Earth History – Real Biblical Stories

Origin – Based on Freedom Teachings

Voyagers – Arhayas production

Origin – Earth history…

Note to Readers: This was recently put up… and I have not watched the entire video. However, just a few minutes of watching informs me that 1) our ‘history’ is not what we’ve been told; 2) many of the names of various ‘ascended masters’, ‘archangels’, and mythological figures were actually names of races or genetic lines of both invading races (Anunnaki, Reptilian, et al) and Angelic races. This material is rather dense and probably worth listening to more than once to really begin to comprehend it. Also, there are different perspectives coming from a variety of sources regarding human ‘evolution’ and/or development, and what our true purpose is in being here on a 3D planet… It is a long, complex story that originally started long, long ago in the constellation we call Lyra… or the Man system as it is referred to by the Galactics.

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