You can read about these meetings as reported by Commander Thor Han to Elena Danaan via her videos or those of Dr. Michael Salla.

It has been a step by step process clearing the extensive underground cities, deep underground bases (DUMBs), blocking the high-speed rail lines, digging up and removing tons and tons of gold and silver from these places.  In short, all that has been hidden from the surface population has been dealt with, revealed at least to a small percentage of those who are actually awake and searching for answers.

Then, disclosure from various starseeds and contactees started coming to my awareness.  After nearly finishing my book, I realized that all I had been told about the Pleiades and Sirius was based on fantasy… and even something more insidious, lies.  While taking a course from an ascension guide (yes, I do this sometimes to get another perspective) I was given the knowledge that there were Archonic forces who (that?) have influenced religious and spiritual belief systems.  This included some of the so-called ascended masters and archangels that have been presented to humanity as beings to worship. Don’t get me started on the savior complex programmed into humanity… which has people always looking for someone or something to ‘save’ them… which results in giving their power away; just what a regressive race wants us to do.

It began to dawn on me (sometimes I’m a little slow on the uptake) that basically any belief system outside your own personal inner connection with the Divine is questionable. 

Perhaps it was when the ancient computer system on Luna (the Moon) was deactivated was when I began to wake up from my own nightmare.  That computer system has been broadcasting low frequency vibes to keep the population from waking up.  It’s been turned off by the Earth Alliance and the Galactic Federation.  Thanks, guys!

I’ve always known of a subtle connection and awareness that emanated from within my consciousness that wasn’t always in alignment with what was presented by any church, New Age or traditional, or really any spiritual traditions save perhaps those of the mystics and Gnostics through the ages.  I resonated more with the cycles of Solstice and Equinox, as well as the other festivals scattered throughout the year. 

Questions… I always had questions.  As I began to realize that what I had been told about the Pleiades was wrong or at best misguided, I began to realize that what I had been told about myself, my story was probably also wrong, misguided, or yet another attempt to manipulate and control my energies.

All humans contain within them some sort of gift, passion, intent… yet until recently, most of us have doubted our abilities, our gifts, even our right to exist upon this planet as humanity has always been taught that we were lower than animals in many ways, sinners, unclean, lesser beings only good to work and pay for the privilege of living on the planet upon which they were born.  Does that even make sense to anyone?

Conscious galactic communities experience no want, children receive a free education, housing, food and supplies are freely available.  Yes, people work, but in their chosen fields, primarily as exploration and expanding the knowledge of their worlds.  Cooperation, abundance, understanding, acceptance, and being in alignment with Source as an individual and a collective is what is treasured and experienced by our benevolent brothers and sisters in progressive galactic civilizations.

There is much for all of us to let go, review, discard, eliminate, and move through as we enter a new year, a new opportunity to truly experience freedom.  Will we be willing to step out of the cage which we willingly entered thinking it was for our highest good?  The cage… in which humanity has been caught up in, with invisible bars and keys woven around our subconscious minds through the use of black magic spells and incantation, through bloody rituals and sacrifice of children, through the use of low-frequency resonance to bring down our consciousness, through intentional dumbing down through state-run education, and the overt poisoning of the environment by the usage of petroleum products (plastics, gasoline), the development of genetically-modified ‘foods’, poisoning the water, and manipulating the climate to create weather extremes (fire, drought, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions) through the use of directed energy weapons  (DEW) and contraptions like HAARP and electromagnetic fields (4G/5G) which impact our consciousness and kill animals.

Oye… anyway… life is going to change on this planet.  We are all going to have to let go of our old outdated conceptions of how life is lived on this planet.  Maybe for you that will consist of learning how to raise your own vegetables and fruit rather than relying on the super market to provide these things… or banding together with local farmers and ranchers to create community cooperatives.  We’re going to have to utilize our God-given creativity as the old systems and companies aligned with them crash and burn.  It may take a while, but we’ll get through it.  The worst of the alien influence upon the planet has been removed.

Do you understand what the alien agenda for humanity was?  To create super soldier armies of transhumans, who have been specifically designed to fight other peoples wars… only not here on Terra, but on other planets and in other solar systems.  The regressive aliens were going to use our genetic code to destroy other humans… our brothers and sisters who, like us, are in part descendants from the original hu-mans long ago seeded in the Lyra star system.

Yep, it’s time for all of us to wake up, folks.  So, now… have a blessed New Year’s celebration and start dreaming about what really interests you if you no longer had to depend on an ‘income’ to provide you and your family (if you have one) with shelter and food.  Think out of the box, dare to expand beyond former expectations of both yourself and everyone else around you.  The old rules no longer apply.  Only the inner alignment with the Heart Center and Source will be there to guide you unwaveringly through the reefs and shoals that may be encountered upon the collapse of the old structures and belief systems.

I have long been a rebel and have walked away from numerous teachings and people who sought to either control me or to convince me that their beliefs were best.  My restless spirit would not allow me to settle for very long and now, at long last, I understand why.  You figure it out.

Happy New Year,


(c) All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

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18 Responses to Transitioning into the True You

  1. Measmeandu says:

    Happy New Year, Eliza💖🤗


  2. Ohhh how I can relate to every single word you are writing Eliza. I have made the same journey of Truth and can relate so clearly. What blessings of delight to read your words.
    Heart blessings….. Libby (Australia)


  3. Eniko Del Greco says:

    Dear Eliza, like soul sister Libby of Aussie I too relate with most of what you write, often I feel wow so alike, and it is really incredible. I chose to comment now LOL. I still do not know whether I am a volunteer born 1958 or what exactly or from which star family/ies I originate. It is of little consequence at this point in my life. I am not concerned, I have my mission and I keep going. I do know though I am not of Earth. I already knew this as a child because I did not like Earth, it felt alone, everything was weird/hostile, and I wanted to go home. You already wrote similar. I read you and nearly always feel a deep echo and resonance. I found you on BlueDragon Journal, and followed you here on Sunny’s Journal. Always a pleasure. It was actually quite synchronistic and auspicious when I did my own research and rabbit hole dives for nearly three years, to then find both your blogs, and realize amazingly that you would post/share US truthers/patriots, and I would go s n a p, as I had already found some myself (and new ones too) – kind of neat, as I am not American. I am Hungarian born in Africa (South Africa). I live in Budapest now since 2015. Thank you. Happy new year, affirming many Blessings, Love and Light, Eniko Del Greco and Westie Skye


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Delighted to make your acquaintance, Eniko… and Westie. Starseeds are beginning to discover their true families… which most often are NOT the ones we were born into. Much appreciation of your support of my writings and blogs. ~Eliza


    • pathwaytosovereignty says:

      Thanks for these feedbacks – I have been working in this journey for over 40yrs and have had the privilege of learning many tools along the way. I am still in professional business and Alchemy is one of my highest tools. Every day is a day of learning and it is delight to read these emails GKNOWING we are blessedly remembering. Heart blessings….. Libby


      • Eliza Ayres says:

        Thank you, Libby. It’s been a long road, indeed… lifetimes and not all spent here on Terra! ~Eliza


        • pathwaytosovereignty says:

          Indeed, indeed. That Bridge is really important.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Eliza Ayres says:

            Yes… I can remember many lifetimes here, but the story didn’t start here. It started in Lyra… millions of years ago in Earth time. And the journey included several different star nations as humanity spread throughout the Nataru Galaxy (Milky Way). I am thankful for those who brought this to my attention. Humanity was brought here, hybridized here, but our beginnings were seeded from other galaxies and universes. We are… our consciousness… is Eternal. ❤

            Liked by 1 person

  4. Les Butler says:

    Eliza – I love your articles and always look forward to reading them.
    First, let me say that I am so excited to be able to sometime in the near future meet our galactic families. I have always known in my heart that they exist. God bless them for coming and saving this world’s wonderful people and our Mother Earth (that I love dearly).
    I have one question that I hope you can clarify. Why would approx. 55% of the ET’s from the Galaxy not want to assist with cleaning out the evil ones? They must know that these evil beings would have been coming for them as well in the future. I have always believed that all good ET’s stuck together and always helped each other out. Anyway, I hope you can clarify this question for me.
    Much Love from Sarasota, FL


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      I may be wrong with my percentages, but apparently many other races regard Earth humans as extremely violent… We are one of the only race that kill our own people. Of course, this sort of behavior has been programmed into our race by thousands of years of control and manipulation by regressive alien forces. It’s a complex issue, Les, and not one I am really capable of answering on behalf of the benevolent races in this Galaxy. I would encourage you and anyone else with questions like this to attend to the videos being put out by Elena Danaan, James Gilliland, Michael Salla, and other contactees… Alex Collier is extremely knowledgeable, as well. He is an Andromedan contactee and has been communicating disclosure information for over 30 years.


      • Eliza Ayres says:

        BTW, I cannot post Elena’s videos on my blog as she doesn’t allow re-posting. You’ll have to go to her website or YouTube channel. Some of this discussion about the future of Earth humans has been and is being discussed in many star councils. Some of the Founder races (the Seeders) have recently shown up, their fleet is currently stationed near Jupiter. Listen to words of Alex Collier in an older video that I am putting up today from a conference in 2016… Elena has a couple of excellent videos related to this information… which I cannot post on my blog.


        • Les Butler says:

          Eliza, Thank you for answering my question. Please know that I follow Elena religiously – just love her and her information, as well as your posts on Sunny’s Journal. I now remember Elena saying that many ET’s held their breath when traveling by Earth due to us being so violent. I hope that the ET’s now know that most of us on Earth are not violent and get along well with other humans. However, I can see where they feel the way they do. I just hope in time they will come around to meet us when all of this mess is totally cleared up.
          Do I remember that you are in Florida too?


        • Eliza Ayres says:

          Another point… the Ciakahrr Reptilians, the negative Greys, and humans (Sirius B, Altair, Jayha Pleiadians) who are aligned with these forces (willingly or not) are not consider ‘evil’… regressive, yes; evil, no. We need to step beyond our own xenophobic interpretation of each other, never mind other galactic races. Reptilians and Greys can ascend… if they are a natural, created race. Some Greys are actually manufactured beings without soul essence. It’s complex as I said above… we cannot judge other races based on our own limited understanding of even our own history and genetic make-up. We carry within our physical bodies, our genome, the DNA of Reptilians (the Anunnaki, in part) and 21 other galactic races. We Earth humans are a hybrid race. The Ciakahrr Reptilians do not know even their own history, much like ourselves. There is probably some unremembered trauma buried within their collective subconscious that is being projected on those they regard as weak and lesser beings… humans. We have a long way to heal, too, and have no right to judge others or project our trauma onto them, whether other Terrans or other traumatized races/species off-world. We have the ability to heal ourselves and work together.

          Liked by 1 person

  5. Cheryl says:

    Blessings Eliza,
    I feel like I have just found another soul friend from reading your post as I can relate to everything you said in so many ways. Thank you taking the time to blog and share with others. So much has changed since my awakening on Nov 3 2019. I am looking forward to reading more!
    Cheryl in so Cal.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Thank you, Cheryl, for your kind comment. Happy New Year and True Earth! ~Eliza


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Cheryl, I’ve been blogging for over 9 years. You can discover much of my earlier writings (what has not been deleted) on my ‘sister’ and original blog, Blue Dragon Journal. This journey of mine has been a lifetime — I’ve always known I was different than most other humans. People tend to want to ‘fit in’. I, on the other hand, have been the proverbial round peg in a square hole… creative, hypersensitive, telepathic… and all the other labels you can put on a so-called ‘spiritual’ person. It took me decades to overcome various traumas and to grow into a sense of self-respect and acceptance of my Goddess-given gifts. It takes an alert person to walk through the minefield of mental and emotional manipulation programs working through most people here in a totally unconscious fashion. Writing has given me some perspective on my own journey and that of humanity in general. Like Alex Collier says, Earth humans are unique, special… and considered royalty among some of the galactic races, while also regarded with some fear as we are uncontrollable once we REALLY understand who and what we are… embodied Spirit in physical avatars. Wow! Blessings to all who are waking up and those who have walked a lonely path for many decades and lifetimes, weaving a starry path across the Nataru Galaxy. ~Eliza


  6. denis says:


    May I say thanks for the countless offerings you give in all your posts.
    This year will be a joy as truth shines forth to our open hearts.



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