Jesus versus Yahweh | God versus Zero Point

Jesus versus Yahweh | God versus Zero Point

Paul Wallis – The Fifth Kind

If the Elohim Stories of the Bible are not God stories, but records of our ancestors’ contact with ET’s, did Jesus know that? When Jesus prayed to his ‘Father,’ was he talking to Yahweh? Did he believe Yahweh was God? How do we know what Jesus and the Apostles meant by God and is it the same as what today’s astrophysicists and quantum scientists mean when they use the word? Prepare for a deep dive!

Note to Readers: The word ‘God’ has layers of cultural associations. Yet, God is CONSCIOUSNESS and LIGHT, without end OR beginning… God is not an anthropological entity…

We are a part of this Consciousness, eternal… not our bodies, but the consciousness, the Source of the Cosmos and everything in it, the All in which we live, move, and have our being. We are intimately connected to God always…

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